Welcome to episode 133 of GSDdaily. Today, we’re going to talk about scaling through video. We have five advantages to why video is necessary for your business online right now. And they cover every phase of the funnel. Top of funnel, mid-funnel, bottom of the funnel. At the end of the day, you need to be using videos for marketing because people react to different modalities. Some people react more to reading. Other people react more to watching. The younger generation, for the most part, likes video. The older generation, I guess they like video, but they tend to skew more towards reading.

Using video for marketing

If there isn’t a way that I can watch a video two times the speed, I probably won’t watch it. There are some popular players who are letting you speed through the video but I prefer to read. I’d rather skim through something, see if it’s worthwhile, and then dig in a little bit deeper into that something. Whereas other people would rather read or would rather watch a YouTube video

The whole point is, using videos for marketing is super important for qualifying your prospects for selling. It also engages people after they already start consuming your products or your services.

Five Tips on Using Videos for Marketing

First of all, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It means that the first being Google, and people are going to YouTube and searching for all kinds of things. So if you are a knowledge worker, you’re in a knowledge business, whether you’re selling digital products, you’re selling coaching, you’re selling consulting, you’re selling services, you should have videos on YouTube that talk about the hot buttons in your market.

1. Upload Videos on Youtube

Your videos will not only show up on YouTube, but Google also owns YouTube, which means that the third spot on the first page of Google, three down, is YouTube, but it’s allocated to a YouTube video. If there is a strong YouTube video that would show up in the search rank, the search engines for a keyword phrase, it is going to be in that third spot. It’s highly likely that you could have a video that ranks in Google and it’s listed on YouTube. Google likes giving preferential treatment to its other platforms. And not only do you have the video on YouTube, but then you can also bake all of your keyword phrases into that YouTube listing, too.

It’s something we do quite a bit, even on our live streams, we will go get the live stream transcribed, and then copy and paste it into the description. Then keyword load that description and we’re able to rank that much better in Google. I can’t tell you how much search traffic we get from YouTube, and then they go over to Done For You or they go over to one of our other properties. And that’s how they find us. Four or five years ago, when I launched Scriptly, that was predominantly where all of our traffic came from. I ended up, I had a video on how to write a pre-webinar launch sequence, and somebody would go to Google and type the webinar launch sequence. They’d hit a video, then they clicked through to Scriptly and be able to fill out the templates.

So it is a fantastic traffic generation tool by using video. Get comfortable with video because it’s where everything is going.

2. Upload Videos with loaded Keywords

Number two, you’re going to rank higher in search. We’ve kind of already touched on this a little bit, but with video, as I said, Google gives preferential treatment to YouTube. If there is a YouTube video that can be ranked, Google is going to rank it and it’s going to rank it above your competitors because they would rather keep all that traffic in the house. So if you have a video that is keyword loaded, that is specifically solving somebody’s problem, or specifically something that somebody wants to watch, then Google is going to list it.

I have a DIY builds channel. One of the videos that get just incredible, organic traffic is how to put together an outdoor swing set, so a double-decker outdoor swing set and it’s listed in Google. The traffic trajectory is down right now because it’s starting to be false, so people aren’t necessarily building swing sets anymore. But all in all, like spring, summer, it was going up, up, up, up because it was ranked in Google. Then it started getting likes and watches and it started showing up in related posts. Once it starts getting some engagement, then the momentum starts to build and it starts to rank in more places, not just Google search, not just YouTube search, but then you’re also getting related searches and all kinds of other stuff. It’s a good way of expanding your reach without putting in a whole lot more work.

3. Low Barrier To Entry a Video

Number three, very low barrier to entry for a video. Like now, I’m streaming through a platform called StreamYard. You just need a webcam, you need a mic and that’s about it. Before you know it, you have 133 videos under your belt that can be used for all kinds of content, whether it’s snippets, whether it’s social videos, whether it’s course content, whether it’s just engaging people and just kind of keeping people in the mix. There are lots of reasons and lots of ways of using videos for marketing. It’s just getting started. And you have a mobile phone, the mobile phone has a camera on it that would rival DSLRs a couple of years ago. So you have the power in your pocket to go and record video and create something that is going to engage your prospects with you, so make use of it.

4. Create an Ebook or PDF

People want videos, others want to read. We kind of opened with this, but some people would rather watch a video and using videos for marketing. Some people would rather download an ebook. One of the reasons we always start our funnels with lead magnets is because historically, we get better conversion rates when we’re giving away a free report, a free lead magnet, or a free guide, or a free checklist. We get better conversion rates when we’re giving away a PDF than we do if we’re giving away a free video. Free video, quote, unquote, conjures up the image of watching free shit on YouTube. That’s just kind of, whereas something printed or something like a PDF, a body of work, tends to have more perceived value than a free video. Not saying that’s in all cases. Sometimes in some markets like golf, free videos are great.

Some markets work well by giving away a free video, something that’s highly visual, but in most markets, a free PDF works better. Now, when you want to engage them in a sale, oftentimes you need video. The written word in PDFs is great for getting the lead and for getting the sale. However, for generating awareness in a campaign, you’re using videos for marketing either on the sales page or you’re going to use video in the ad itself.

5. Increasing Conversion

Tip number five is just increasing conversion. The popular split test that we used to do five or six years ago was long-form sales video versus video sales letter. The video sales letter always converted better than, it was usually a 300% jump in conversion when you put the video on the page when you tested long-form sales letter versus video.

Now the test that is working the best is both. You need to have a video because the video is expected and there’s a certain portion of buyers who are going to watch the video. However, you also need to have text on that page too, because there’s a certain portion of video or buyers who are going to read the text and not watch the video. Or they will hit play on the video and using videos for marketing, and then they’re going to scroll up and down the page and hit your headlines. And they’re going to listen and read at the same time, but it won’t be congruent. So it’s just one of those things that you need to have both, especially on low ticket products.

Low ticket products, you’ve got to have both the video and the long-form sales letter. A high ticket, especially if it’s coming from a webinar, then the webinar is the video content. They watched a 30, 45, 60-minute video, and then they’re reading some sort of a bridge page before an offer.

Those are the five tips on using video in your marketing.

For Questions and Guide

If you have any questions at all, go to DoneForYou.com/start. There’s a little chat box in the lower right-hand corner. And then also, if you would like to figure out how to use more video in your marketing, how to use it in your ads, all that stuff, go to DoneForYou.com/start. And we will put together an action plan for you and go from there. So I will talk to you soon, all right? Thanks. Bye.

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