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TRANSCRIPT: In this video, we're going to take a look at a Direct Response eCommerce Sales Funnel.  Now, this is a sales funnel with sales pages and upsells as opposed to a traditional shopping cart like Shopify or Magento...

There are two ways that you can go about dialing in an eCommerce sales funnel for a physical product. So the first is going the traditional route and doing a Shopify store or a WooCommerce store or Magento, depending on whatever your poison is or direct linking right to Amazon, totally up to you. But that's more the traditional route.

If you are a fan of direct response marketing like we are, then you can sell physical products using a more traditional kind of sales funnel where you have a... you drive paid traffic to a sales page. Sales page sells, usually, are free plus shipping offer or a front end offer and then you march them through an upsell funnel. So this is a video that we ripped out of our course Funnel Formula and it's going to walk you through this direct response type of eCom sales funnel. And we're going to show you how all the emails, the exit pops, the upsells, the physical products tie into it. And then how everything is all... it flows together. So we're going to jump over to that snippet.

Now if you're going after a direct response architecture for your eCommerce Sales Funnel, which you're not using Shopify, you're using like a WordPress install with OptimizePress or some sort of direct response sales page with a video sales letter or you're using ClickFunnels, then we go Google Ads, into the item sales page. This item sales page has a video sales letter on it and then add to cart button right underneath and perhaps some long-form sales copy. You go from Facebook to the item sales page and this is usually a Facebook video ad. We're going to talk more about that in the traffic section and then we also send banner retargeting back into the item sales page. So they purchase, they get added to the cart, they go into Upsell One, Upsell Two, Upsell Three and we also send them to an ascension sequence to get them back into the upsells and downsells. And whatever they purchase goes into fulfillment.

Typically, we also try to do an exit pop and the exit pop usually has a free plus shipping offer or some sort of a lower ticket offer. Maybe if the quantity of the original sales item is eight, then we'll have a one-pack or a two-pack as an exit pop for free plus shipping offer or just a reduced fee. We're just trying to get that sale. We're just trying to liquidate some of those ad costs into a buyer because we know the buyer is going to bring back more revenue as they go. So we send them to an exit pop and maybe that exit pop is an opt-in or maybe it sends them to another offer that they purchase and then they would get kicked into the upsell. But we always try to exit pop something. And if they don't buy we send them into additional offers.

All right, wasn't it awesome? So you just got an inside look in my brain. Whenever I'm thinking about sales funnels, that is the kind of stuff that I geek out about. So if you would like to learn how to put these sales funnels together for your business or for your clients, click here to dig into the Funnel Formula course.

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