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Just released inside Statly is something we're calling Analytics AI. Analytics AI is a framework for sending alerts triggered by things that happen on your website...

For instance, if your landing page is converting above a certain percentage - Statly will let you know so you can send more traffic.

... If your lander is converting less than a certain percentage, it'll let you know so you can split test it!

The same holds true for sales conversions. If your sales page is converting higher or lower than expected, it'll let you know.

We've got a whole host of these Analytics AI triggers that are being rolled out incrementally inside the software. The best part is, you don't need to do anything to activate them.

Simply sign up for an account, install the code into your web pages, and Statly will start crunching the data for you!

Now, Statly is free to set up and you get access to every single website traffic tool inside.  All you have to do is activate your account or install the WordPress plugin to get set up.

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