Today, we will talk about how to automate incoming sales calls. We’ve worked with many different kinds of businesses over the years. One of the questions that we get asked most often is how do we get great clients coming into our website, coming into our world and raising their hand and saying, “Yes, I want more information about your products, your services, whatever.

Automate sales calls

Schedule Calls by Group

One of the ways that we do it, in addition to the sales funnel, is to build a specific kind of sales funnel that gets them to schedule incoming sales calls on our calendar. Now, everybody’s offer is different. If it’s over a thousand dollars, a sales call is typically required. Especially if you don’t have a great audience or a great relationship with your audience, you can typically sell through an order form if it’s below a thousand dollars. Still, the incoming sales calls scheduling thing that comes in is in those higher ticket offers.

So, if they come from, let’s say, Facebook and land on your website, they watch a little bit of a video, and then there’s usually an application or something below this video. It might be a form. It might be a chatbot. It might be a Facebook messenger bot or something like that. But there’s usually a way, some medium that they interact with, which asks them a couple of questions. We talked about this yesterday. First name, last name business, ask them a couple of questions. And then the magic happens when they hit the submit button. So, if they fill out the questionnaire, they fill out the survey, and the application the way that you want them to, then they move to a scheduling link. Now, the scheduling software… There are so many different ways to do it, and to be quite honest; I am very picky about when to send a scheduling link and when not to.

I think sending a scheduling link to specific prospects is wrong to ensure clients when you should have a conversation and talk it out. You should figure out, “Okay, I have an availability Thursday afternoon, pick a time.” That’s not so hard, and some people respect that. Sometimes, the impersonal sending a link to book a time on my calendar aggravates me and other people I’ve talked to. The more high-level, I guess, people who value time, oddly enough, don’t like the calendar link. They feel it’s too impersonal.

Scheduling Software

Acuity Scheduling
Acuity Scheduling
However, where calendar links work well is inside the sales funnel. Because people are in process, they’re in flow, they’re in-state, they’re going through your sales funnel. They clicked an ad. They’re watching a video. They fill out a form. The next thing that you want them to do is you want to book a time on your calendar or your sales team’s calendar. So, in that instance, it works well. And there are some sales calendar tools that we have used very successfully. One of the ones that we send our clients to is Acuity Scheduling. Acuity Scheduling is nice, robust software, but it allows pooled availability.

So, if you have a sales team of two, three, or four people, then what it does is it kind of collects all of their calendars and then gives your prospect one calendar to book a time in. And then, it assigns the person who will be responsible for that call. So, you can have some people fill up many time slots in the calendar. And it has worked out nicely in teams of two, three, four sales reps. So, you can have blanket coverage of the week, working hours, or even the entire day. And people can book calls wherever it suits them. So, that’s an Acuity Scheduling.


Another one, kind of the default one that people use, is Calendly. Calendly friendly, simple software. If you have a one-person shop and want to send out a calendar booking link, Calendly will work well. It’s nice.

Time Slots
What we use in the process we’ve even built one called Time Slots, which is being updated and added into the access marketplace.


The one we’re using right now that we like is Drift. Drift is chatting bot software or conversational marketing software. It is what powers the chatbox that is on and some of our other websites. They have a scheduling functionality that you can grab a link to. So, you can send people directly to a call scheduling tab inside the chat or have a link to send people, like an email and stuff. And it has worked out well for us, too. There are some caveats to it. It’s not quite as full-featured as Acuity Scheduling, but you have it in; you can use the calendaring widget inside a chatbot, which is super cool. So if somebody says, “I want to schedule a time with a human being,” they click the button, the schedule pops up, and they can book a time in their calendar right there. And then it’s a metric that is reportable inside Drift. So, that’s pretty cool too.

Those are just some quick ways of engaging your high-ticket prospects in a calendaring scheduling application while they’re still in process. If there’s anything you want us to look over or need any help, go to, and we’ll get you taken care of.

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