cold emailing

For many the concept of cold emailing stirs up sentiments of negativity – and that’s understandable. Cold emailing has been abused over the years by people who know very little about how it works but who are very interested in its many positives, which is what we will be talking about in this article – the positives of cold emailing.

What is cold emailing?

Cold emailing is an outbound marketing tactic that focuses on sending relevant, personalized emails to potential leads that you have previously had no contact with.

Despite its somewhat shady reputation, cold emailing is a potent sales and marketing tool for the willing entrepreneur. It could be the competitive edge you need to scale efficiently or more essentially your launch pad to success. However, before you get to exploit its inherent benefits, you have to first master its subtle intricacies.

Tips to master cold emailing for sales

cold emailing

Tip #1

With cold emailing, the more efficient approach is to work towards creating a connection, a common meeting ground for you and the recipient to interact on the matter of interest.

This is opposed to the hit them hard approach where the emphasis is on delving straight to the point or, in essence, stating your need. Sure, for recipients time is scarce and people appreciate conciseness.

However, it’s important to note that people are more willing to cooperate when there’s a stake of benefit in it for them. This business truth should form the foundations of all your cold emails.

Tip #2

Once your foundations are set straight, it’s time to turn your attention to the actual content of the email.

It has to be original, assertive, creative and more importantly compelling. Shy away from vague phrases like ‘hopefully,’ ‘maybe’ or anything else that sounds like you’re unsure of yourself. They deplete your credibility.

And don’t forget to add a few tidbits about your successes and accomplishments as success is attractive to everyone.

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Tip #3

One other important aspect of cold emailing most people tend to overlook is the email address you send your message to.

Contacts derived from web pages or social media outlets are for the most part ineffective.

Luckily guesstimating an email from the context email is quite easy. You can have an idea by looking at the way a company formats its email addresses. It’s usually a combination of the first and last name or vice versa plus the business domain name.

How to send effective cold emails

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For business expansion

Searching for the ideal business partner or investor can be challenging. The outstanding guys are almost always unavailable; which is why you need to get to them first.

Make no mistake however you’re going to get a lot of rejection emails, but that’s a good thing. It means people are actually taking the time to read your email pitches.

From here, you can determine what’s working and what excess baggage. Moreover, you get to form new connections that might be beneficial in the nearest future.

For recruiting

Like business partners, the best job candidates aren’t actively prowling the job market in search of openings. They’re more likely to be engaged, but that’s not to say they can’t be contracted if a better offering with more promising prospects is tabled before them.

But first, you have to get to them, and that’s where cold emailing either via regular emails or through social media channels (preferably the latter) comes in handy.

For networking

The traditional definition of networking is forming connections with compadres in your field of endeavor, seasoned professionals or thought leaders that can help bring out the best in you. Just how do you connect with an industry professional you’ve never met? Cold emailing.

Don’t be shy, rather than wait eons to bump into that leading authority accidentally, take the first step and send out a heartwarming but professional cold email. Granted this caliber of individuals get these sort of emails every now and again, but provided you stick to the rubrics outlined earlier, there’s a high chance you two could connect and who knows, it could be a connection that leads to even greater things.

Is cold emailing the genie in a bottle to all your business needs?

Certainly not. What it is, however, is that potentially disruptive business solution you shouldn’t ignore just because everyone else is switching over to the more trendier options.

Cold emailing, as we reiterated earlier can be the difference between scaling efficiently and struggling to keep your business afloat. It links you to unique business solutions.

When everyone else is busy competing for the competitive edge provided by contemporary technologies, cold emailing connects you to a relatively untapped segment of the entrepreneurship development pool.

Granted it might be tedious and sometimes impractical, however, think of it as vintage cars. Its old, yes, possibly archaic, but cold emailing is also undoubtedly extremely invaluable.