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Your path to increase website traffic is usually a marathon, not a sprint.  It's possible to increase website traffic FAST, but you don't want to risk exploiting some short term gain or some 'loophole' that's here today and gone tomorrow.

But sometimes you just want a quick traffic boost for your new blog post.

The secret to pulling loads of traffic fast is doing what other site owners are not doing. This post will give you a few surefire ways to increase website traffic in under 30 minutes.

These traffic tips are simple to grasp, easy to implement and effective in bringing in highly-targeted traffic.

Here's the thing though - you can't ever ease up.  Free traffic requires content.  Paid traffic requires constant management and testing to optimize performance.  To run a successful digital business, you need to make sure that traffic is something you're prioritizing!

... Otherwise, all of your sales and revenue dries up.

Try them out and watch the number of visitors increase faster than ever before.

How To Increase Website Traffic Fast

1. Promote massively on social media

When you think of traffic, what is the first method to come to mind? Right, social media. Almost every website owner has at least one social media profile.  Linkedin.  Facebook.  Instagram.  Twitter.  Youtube.  Each 'channel' has its users - many of whom are your buyers!

Promoting your blog content on social media is like trumpet calls to their digital doorstep. Every person who sees your site link on social media and is interested in the topic will want to click. The result? Instant boost in traffic.

When you engage with social users—directly or publicly by liking or re-sharing their posts, or just by engaging them in conversation—you introduce them to your brand. It takes some up-front work, but you could probably build an audience of thousands within weeks to serve as a scene for even further audience growth.

Start by sharing interesting content—your own blog posts, those of peers in your industry who've impressed you and anything that you feel has a chance to go "viral" and earn sharing from others.

For best results and really fast traffic, focus on the leading social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

You must’ve seen people insert different hashtags into their social media updates. Use trending hashtags and a link back to your site for an instant traffic boost. Hashtags expand the reach of your social media posts beyond your direct followers and help you reach new audiences.

Here's a tool to help you find the top hashtags to add to your posts for maximum exposure.

Hashtags Increase Traffic Fast

Now, what about some advanced ways to grab traffic from social media? A surefire way to increase website traffic fast is to tweet 15 to 20 influencers about your latest article. It won't take more than 30 minutes to send direct messages to a list you have previously compiled.

Choose influencers carefully. They need to be active, have a massive following and broadcast about topics that are closely related to your niche.

Use Buzzsumo's Influencers feature to find influencers in different social networks.

Another way to maximize your results from Twitter is to set a schedule to tweet your post six times over a 24-hour period.

Your tweet has an average life of fewer than 24 minutes. After that, your followers are not likely to see it. Tweet your link 6 times a day to attract as many eyeballs as possible.

Use a free service called Recurpost to schedule recurring posts.

Other premium tools that might help you schedule your posts and save time are CoSchedule and Hootsuite.

2. Use paid ads

Paid advertising works like a charm when you want to increase website traffic fast...  as fast as possible!  ie. Instantly! Paid ads require a budget and there's definitely a formula you should employ to get leads, but it’s totally worth spending money if you know who you want to attract and where you have them land on.

If you just run a Facebook ad with no strategy or sales funnel behind it to back it up, then you’ll receive inbound traffic to your site, but once you withdraw that budget, your traffic will disappear.

Facebook ads to Increase Traffic

What you can do instead is:

All in all, advertising is a good strategy that is both profitable and fast. Here are some good options for fast paid traffic:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Outbrain/Taboola Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • StumbleUpon Paid Discovery
  • Reddit Ads

PRO TIP: We run and optimize a LOT of paid traffic for our clients - Done For You Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.!  If you want to get into or start optimizing your paid media, click here!

3. Participate in question and answer sites

Quora is an online platform where people post their questions and seek answers. You can find questions on practically anything.

Quora is currently number 79 site in the US and number 133 in the world in terms of incoming traffic (source:, January 2018). You don't want to miss out on potential traffic from a site that attracts hundreds of thousands of users per month.

To increase website traffic quickly, go to Quora and start answering questions that are directly related to your blog posts. At the end of each of your answers, post a link back to the most relevant blog post. This is free publicity for you and your brand right in the middle of a targeted audience.

Be careful though. Don't spam people with your links. You always need to be genuinely helping people with your answers. And then, at the end of the answer, give them a resource to learn more.

A lot of experts will jump in and answer a question extensively. So, don't be lazy; do your best to present a well-thought answer if you want to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

The best strategy with Q&A sites isn't to answer every single question that appears on your feed, but rather, to strategically offer high-value answers to the community. You can do that by spotting questions that are more difficult to answer, thus, get a small number of answers.

That kind of question is more likely to rank well for on-site search queries or on Google, and also get more social traffic or referrals from blogs. If you stick to the strategy of providing remarkable value to anyone who's honestly curious you will see an instant and long-term benefit to your blog.

Some people walk the extra mile and create a blog post to tackle really important questions. Quora is also an effective way to find blog post topics; Each good question gives you a topic that folks are heavily interested in.

4. Run contests and giveaways

Giveaways and contests are somewhat similar to paid advertising methods in the sense that you’ll need to invest some money upfront—usually in a hot tech product, an Amazon gift card, or something of value that your audience will crave.

Then, you run a contest where you ask the participants to perform some action to be entered into the giveaway. For example, you might ask them to share your contest page on social media.

Contests will have a big impact on growing your email list and boosting your blog traffic because folks simply love to get free stuff. A good contest will go viral and spread the word to more and more people, so it’s a perfect way to get widespread brand visibility faster than ever.

Make sure you follow up with all the new subscribers that will opt in for your mailing list so that you reap the long-term traffic benefit as well.

Rufflecopter is a full-featured tool that makes it simple to launch and manage a viral giveaway on any website.

5. Get visitors to come back to your site

Don’t let the anonymous user browse your site and then never come back. There are a bunch of tools today, that you can employ to grab people's email or cookie them, so you can get back to them at a later time.

This is a long term game right here.  With this model, it's about capturing website traffic and making sure you can reach out to them.  After that, you're able to increase website traffic instantly by simply posting something new - or sending an email!

People don’t bookmark sites anymore. If someone drops by your blog and finds it pretty interesting, you have a slim chance of them coming back anytime soon. That sucks and it shouldn't be the case. People are exposed to tons of information every day and they have busy lives. It’s impossible to remember every new resource we find online.

Increase Website Traffic with RSS

To tackle that issue and pull back some of these potential prospects, employ the following tactics:

  • Enable subscriptions via RSS Feed. This can be done using Feedburner on the sidebar of your site.
    Grab their email address. Use optin form inline or at the end of the posts. Use welcome mats to grab the whole screen. You can use Sumo to do all that.
  • Ask them to allow browser notifications. PushCrew is a popular to that help you implement push notifications for mobile and web browsers
  • Use a Facebook Messenger bot. ManyChat is a simple tool that helps you create a chatbot and have people automatically allow Messenger communication and broadcasts.
  • Enable Facebook Page chat on your site. Facebook Customer Chat is a WordPress plugin to help you do exactly that. People are *always* on Facebook, so why not give them an easy way to chat with you using the service they’re already logged in?
  • Start building an email list with exit pops, content upgrades and so much more...

Once you've set up any of those tools, ideally all of them, you'll see an exponential growth in your subscriber base—no matter the medium. In time, you’ll be able to track which one of these strategies bring you more traffic. Finding out what plays well for your audience can help make fast traffic work in the long-term as well.

6. Guest post

When you’re looking to increase website traffic fast, what you need is an audience expansion. Guest posts are a good strategy for fast traffic gain because guest posts connect you and your brand with a new, laser-focused audience.

Guest blogging serves multiple functions but the most important fact is that a single guest post may give you instant access to an authority’s established audience.

The minute the guest post is published you get a possibility for direct traffic; The blog owner will most like promote that post on social media and send a link to their email list.

Frequent visitors will also see the new content and some of them will click your link to learn more about you and your services. Plus, as a long-term benefit, guest posts will help you in both SEO and content marketing.

Great content is a prerequisite for any effective traffic strategy. Given the limited resources that every entrepreneur has, you need the proper tools to make your content marketing as simple as possible.

How To Increase Website Traffic Fast

So, in essence, guest blogging is one of the most effective strategies for quick traffic because new people who have never seen your work before getting exposed to your brand and ideas. You also get quality backlinks and references, which are a key part of the way search engines algorithm work.

Now, how do you find those guest posting opportunities for a quick traffic boost?

There are numerous smart methods to find blogs that accept posts for instant traffic but we will show you the easiest one:

Go to google and type in your niche and any of the following:

  • “Submit a guest post” / “Submit post” / “Submit blog post”
  • “Submit an article”
  • “Write for us”
  • “Become an author”
  • “Contribute to our site”
  • “Become a contributor”
  • “Become guest writer”
  • “Suggest a guest post”
  • “Send a guest post”
  • “Add blog post”
  • “Guest bloggers wanted”
  • “(Write for our) guest column”.

7. Be interviewed

Think of interviews as video or audio guest posts. There are advantages to getting interviewed on niche sites, podcasts, and vlogs.

Obviously, an interview published on another site will help you capitalize on their audience. This increases your website traffic, but more importantly, it helps your brand be seen by more people. It also adds to your efforts to be established as an authority in your niche. Why would anyone spend their time interviewing a professional if they're not important?

Because you will be perceived as an expert in your niche, people who come to check out your blog will be more likely to subscribe to your list and come back.

Use HARO to find an interview opportunity. HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out and is a service that used by news agencies like ABC and FOX.

When you sign up for HARO, which is totally free by the way, you will receive queries in your inbox every day. These queries come from bloggers, PR specialists, and reporters who are looking for expert insights, data, and opinions. You will often find opportunities to be interviewed or be part of an expert roundup.

Increase Website Traffic Fast WITH QUALITY VISITORS

Keep in mind that “fast” traffic might not always be good traffic—it’s possible that you don’t get a good ROI.

Whatever action you take on acquiring traffic fast, do your best to laser-target the audience that will see your brand. Whether it be niche blogs or targeted Facebook advertising, you are more like to get a good ROI on every dollar spent, when you know where your brand stands and who you want to attract.

And then, when it comes to the long-term benefit from your traffic strategies, SEO and content marketing are the top to utilize.

Never forget to publish good, valuable and search engine optimized content to position yourself strategically and be found organically.

Think of long-term traffic strategies and planting seeds to grow your own garden versus buying the vegetables directly from the farmers’ market.

So, try to keep these quick traffic methods in balance with your long-term tactics to reap the benefits of a 360° traffic strategy.

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