Social media engagement – How many likes did your last social media post get? Forget about likes; did you get any comments?

If not, why? Why is it that the content posted by certain brands on social media are flooded with likes and comments, whereas others remain mere mute spectators?

Ever wondered?

“Why nobody is engaging with your social posts?” This is the million dollar question, and every business is looking to get an answer.

If you are also part of this list, then you are at the right place.

In this post, we are going to put forward the reasons why nobody is engaging with your social media posts and how you can rectify the situation.

social media engagement

So, let us take a look at 7 reasons why you’re not increasing your social media engagement:

Reason 1: You are not giving them what they want

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

This is how the list stands in terms of social media usage by people in the U.S.

Now take a look at your social media strategy, and see how active you are on these three social media channels.

Are you making your presence felt where people are, or just shooting blanks to see which one hits the target? By being present where people already exist you are automatically increasing the chances of your content engagement on social media than by being present at places where there are no people.

Reason 2: You are being inconsistent


It’s just about being present at the right location that does the job for a business. It is also about being there at the right time consistently.

Creating a social media strategy, and following it religiously, is something that is key here. For instance, reports suggest that two is the optimum frequency of posting on Facebook per day; i.e. you must not go beyond two posts.

The frequency can vary from business to business, for which you need to analyze your social media numbers and come to a conclusion. What we have mentioned is the general trend.

Reason 3: You are offering poor content

Poor Content

Another major reason behind your social media posts not getting the engagement that you are expecting could be because of the fact that your content is not up to the mark.

For instance, according to Cisco forecastsonline videos will cover more than 81 percent of all consumer traffic by 2021. Now, this can be taken as an opportunity to understand and create content according to the user demand.

Are you doing it?

In fact, it’s not just about videos. You need to blend in different types of content to keep your social media audience engaged all the time.

People out there are looking for something that solves their purpose – meaningful content that gives them something in return.

Now, think and analyze your social media strategy to figure out – does your content suffice the purpose?

Reason 4: People don’t know about you


One of the major reasons why you are falling flat with your social media marketing strategy is because people don’t really know about your existence on social media.

Only a fraction of people might stumble upon your social media profiles; you have to fetch the attention of the rest of your audience.

The best way to do this is to spread the word about your social media presence across all communication channels. Place social media buttons on your websites. Use them as part of the content of your email newsletter. And, do whatever you can to let people know that you are up and running on social media.

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Reason 5: You are slow

In today’s world dominated by technology, speed defines everything. So is the case with social media engagement as well.

According to Forrester Research77% of people believe that giving value to their time is the biggest determinant of good service for them.

But at the same time, real-time social media engagement is still the number one challenge for businesses.

Let us take a look at the average response time taken by businesses on social media:

  • Facebook – 3hrs, 7minutes
  • Twitter – 7hrs, 12minutes

Now, see for yourself – where do you stand?

By not being responsive enough you are not only missing out on gathering brand visibility and customer loyalty, but you are also leaving a bad impression out there in the market.

Reason 6: You are working like a machine

There is a reason why people love to connect with businesses on social media – they want to feel the human connection.

The problem with many businesses is that they think of social media marketing as just another run of the mill activity.

People love to engage with posts that show the human side of businesses – they don’t want to talk to a machine.

This is the reason why you need to incorporate a more personalized strategy when creating content on social media.

Things like polls, campaigns, asking for customer stories and more could work great to entice the audience and get them to engage with your content on social media.

Reason 7: You are making typos and silly errors

It is really annoying to see a spelling mistake while going through a business page, isn’t it?

As non-serious as it might seem, typos and spelling errors could cause a devastating impact on your social media presence. Such silly errors could take away all your credibility and present you as a non-serious business entity, which you is certainly not how you would like to be known as.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to thoroughly check and proof content that goes on your social media.

If required take help of online tools to find grammatical errors, spelling issues and more so that whatever goes out to the audience is of the highest quality.

Social media engagement – Conclusion

So, this sums up the list of reasons why you might be unable to drive social media engagement, in other words, to get the desired traction from your content on social media.

Now that you have everything served in a platter right in front of you, it is time to evaluate what you are doing wrong and what changes you need to make in order to get the best value from your social media marketing endeavors.

These points will prove to be a guiding light in your journey to success on social media. It is up to you, to use them in the right way.

So, are you up for it?

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