So many of our clients are selling high-ticket coaching, consulting, masterminds, and courses… Most of what we teach is how to increase sales call show-up rate because the inbound marketing funnels bring sales calls to you…  Still, sometimes, getting their sales prospects to show up for a sales call can be challenging.

Here are three tips to boost your conversion rate and help you make a lot more money on the phone.

Maximizing the Potential of Warm Calling: How To Increase Sales Call Show-Up Rate

In the vast world of sales, making a genuine connection with potential clients can make a significant difference. Today, let’s delve into some top tips for harnessing the power of warm calling to enhance your client engagement and boost sales conversions.

Introduction to Warm Calling

Today, we focus on how to increase sales call show-up rate.  In the contemporary sales arena, utilizing tools like automated webinars can lead to a surge in potential clients booking sales calls. High-ticket sales, especially those that involve complex offers or coaching services, can significantly benefit from this strategy. Let’s dive into the intricate world of warm calling and how you can leverage it to enhance your business.

The Common Challenge: No-Show Clients

Often, potential clients may book a call but fail to show up, leaving the business owner or sales rep waiting. This scenario is not uncommon, even in our business. However, the good news is that specific strategies can mitigate this issue. We recommend three critical steps to increase the chances of potential clients showing up for booked sales calls.

Strategy 1: Personalized Follow-Up Emails To Increase Sales Call Show-Up Rate

As soon as a lead comes through, take a proactive step by sending a one-on-one personalized email. Investing just a few minutes to learn about the client – visiting their website or looking them up on social media platforms can provide a basis to start a meaningful dialogue. Sharing mutual interests or expressing eagerness to discuss their needs during the scheduled call can enhance engagement.

This simple yet personal touch can elevate your response rate by 20-25%. Remember, the key here is personalization; automated responses don’t create a personal connection, as they lack the human touch.

Strategy 2: Offering a Second Chance

If a client doesn’t show up within the first few minutes of a scheduled call, don’t hesitate to reach out again via email or text. A quick message saying, “Hey, I’m online for our call,” accompanied by a Zoom link, can encourage them to join the call, even if they initially forgot about it. It’s a kind-hearted reminder that showcases your genuine interest in connecting with them.

Strategy 3: Considering a Refundable Deposit

A more controversial approach is to charge a refundable deposit for the call, which can be applied to any programs or services they decide to purchase later. This method has had mixed results but has proven to increase sales call show-up rate of qualified prospects.  We do recommend testing it with a small percentage of traffic first to gauge its effectiveness. Sometimes, clients who might not seem promising on paper can be precious connections, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on these opportunities.

Conclusion: Crafting Your Warm Calling Strategy

In conclusion, fostering a warm calling approach entails being human and empathetic. Initiating personal connections and showing understanding can often lead to fruitful business relationships. We’re here to assist if you’re keen to delve deeper into developing robust sales funnels and inbound marketing strategies. Visit to book a call, and let’s kickstart your journey to sales success.



Today, we’re going to talk about sales calls. I’m doing a webinar presentation, and I realized how many of our clients are booking sales calls. So basically, it is traffic to a VSL and an automated webinar. The computerized webinar has this person apply to jump on a sales call. This has been a thing for a long time. Sales calls are one of the absolute best ways to sell a high-end service, something that is $2,000, $3,000, or more, something that has continuity, something that is coaching, or maybe a complex offer. We talk a lot about high tickets and the complexity of our stuff.

Now, the sales call themselves, basically, we have somebody apply. Then they get on the phone with a person, sometimes the business owner, sometimes a sales rep, and one of the biggest hurdles of a sales call is the other person not calling. So it’s not that the rings don’t get booked, but the person booking the call with our client won’t show up. So when the call comes through, we have had a client waiting for somebody to show up on a call, and a client doesn’t. Even in our business, sometimes it happens. So there are two things that we do… well, three things, two things immediately and one maybe, but there are three total things we’ll do.

When booking sales calls, I highly recommend you send them a personal one-on-one email as soon as you see that lead coming through to increase sales call show-up rate. So if somebody applies, they go through and fill out your application, and you get that email sent to your email inbox, sometimes to your phone, but your email. Take five minutes to visit that person’s website. Learn a little about them, look them up on Facebook or LinkedIn, or find something you can immediately start a dialogue with. It doesn’t have to be much. For us, I’ll often say, “Oh, you’re in the pet space. We do a lot of work in the pet space,” which we do, “I’m looking forward to our call Monday at 12,” or whatever.

And a lot of times when you get a reply from that person, they’re going to jump on the call, and it’s also highly likely that they’ll buy. They’ve already looked at you and researched, so they signed up for a call. So, that one-on-one personal email will get you an immediate bump of 20%, 25%. It’s straightforward. It takes a couple of minutes, and at the end of the day, it shows you are a human. If you go the route of many of our clients and want that to be automated, you won’t get in any bump whatsoever because there’s no personal touch. Infusionsoft or Ontraport doesn’t know anything about that person. They’re just sending that form email, “Hey, thanks so much for signing up. Glad you booked a call,” whatever. There’s no personal connection there. So, step one, send a private email as quickly as possible after seeing that lead. If it’s an hour or less, it’s bonus points. Try in the next four hours. Try, really, really quickly. That is tip number one.

Tip number two: give them another chance. If you jump on a call and they aren’t there within three minutes, send them an email or even a text if you’ve collected their phone number, send them an email and say, “Hey, I’m online for our call,” semicolon, Zoom link, your name. That’s it. I usually go to my calendar, and I will hit… I’d show you the calendar, but… I will hit send contact email so it copies all of the calendaring junk below it, and then I’ll just kind of space it down and say, “Hey, I’m on our call. Here’s a Zoom link.” I don’t mention resetting up a call. I don’t permit them to book a call if it’s inconvenient. Most of the time, they will grab the email they forgot and jump on the call. Sometimes, they’ll send a text message, but those are the two more significant ways that I would say… and they’re both just you being a human. They’re both just you being a good human being.

Number three is charging for the call. So we’ve had good luck and bad luck with this. Sometimes, we’ll have somebody put down a $50 deposit, a $100 deposit. We’ve said that it’s refundable. We’ve never done this personally, but many of our clients have. It’ll be a refundable deposit if they jump on the call, and it’ll either be refunded or applied to their coaching program, course or whatever they’re buying. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Usually, it’s 50 or 100 bucks. I’ve seen it up as high as $250 for a $5,000 thing. I don’t know. It’s one of those things that I would like to test. For our clients, we want to try with 20 or 30% of traffic, nothing crazy, so that we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot if it doesn’t work. Because if it doesn’t work, you’re immediately cutting off all your traffic. So that’s not awesome.

Will it only get action-takers? Yes, but honestly, I’ve found so many promising leads. So many of our great clients have been people who haven’t filled out the form or applied correctly anyway, and they don’t look like good leads on paper. But then you get on the phone with them, and they run a private equity company with 18 brands, and you’re going to start working with four of them. It’s like they signed up for your thing with the idea of one brand, so they didn’t necessarily answer it as one brand would, yet they can connect you with many other resources. So it just depends. It depends on your market; it depends on who you are.

I generally do the first two things first. I will make sure to send that personal email, and then I will make sure to send the reminder during the call… We do it, and it’s not automated. And then the third thing, you can charge for the call if you’d like. All in all, that’s just some quick tips for ensuring people show up on sales calls. If you have any questions at all, if you’d like any more help on setting up sales funnels or getting some of those fully qualified leads to jump on calls with you, to schedule on your calendar to pre-qualify themselves for you, inbound marketing stuff, then go ahead and go to Book a call, and we’ll talk to you soon, all right. Thanks. Bye.