6 Marketing Tools That Will Change Your Business

Identifying the right marketing technology (Martech) tools for your needs is not an easy endeavor, but it’s an important one. Having the right marketing stack is basic to a successful online business because your choice of tools will affect your processes, team communication, marketing and customer experience.

The importance of a well-rounded Martech stack

Today, technology is the pillar of most businesses who operate online. And marketing technology, as part of the whole infrastructure, can make or break your business. Needless to say that software tools and cloud apps that support your marketing processes can cost a lot. So, you need to find the right balance between cost and benefits if you want your online marketing to thrive without breaking the bank.

In today’s post, we will we will pick out 6 out of the hundreds of Martech tools that we at DoneForYou have created with the goal to address real business needs and provide the functionality you need to achieve your marketing goals. All of these tools came as a result of years in business, and are a product of interaction with companies who want to get the most out of each cent they spend on marketing.

What’s best about these tools is that they can get you results even if you hate the word “marketing.” Let’s face it: Not every business owner likes marketing or has time to do so. In most cases, you want to do what you do best; you want to work on your business, not in it. Therefore, with the right marketing stack, you’ll be able to free up resources and, most importantly, save your time so you can focus on business development and serving customers.

Here’s your marketing stack…

6 Marketing Tools That Will Change Your Business

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top six software tools you can start using right now to revitalize your online marketing, regain control of your customer-related processes and give an instant cash injection to your business.

1. Statly: Understand marketing data – Improve sales performance

If you want to succeed in your marketing, you must be able to track and analyze data. See, you may be successful at attracting tons of traffic to your website. But, what if only 2% of those visitors convert, while the rest remain anonymous? Don’t you want a way to identify who they are, track their behavior and keep them coming back? Of course you do.

How are users acting when they visit your website? In today’s competitive times, obtaining meaningful data is an important part of a successful marketing plan.

This is where Statly comes into the picture. As the complete tool that helps you in real-time tracking of users leveraging the sales funnel strategy, it can immensely help your chances of converting traffic into sales. Statly helps you obtain meaningful data so you can make the right business decisions.

But how does Statly work? Statly gives you a comprehensive idea of how your sales funnels are actually converting. It helps you spot opportunities and the parts of your funnels that need to be improved. Watch this video to learn more about what our patent-pending tool can do for your business.

Here are some of the salient features of the tool:

  • Real-time website analytics
  • Conversion tracking through sales funnels
  • Tracking conversion opportunities
  • Tracking sales and user behavior on the website

If your site is powered by WordPress, then all you need to do is install the latest version of our plugin to get started with Statly’s advanced analytics and sales funnel tracking.

With Statly in your arsenal, you will be able to better optimize your online sales process and the buyer’s journey, so you entice more web visitors to convert into paying customers. Sitting in front of a load of data wouldn’t do any good, would it? But with Statly by your side, all these previously intimidating numbers will finally make sense.

Click here to sign up for a free Statly trial!

2. Askly: Your customer has a voice; now you can hear it

It might sound like a cliché but it’s 100% true and often overlooked: You need to understand your customer before you actually sell to them.

As Peter Drucker put it, the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

So, why is it that business owners tend to overlook the need for deep understanding of customers’ needs and behavior? It’s because they fall into a common trap; If they’ve been in business longer than a couple of years, they tend to be victims of the illusion that they know their customers.

In reality, most of the time our perceptions go through our subjective cognitive prism that stops us from really understanding the customer persona. This is why you need actual data to form better views and make the right decisions.

How do you acquire real in-depth data about customer needs? By asking customers the right questions at the right time and place.

To help you in this process, Askly provides all the insights and information you need about the customer to target them in the most efficient possible manner.

Watch the video below to see how Askly has helped dozens of businesses get valuable insight on their customers’ needs.

Customer engagement is the name of the game today. In order to engage customers effectively, you need to:

  • Figure out their biggest challenges
  • Send them the right information
  • Get the conversion rate sky high

All of this you can easily get with the help of Askly. By providing valuable insights about the customer, Askly can eventually help you skyrocket sales with no hassles.

Click here to get started with Askly today!

3. Scriptly: Done-for-you content, email swipes and sales scripts

Scriptly is a must-have Martech tool for any online business. Let us back up this bold statement.

If we talk in terms of numbers, content marketing brings three times more leads to outbound marketing, while consuming 62% less money.

These numbers make it quite clear why investing in content marketing is the key. However, this is where a majority of businesses fall flat. They don’t have any idea how to write an engaging copy that will entice the user to enter the sales funnel.

To help you with this, Scriptly provides professionally written scripts that you can start using as they are or customize to better suit your business. These scripts or swipes will help you write high-converting sales copy right away, even if you’ve never written a line of sales copy before.

In fact, you can have complete sales pages created for you with the click of a button. Sound interesting? Watch the video below to see Scriptly in action.

And, it’s not only sales copy you get. As a Scriptly user, you’ll get instant access to:

  • Autoresponder engine – This is set of dozens of email sequences that are completely done for you. Anything from affiliate autoresponder sequences to webinar sequences is there.
  • Page builder – Create any kind of customizable landing page. All templates are tested and proven to convert to paid traffic.
  • Customer avatars – No need for a separate tool to define different customer avatars, to customize your marketing material to address different target groups. We have it all covered in Scriptly.
  • VSL creator – Video sales letter can be easily created using Scriptly’s well-structured templates. For every part of the sales letter script you can choose the sales copy that resonates with your audience.
  • Webinar creator – Create your next webinar is minutes, not hours, with this unique fill-in-the-blank formula. The webinar creator is a handy tool that will help you get past the writer’s block in an instant.

Sign up here to try Scriptly at zero cost!

All these can play a vital role in creating a win-win content marketing strategy that can fetch you great results. See, with Scriptly you’ve got nearly all of your content needs covered, without having to learn copywriting or spend hundreds of dollars per hour of expert work. Which brings us to our next Martech tool for content, Curately…

4. Curately: Content curation at its best

We explained how Scriptly is a unique tool for your content needs. Although Scriptly covers nearly every aspects of content marketing, it leaves out blog post creation. And that makes sense because you want a dedicated tool to help you create fresh, targeted and optimized content for your blog. That tool is Curately.

Curately makes it easy for you to find and curate content from all over the web. With this awesome tool you’ll never run out of ideas for successful content that keeps your readers hooked.

Here’s how Curately works:

  • Find the biggest content publishers on the web from your niche
  • Get to know what they are writing and how they are using content
  • Build your marketing strategy around those ideas
  • Add a personal touch to the content you are going to publish.

And, that’s about it! Did you ever think content marketing could be this easy? Well, Curately makes it easy! Check out the tool now for free or watch the video below for a quick demo.

5. TimeSlots: Simple, centralized scheduling for your e-meetings

So, you devote resources to acquire quality traffic to your website. You have all your funnels in place, you’re tracking them, and you’re investing in paid ads or content creation. You want your qualified web visitors to be able to easily schedule a strategy call with you or book a demo of your product, don’t you?

The best way to actually qualify prospects and turn them into active customers is by providing them an easy way to get on a scheduled a meeting with you. However, for this to be effective it has to be done in a centralized and automated way.

This is where a marketing technology tool, like TimeSlots, becomes a lifesaver. Combining forms and appointments online, TimeSlots lets you qualify the prospects so that you can close them.


Here’s how the scheduling process works:

  • Send a link to the prospect
  • The prospect books a time
  • You choose your availability
  • The prospect schedules a meeting with you

Everything gets done with just a single click! What else can you ask for? Click here to see how TimeSlots works and how it can save you the time and frustration that come with other scheduling tools. It also comes with a free trial; sign up here to get it!

6. Axis: Convert customers with email marketing and automation

What is the flagship of outbound online marketing? Email marketing. No business can survive unless it is able to communicate directly with their audience in a way that will constantly bring in new prospects and, ultimately, sales.

You’ve heard it before: Email marketing has one of the highest ROI compared to other online marketing channels, and here are the numbers to prove it.

So, how can a marketing stack be complete without an email marketing tool? Axis helps you contact and convert more customers by building email marketing campaigns that actually work. From sending broadcast messages to deploying triggered autoresponder sequences, all is done for you in Axis.

With this tool you can achieve the ultimate goal of every business: get as many conversions as possible from the prospects that visit your website.

Watch the video below to find out how simple it is to use Axis, and how it stacks up against competitive email marketing tools.

Axis comes with a competitive pricing and a free trial which gives you access to all the tool’s email marketing and automation features.

Some of the benefits you can reap from Convertly include:

  • Grow your email marketing list the simple way
  • Send one-off broadcasts, i.e. email blasts
  • Automate new subscriber onboarding with autoresponder sequences
  • Create triggered email sequences that will automate your communications
  • Effortlessly stay in touch with your past customers
  • Re-engage your list and convert more subscribers into customers.

All these reasons make it a worthy investment for your business. After all, you need to do email marketing if you want to grow your business. There is nothing quite like reaching your customers’ inbox, when we talk about conversions!

How will these marketing tools change YOUR business?

This last tool, Axis, sums up our list of Martech tools that can help you transform your marketing strategies to change the way you run your business.

To recap, we discussed how 6 top-quality tools can help you tackle major aspects of your online marketing. These aspects are:

  1. Data and analytics with Statly
  2. Customer surveys with Askly
  3. Sales copy and sales material creation with Scriptly
  4. Content creation with Curately
  5. Online scheduling with TimeSlots
  6. Email marketing with Axis.

Now, picture this: You have access to all these tools, they are integrated with your site, and are configured and set up live. How would it feel having this online marketing machine streamlined and working for you on autopilot? You can feel safe that you’re doing the best you can to attend to your brand online and grow your business without the hassle of elaborate tools that take up too much energy and time to set up.

Although they are simple to use and fast to set up, you might feel like you don’t want to go through the onboarding process but want a done-for-you solution instead.

If this is the case, our experts at Done For You Marketing can do the heavy lifting and set you up with your new marketing stack in zero time. Our team will make sure that your accounts are configured properly and that all the individual tools are integrated with your site and working as they ought to.

From sales page creation to complete email marketing automation, we are here to help you get started fast. Click here to schedule a strategy call with us, so you can start growing your business right away.