Today’s GSDdaily is episode 147, automate. This week, we are talking about affiliate marketing programs or automating affiliate marketing sales. It’s a way to generate revenue without having to sell your own thing. What you’re doing is you’re selling other people’s stuff, whether it’s a ClickBank product or an Amazon product through Amazon’s affiliate network, there’s a lot of different ways to do it, which we covered yesterday. We covered two different verticals that you can do, whether it’s physical products in Amazon or if it’s digital products in using a platform like ClickBank.

3 Different Ways of Automating Affiliate Marketing Commissions

Today, we’re going to talk about three different ways of automating affiliate marketing commissions. And it’s just stuff that I have found myself talking about over the last couple of weeks or so, depending on… It’s fun working with clients because you’re constantly being posed with a bunch of different scenarios, and those scenarios when you’re asked a question, it often yields interesting answers. So it’s things that I haven’t really thought about for a really long time, how to make money as an affiliate because it’s not something we really rely on internally. But some of our clients end up using it as an additional income stream after somebody signs up for their email list and then doesn’t buy their product or whatever. So it ends up being a nice way to pad income, or even to jump off and start your own side hustle without being on the hook for creating your own products and running your own sales copy and your own Shopify stores and all that other stuff.

1. Lead Generation

Lead Generation

So the three ways. The first is something that we talk about a lot in these dailies and that is lead generation. So basically, you can set up a Facebook ad, you run them to a landing page, and on that landing page, you gather their email address. So you’re giving away a report or you’re giving away a set of videos in exchange for the email address. And then you are very simply sending them emails every day or every other day, or whatever, that gives them content, gives them value, but then also tries to get them to click a link and then go buy something from Amazon, or click a link and go buy something from ClickBank. You’re marketing for Amazon, that’s really as simple as it is. All you’re doing is you’re generating leads, you’re getting people to sign up, and then giving them content, in a way, to go purchase the thing that they’re interested in.

So here’s a great example. Let’s say you had an interest in videography or shooting even these little social videos. So, for instance, one of the things that you could talk about is you could put together a buyer’s guide for video tools. So let’s say you put together a buyer’s guide for your home-based video studio. What are the 10 things you need? Well, one of them is going to be a light, an LED light that you can set wherever and it can light you up. I got one right there. And then another example might be a mic, something like that. So that mic is $100, so if you put it in a buyer’s guide and you make 4%, you just made yourself $4. Two of these guys were, I think, 60 maybe, so again, it’s another $3.00, $2.50 that you’re going to be able to collect on an affiliate payment.

Now, remember what we talked about yesterday, anybody who buys through your affiliate link, you get credit for everything they buy from Amazon within 24 hours. So not only do you get paid on that microphone and this light, but you also get paid for the dog food and the supplements that they bought while they were in there too. So you’re giving away a buyer’s guide in exchange for an email address. They’re reading through the buyer’s guide, they’re clicking a link in the buyer’s guide and going and buying that thing on Amazon, which means you’re getting paid. So that’s one way of generating commission on lead generation.

2. Content Giveaways


The second way is doing any kind of content giveaways. So think of checklists. How many people want to learn something new? So they go to Google and they type something into Google, and how to record video from my house. So they go to Google, they read the blog post, and in that blog post you have a bunch of physical products in there, like the microphone, like the lights, whatever, they didn’t have to download anything, but they’re able to freely peruse this piece of content, click a link, go to Amazon, and then buy something. So, again, it’s a way that Google is going to be sending your traffic, not necessarily paid traffic, but SEO will send your traffic. They’ll read the blog post, they’ll click through, click on the thing that they want to buy, and then go purchase it on Amazon. And as long as they buy within 24 hours, you get credit for that thing.

3. SEO

The third way that you can get paid is on the backend of your own products. So what I like to tell a lot of our clients is, if you’re going to sell your own product, and let’s say your own product is $97 or $497 or $997, what you should do is every time you teach anybody anything, there are so many things that you can include inside the educational content that can be attached with an affiliate link and you can do automating affiliate marketing. So let’s say you have a branding course, you want to teach people how to do branding. Well, if you’re teaching people how to do branding, the logo design is going to come up. Well, why don’t you include the affiliate link for 99designs? Or why don’t you include the affiliate link for Upwork? Or why don’t you include the affiliate link for Adobe Photoshop?

Those are all ways that you can not only generate the thousand dollars from a core sale but then you can make another couple hundred bucks for every client going through the program on the backside through these affiliate links. And that affiliate revenue is going to come in, maybe it comes in next week or next month or two or three months down the road, as they finally get going through the course. But at the same time, you’re still generating more revenue from that person, and you’re still providing value for them. So it’s a way to continue generating cash from content that you created only once.

So that is three ways of generating revenue from affiliate products on an automated basis. You build it once and it just continues to collect money for you. Lead generation, content giveaways, and also SEO.

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