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14 years ago, I got started online trying desperately to start an Internet business...  Then, webinar marketing, sales webinars, and automated webinars were in their infancy, as were everyday technologies like Myspace, Facebook, and Youtube.  The very first success I had though, in terms of promoting a product online, was a half-baked live webinar that had 4 attendees and 3 sales, generating my first 4-figure day online...

The thing is, the deeper I got into "Internet Marketing," the more I realized that selling online is very similar to selling offline.  You need prospects.  You need a pitch.  You need an offer.  What webinar marketing lets you do though, is sell to many people at the same time rather than organize a launch and sell to one or a few people.

The medium is different when you use sales webinars.

Online, a 'nobody' can have a following of tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people given all the ways that we can generate leads these days, from email marketing to Instagram to organic website traffic.

You wouldn't know it to see him or her walking down the street - but that doesn't change the fact that it's true.

And being that the marketing medium is different, so are the tools you use for the selling process.  After all, with a following online, you need a way to get them to take action in a way that doesn't involve them leaving their house.

Rather than sell one-to-one, you can sell one-to-many.  And that 'many' can be located anywhere in the world that doesn't have a language barrier!  Our Done For You clients are all over the world, from the US to the UK to Australia and New Zealand.  The world is truly flat when it comes to using sales webinars in your business.

You don't need to drive down the street or into the neighboring town, have two or three meetings, and then (hopefully) get a sale...

Now, you can put hundreds of people on a webinar and sell them ALL at the same time without leaving your office!

At the end of the day, selling on a webinar really only boils down to a few things...

Your Sales Webinar Must Solve A Problem

This goes without saying...  You need to sell stuff that solves problems.  The bigger the problem, the more you can sell.

There's a catch-22 there though.  Sure, you might have the best solution on the planet, but you still need to make sure that your your sales webinar is out in front of your audience...  The folks who are both willing and able to buy from you!

Many, many good products and services have died a slow death because a business's advertising is never dialed in...  Because their webinar marketing wasn't getting the exposure that was needed or because the sales copy didn't receive enough views from targeted prospects.

Know Your Ideal Audience

You have to know exactly who your ideal customer is (and who they aren't!).  We can talk all day about defining your perfect customer avatar, but at a minimum, you should know:

  • Their gender
  • How old they are
  • What they do for a living
  • What they're interested in
  • Where they live
  • What languages they speak
  • What devices they use

That, my friends, just gets you started.  In order to write sales copy and really make them feel like you're talking to them, you should have a pretty good idea about:

  • What they do in their free time
  • What their biggest aspirations are
  • What they fear the most
  • What they eat
  • What time they wake up / go to bed
  • What they enjoy doing on vacation
  • What kind of car they drive

In short, you should know so much about this person, that you should give them a name...  And, every time you sit down at your desk to write anything even remotely sales related, you should be trying to figure out how to best communicate with "Bob" (or Mack or Angela or Buddy).

To make this easier, we've got a customer avatar builder inside Scriptly that'll help you pinpoint your ideal client, and use that data to speak directly to them through emails and webinars!

PRO TIP: If you need help writing sales copy effectively targeting your ideal audience - your ideal customer - schedule a free Action Plan call with our team and we'll help you out...

Create A Structured Sales Process

The Internet and what is has done for business folks like us is pretty marvelous, but the absolute biggest advantage we have now is in how easy it is to create a structured sales process.

Between having dedicated sales mechanisms like webinars, sales videos and email autoresponders; it's relatively easy to create a standalone, automated sales webinar in your business that welcomes every new lead in while funneling revenue out.

That's why we created Scriptly - to make webinar marketing easy from start to finish, and to handle all of the copy that needs to be in place to make that happen in your business without needing to hire a copywriter or sit at your desk for hours, glued to your computer screen wondering where you'll get the inspiration to make things happen.

The Call To Action Must Be Clear

Every piece of content, every blog post, every Facebook post, and every email that goes out to you audience should have a clear call to action (CTA) in it.

... And if it doesn't, you need to have a reason why it wasn't included.

Now, I'm not talking links to just sales messages either.  You should always ask your audience to do something like:

  • Clicking a link to watch a Youtube video.
  • Signing up for your next webinar.
  • Liking a new blog post.
  • Subscribing to your Youtube channel.
  • Opting in for a new report.
  • And, of course, clicking a link to go check out a sales video

Inside Scriptly, you'll find everything from bonding sequences to product sales sequences and the common element between them ALL is that we're asking audiences to take action.

Every email is structured so that they A) get opened, B) get read, and C) get clicked.

Which leads me to the last part...  Creating a webinar marketing system.

Systematize Your Sales Webinar

I'm a big believer in marketing systems.  Why?  Having built hundreds of them for clients and for my businesses...  Having a system, or a machine, that turns leads into sales is the absolute most powerful thing that you can do and will be responsible for helping your business hit the heights that you want it to.

When you can spend one dollar and get back two - you're on to something big!

To this day, one of the most profitable 'marketing systems' to employ is an automated sales webinar:

  • Your new leads sign up for your webinar
  • On the webinar, you bond with them, teach them and ultimately pitch them (resulting in some sales)
  • After your webinar, you mail them a replay of the presentation (getting more sales)
  • After 4 or 5 days, you shut down the webinar replay (which results in another sales spike)
  • ... And then you have a bunch of leads to mail your next offer!

How To Put A Webinar Marketing Plan And Sales Funnel Together

The challenge with webinars, automated webinars especially, is marketing them successfully. How do you drive traffic filled with prospects who are interested in the thing you're selling? Those folks sign up for the webinar, attend the webinar, learn from you, and ultimately purchase.

Where are THOSE folks?

One of the things I like the most about webinars is they actually do three things.

  • They're fantastic at generating leads.
  • They're fantastic at bonding or nurturing your prospects. You can really give them a lot of value in the 45 minutes or an hour that they spend on the webinar with you.
  • And, webinars convert better than almost any other sales material.

Webinars traditionally convert much better than sales videos because it's an event. People sign up for the webinar to get education, training, tricks, a-has, tips, and otherwise, glean some valuable insight.

NOTE: Your automated sales funnel is the key for booking sales, filling up your calendar, and pulling in leads every single day.  Click here to watch a video where you'll discover how to get a sales funnel that'll convert clicks into customers...

You Need A Presentation (Of Course!)

We're going to walk through how our webinar sales funnels are built so you can see the different steps of the webinar conversion process.  This works equally well, better even, for automated webinars  Then, we're going to talk about marketing your webinar sales funnel with paid traffic and from a JV traffic standpoint.

Inside a webinar sale funnel there are a couple of things that you need to have. Of course, you need to have a webinar done.

The webinar needs to be up, whether it's an automated webinar, or it's something that you've scheduled and you're going to present live. You need to have a slide deck, the webinar sales presentation that you're going to take a prospect though, so it either needs to be planned or set up.

Webinar Marketing: The Prospect Flow

Your prospect flow is important. You're going to have some sort of Facebook ad, Google ad or Instagram ad that people see, click on, and ultimately use to learn about your webinar.  This paid advertising strategy is always one of the first things we do for clients.

Email traffic can also be used. It might be your own list, email lists that you rent or purchase, or a friend's email list.

You can have JVs or affiliates running traffic for you.  Your affiliate mails their list and you pay them in affiliate commission on whatever sells.  The affiliate commissions you pay are normally around 40% to 50%, but you only pay when something is sold.

Or you can run retargeted traffic - retargeted banner ads - which show up to people who have been on your website before or watched a video on social media. They know your brand. They know what you stand for. When they see an ad up on Google or CNN or where ever for your webinar, they'll click it and register.

Webinar Marketing: Landing Pages

So once they click on the ad or an email, they're going to hit a webinar registration page. That webinar registration page is VERY important. You want it to convert well. The better it converts, the more folks you'll have signed up for your webinar.

So most of the webinar landing pages that we use for our clients convert between 28% and 35% with paid traffic.

In terms of conversion, email traffic is going to convert a little bit better than paid advertising, because they already have a relationship with the email sender. Some of that goodwill passes off onto you and your promo because it's a 'sponsored mailing.'

Webinar Registration Process: After The Register

Once someone signs up for your webinar, there are two different ways you can deliver it - immediately or delayed.

  • If you're delivering the webinar quick, like an automated webinar, it'd start 15 minutes or so after they register.  They'll be redirected to the webinar room where they actually watch the webinar itself.
  • If you want to delay the webinar by a few days, it gives you a perfect opportunity to sneak in additional pieces of content - like videos!  You send video one, which introduces you gives them some value.  Then, you send video two, showcasing case studies or testimonials.  By the time they get to your webinar, they're already primed for you and what you'll be talking about!

I've seen both work really well. They depend largely on your prospect, how much time they have, how urgently they need to solve a problem, and what the topic of the webinar's going to be.

It's good to test both strategies though.

The Decision Matrix: Did They Attend?

After your prospect registers for the webinar, regardless of whether you start immediately or not, they're going to either be on the webinar or not...  They attend or they don't.

At that point, you can run some marketing automation that puts these prospects in different campaigns.

When they attend, there are three groups you can put them in:

  • They attend up until the point that they saw your call to action (your offer)
  • They left early, before your call to action.
  • Or, they saw the whole thing!

You can run different marketing automation based on how much of the webinar somebody watched...

If they didn't attend the webinar, you can reinvite them to sign up for the webinar again. Usually what we'll do for people who don't attend - we'll just send them right to the replay, anyway.  We'll include a little text in the email though, saying, "Hey, so sorry you missed the webinar, but here's a link to the replay."

Webinar Replay Promotion Campaign

Once everybody is sent to the replay, we send three emails promoting the replay.  (Here's a template with our webinar replay sequence!)

  • Email 1: is normally, "Hey, here's the replay."
  • Email 2: is, "Did you miss yesterday's email with the replay?"
  • Email 3: promotes the webinar replay and also the offer that was in the webinar.
  • Email 4: promote the offer.
  • Email 5: promote the offer.
  • Email 6: promote the offer.

After the replay, we try to close out the offer strong. The people who buy then go to fulfillment. The people who don't, go into a nurture sequence. So that's the makeup of the webinar sales funnel.

Webinar Marketing Plan: Getting Started

In terms of marketing the webinar...

We always start off with Facebook marketing through their ad platform. Facebook tends to give us really high quality traffic and it's rather cheap.

Then we'll usually do some split testing one-on-one with Google Ads. We'll split the traffic down the middle, 50% Google, 50% Facebook, all to the webinar registration page.

Facebook usually sends cheaper webinar leads. Google usually sends higher quality webinar leads. So you might spend a couple of extra bucks per lead on Google, which is fine if the leads are higher quality. You can track your leads coming in from the ads with UTM variables.

That ends up working out really nicely to see which ads are working, what keywords are working, all the way back to the source.

JVs And The Webinar Marketing Circuit

If you're going the email and JV route in terms of your webinar marketing, emails are very effective methods of promoting webinars. If you have your own list, awesome. Mail them. Use it as the first test so you get some good data about the webinar itself.

If you are using affiliates or friends' email list, you can offer to give them an affiliate commission. There are entire affiliate networks dedicated to promoting webinars.  You will have no shortage of JV traffic there.

There was one time we had a webinar that was doing really well.  We ended up running that webinar live 60 or so times over the course of about 3 months. For each of the affiliates, we would give them a 50% commission.

Something interesting happened though.

So once we got like past 10 or 15 webinars, I started seeing that the people who signed up for the webinar were actually the same! This was their fourth and fifth time signing up for it. They were on everybody's lists.

What ended up happening was the more webinars we did, the less money per attendee we made, because we weren't actually engaging new people. We were just going after the same people again and again!

Automated Webinars Have A Place In Your Marketing Plan

Now, with automated webinars, you don't have to do them live in order to get the benefit of the presentation.

Automated webinars are definitely the way to go when you're driving traffic or working with affiliates, because you don't have to be there live every time!

People have been pretty hit to automated webinars for a while now.  They know that very few webinars are performed live anymore.  For a while, people were turned off when it was an automated webinar, but that seems to have diminished over the years.  Now, it's perfectly acceptable to automate your webinars.

Need Some Help Getting Started?

We've built hundreds of Automated Webinar Sales Funnels and would be happy to design one up for you.  Click here to watch a video and tell us about your project...  We'd be happy to jump on a free Action Plan call and talk through an easy automated solution for getting you traffic and sales!

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