How to drive traffic using social media

If you plan to create a profitable business on the internet, you’ve got to put a sales funnel in place. A sales funnel takes your random web visitors (coming in from social media or other sources) and turns them into leads and then customers.

Imagine how a funnel is used in food preparation: Because it’s large at the top, it’s simple to pour in ingredients. As these components fall down through the funnel, they pile up at the bottom, and after that slowly drip into the container underneath the funnel.

Likewise, the purpose of your sales funnel is to move all your incoming leads through your online sales process. It does that by pushing qualified prospective customers further down the sales process, and ultimately leading to sales — the lowest part of your sales funnel.

How to drive traffic using social media

We’ve described how a sales funnel can turn social media (or other) traffic into leads and sales. But, this can only do the job if you’re actually attracting site visitors, right?

One of the most effective methods to accomplish that is through social networks, as this way will both enable you to funnel engaged visitors, and also enhance your social media presence — which consequently will make it possible for you to pull more potential customers into your sales funnel in the months, years and weeks to come.

In this article, we will talk about how to exactly do that — drive more traffic to your sales funnel using social media.

1. Publish and promote your blog posts on your social media profiles

How to promote a product on social media

This method is a no-brainer, and is the way most people drive a large portion of their web traffic to their web pages and sales funnels.

Promoting your landing page where users can directly purchase is unlikely to generate much traffic, as promo content tends to perform poorly on social networks. People are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect and to get useful info for free (in most cases). A link to a sales page just won’t do the trick!

Instead, try promoting your blogs to your social media following. You shouldn’t have a problem getting these people to click through to your website if your blog posts are suited to your target market.

In order to literally move these prospects deep into your sales funnel, you’ll need to ensure you have a strategy to capture the prospects’ emails once they’ve landed on your website.

That’s where a free opt-in offer or lead magnet is so important, and we’ll explain more later in this post. You should place a call to action in your blog posts, on your sidebar and in a pop-up window to catch the visitor’s attention. With this modification, you will minimize the number of bounces, i.e. lost traffic.

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2. Create Facebook and LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn promotion

Social media groups are a great way to drive traffic to your sales funnels by bringing together like-minded individuals who have expressed interest in something related to your offer. And so, find those people who are interested in what you do and start conversing with them.

Even better, start your own Facebook or LinkedIn group and start pulling members in. It is essential that you don’t use groups to post salesy low-value content as then your following will get annoyed and leave the group. What you need to do instead is really aim to help people by giving tips, advice, examples, and by asking questions that will help people find their way to the solution they’re seeking.

An active and valuable group will hopefully grow naturally, as will traffic to your sales funnel. Then, occasionally you can push an offer or a product that you’re selling, one that you expect to be of interest to your group members.

3. Advertise a lead magnet to your social media following

Facebook features - lookalike audience

A free lead magnet can prove to be the best entry point to your sales funnel. Having people giving up their emails in exchange for a free ebook, email course, video series or practically anything of value, is an effective method to drive more top-of-funnel leads.

In fact, this is one of the most reliable methods to propel traffic to your sales funnel using social media.
Here’s how lead magnets work: Create a complimentary digital or downloadable product that your social media fans would find irresistibly valuable.

Promote this digital product to your social media followers; a large portion of your following will excited to visit your opt-in page and hand over their email in exchange for a freebie that is highly targeted.

4. Use eye-catching social post images

Repurpose content

The primary thing users see on social media is a picture. The images you choose to post have to get the users’ attention.

If they don’t, then the rest of your absolutely fantastic content won’t make a shred of difference since people will never see it. Therefore, get fantastic images– and ideally ones that everyone else hasn’t already used a million times.

Many stock photo websites only ask for a tiny amount of money for you to get access to wonderful imagery which, if your social fan base is big enough, will get you a hoard of new site visitors.

5. Draft attention-getting titles

When posting to Facebook, Twitter or other social media, keeping an eye on your titles can make all the difference. Your headlines should be one or two short phrases (often your opening sentences), which are intended for catching the attention of your fans and getting them to click on your post through to your sales funnel or post page.

Here’s an article we wrote about how you can actually draft catchy headlines.

6. Drive traffic using social media snippets

What are social snippets and how can you use them to drive more traffic to your sales funnels? A small sneak peek of your web content (description, image and title) instantly appears when you publish a link on social networks.

This is called a social snippet, and it’s remarkably essential for getting click-throughs to your sales funnel or website. Without optimized social snippets, your links are unlikely to even catch the busy social media users’ eye, never mind clicked.

To make sure your social snippets are as tempting as possible, see to it that your blog posts have an illustrative title tag and meta tag. Use an SEO plugin, like Yoast SEO if you have a WordPress website, as these plugins make it super simple to tailor those important tags.

You’ll also want to make sure that your blog posts have an eye-catching images. Usually, social media will pull either the first image in the post or the featured image (if you’re using WordPress). Again, using a plugin will allow you to set a custom image for social snippets.

Need to generate social media traffic?

Social media is arguably the most effective means of driving traffic to your sales funnel. Using the tips above to drive traffic using social media is your best bet for attracting top-of-funnel leads to your landing pages and blog posts, and ultimately turning them to into paying customers.

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