Automated webinars combined with the right webinar marketing consistently outperform traditional sales videos or sales letters…. Or at least they should when you do them right!

There are 4 reasons why webinars consistently outperform sales videos online:

  • Your webinar is an event.  Scheduling a webinar to start at 3PM EST or 6PM PST forces folks to carve out time and schedule it in their calendars.  If they miss it, they also lose out on the chance to ask questions!
  • You naturally increase likability. Being that webinars are often imperfect, you show off your human side.  Since webinars, at least start out being delivered live - there is a certain amount of content that is unscripted!
  • You'll deliver valuable content through your presentation and by answering questions.  By sharing your processes, beliefs, teachings or systems; you are helping solve real problems in your attendees lives...
  • By the time you get to your pitch, you have a captive audience!  It's true that not everyone will stay for your pitch.  But those who do are there because they want to be!

After writing and doing hundreds of webinars, both live and automated, for our stuff and for clients, I’ve found that the hardest part of the process isn’t the content or the offer… It’s figuring out what the right Call To Action, or CTA, will be for your webinar..

The more seamless the transition, the better your overall conversion will be.

I’ve wrote previously about the things you can do to really supercharge your sales through automated webinars including bonuses, downloads and increasing engagement from your attendees…  That’ll help you add a few extra sales.

The true hallmark of a solid webinar is linking up the good, educational content to the right offer, and then presenting the call to action type that’ll trigger the most buyer response.

When An Automated Webinar Is A Good Fit

Before you decide that spending time writing a webinar (or having Scriptly do it for you), it’s important to understand what automated webinars can do for you and your business…

By doing a webinar, you’re:

  • Educating your audience, whether that's showing them something that's working, relating part of your experience to their situation, or delivering valuable tips on something that you're both interested in.
  • Bonding with your audience because they're able to see your screen, hear your voice, ask questions, and sometimes get a glimpse of you through your camera (and webinar software!)
  • Engaging with your audience more intimately, outside of videos, audio, podcasts, blog posts and all the other one-sided media channels.

The goal, ultimately, is to move as much of your audience as possible into a product or a service that you offer, by presenting an offer at the end….

Typically, it doesn’t make sense to sell something below $100 on a webinar.  For the hour and a half that you spend presenting and the hours you spend promoting, oftentimes you’re better served to just send the same traffic to a sales video.

Products above $100 though – preferably above $500 – are very well suited to webinars!

For example, you can offer:

  • Your digital, home study course
  • A more expensive service that requires some education
  • A hybrid course, combining video elements and some form of coaching
  • Straight up, 1-on-1 coaching
  • Access to your mastermind or group coaching platform

The trick is building in a solid “Call To Action.”  It’s where they leave your webinar and (hopefully) go buy something.  Use the wrong CTA, and conversion suffers.

The Right CTA For Your Offer

Your Call To Action sets up your offer.  The right CTA will drive sales.  The wrong CTA will seriously impede your results.

Here’s a baseline for setting up the right Call To Action for the offer you’re running in your automated webinar.

If Your Offer Is Less Than $1000

If you’re selling something below $1,000, you’re best served sending your folks right to a sales video.  A quick, proven way to get one done is by using our VSL Creator tool.  On your sales page, you’ll need:

  • [Optional] Video Sales Letter
  • Recap the features and benefits of the offer
  • Product images
  • Testimonials from buyers
  • Specific details about what customers will be receiving, and when.
  • Restate the price and the terms of purchase
  • Include the 'Buy Now' or 'Add To Cart' button
  • State the guarantee (if you have one)

You can either collect credit card details right on that page by placing an order form where your buy button would be, or you can use a second shopping cart page to handle the order form.

If Your Offer Is More Than $1000

If you’re program is more than $1,000, you’re probably going to need to sell on the phone.  It used to be that you could sell anything up to $5,000 on a webinar, but conversion significantly drops once you hit the $1K level.

In this situation, your offer really should be made during a ‘Strategy Session’ or some similar call.  A lot of folks in the industry use “Strategy Sessions” or “Consulting Sessions” to label their calls.

You can use that or come up with your own name.

For Strategy Sessions, we want to:

  • Qualify the folks we're going to talk to, to make sure they're a good fit for our offer
  • Get their contact details, like phone number, email address, Skype ID, etc
  • Ask them why they're booking a time to for a call, specifically.  Figure out what troubles or roadblocks they're currently experiencing so that you know how to best help them.
  • Do some discovery...  Ask what they've tried in the past, what they're goals are, what they desire and want...
  • Future-pace your prospect by alluding the benefits they'll be getting on your call...
  • Dollars and cents.  Find out if they're willing and able to invest the kind of money that you'll be asking for

NOTE: If you'd like a more in depth article on this, there's a full article, 6 Tips For Qualifying Prospects Better!

After your prospect fills out the Strategy Session form, then all that’s left is handling the sales call!  Most of our Done For You Clients sell exclusively through these types of sales funnels

You can call back each and every person, you can cancel the appointments that don’t seem to fit, or you can redirect redirect them to a different offer.  Once you’re getting fully qualified leads, how to handle them is up to you!

When you’re getting started, I’d say keep everyone’s calls, regardless of how qualified they are.  Lots of times, the most unqualified person on paper ends up being the best client and customer you could ever ask for!

7 Tricks To Boost Automated Webinar Revenue

As sales tools, one good webinar can single-handedly put your business on the map. In one day, with one presentation, you can generate more revenue than you have the previous 3 months…

That’s how it was for me anyway, the first time I ran a webinar.  I didn’t have a list either!

Now days, you can run paid traffic to your landing page and start getting sales that night!

With webinars, you can sell pretty much anything, at any price…  That includes high-end online courses, coaching and consulting, and service based gigs.

The trick is to know how to structure your content and move from delivering value and content to making your pitch.

Lucky for you, we just added a webinar creator inside Scriptly, called the Webinar Wizard!

Aside from making webinars simple to put together and export as a PowerPoint file, you’ll also get all of your sequencing right so you know that the event you put on will generate sales!

Now, let’s talk about a few things you can do to increase your webinar sales, right out of the gate!

I’ve personally done close to 600 webinars, and I’ve tried lots of different things – from offering cash and gift cards, to giving away scholarships to a lucky attendee…

What you see here are the tricks that have withstood the test of time and work brilliantly for boosting webinar revenue.

Include A Fast-Action Bonus

One of the biggest problems you’ll run into is getting folks to jump over the fence and take action.  That doesn’t sound like a difficult thing, but you’d be surprised how people will delay their purchase and never come back and buy.

A good way to prevent that and get folks to take action right away, is to offer a Fast-Action Bonus (FAB).

Your FAB should be pretty awesome, in it’s own right.  The best one I ever ran was where I offered to send 2 DVD’s and a workbook to a new customer’s house, in the mail!

Oddly enough, it was a last minute decision I made and the webinar went so well I had to overnight a DVD printer to my office, set it up, and burn 160 DVD’s the next day (80 sales X 2 DVD’s each).  That webinar was only supposed to be a test and I had a 52% conversion rate!

Inside the Webinar Wizard, a simple checkbox will walk you through setting up a Fast Action Bonus!

Give A Free Download To Attendees

It’s always great to offer an incentive for the people who make it to your call.  During the webinar, give away a PDF of something that’ll make the rest of the presentation go better.

Examples include:

  • A checklist walking your attendees through a crucial process...
  • Screenshot-based tutorial that your audience can download and print out, allowing them to concentrate on your presentation rather than taking notes.
  • Printouts of the slides, so they can keep the presentation safe and implement it easier.
  • List of resources (including your products and services) that will make it easier to accomplish the goal they're looking to achieve.

This can be done easily by including a link in one of your slides with the URL of the download.

Click here to see how it’s done in Scriptly’s Webinar Wizard

Encourage Interaction By Asking Pointed Questions

Make it a habit to ask a pointed series of questions, to engage your attendees early on.  I usually work these in right after I introduce myself.

(The other good reason to ask questions early is to foreshadow some of the content that you’ll be sharing…  Ralph – make sure to watch out for the step where I talk about finding good rental properties online…)

There are 3 questions to ask:

  • Question 1: A general qualifying question that should apply to everyone on the webinar.  An example might be, "Who here has a few bruises in their credit report."
  • Question 2: Something a little more focused, like "How would you like to qualify for a mortgage without going through a traditional bank?"
  • Question 3: A focused question, preferably about the content of the webinar that's coming up... "Example: How many of you would consider a private lender?"

The idea is to engage as many people as possible, while also pointing them to the training that’s coming out, as a process that will help them.

The Webinar Wizard makes this easy…

Call Out Sales And Action Takers

Everyone likes to be mentioned, especially when they’ve just joined a group!

Announcing sales as they come through does two things…  It encourages folks to sign up because they know that aren’t the first ones to join, and it helps acclimate them to the course and the group as a whole.

You can either pull up your sales records and announce their name that way…

Or, you can have them write in in the chat box as soon as they completed checkout!

The latter is probably the better way, since folks who want to be called out can be, and the ones who want to remain anonymous are safe too.

Reveal Your Process, Step By Step

Lots of webinars out there are filled with a bunch of fluff and stuff that doesn’t really matter…

You should always strive to give your attendees as much value as possible, since they’re taking valuable time out of their day and spending it with you.

Reward them for that, and reveal a process or a system that will help them get to where they’re wanting to go.

In fact, you can dovetail the process you’re revealing into the course that you’re offering at the end!  That way, but the time the pitch comes, the already know the steps.  What they lack are the pieces that get them from Point A to Point B!

For focused, value-laden webinars – make sure to sign up for the Webinar Wizard here.

Offer A Free Consulting Session

If you’re selling something that’s over $1000 in most markets, you’re going to want to close your webinar with a pitch to a sales call or a ‘strategy session.’

So, rather than offer a course and a link to a ‘Buy Now’ button, invite them to pick a time on your calendar for a call.

Ideally, after they choose a time, they should then fill out information about who they are, what they do, and what they need help with.

These strategy session signups are the reason we created TimeSlots, which is available to you for free for 14 days!

Use A Countdown Timer

Lastly, if you really want to create urgency on your webinar, offer a Fast Action Bonus for only 15 or 30 minutes while you answer questions…

I’ve used this one before!

Ideally, you only use something like this on a cheaper product – something that’s below $100.  If folks feel like you’re forcing them into a $800 purchase with a false sense of urgency, it’ll decrease conversions (and also give you quite a few unhappy buyers!)

Getting Started

One of the best things about the Scriptly Webinar Wizard is that all of these revenue boosting triggers are included!

From inside the software, when you start creating your webinar, you choose whether you want to include a Fast Action Bonus or a download link…


From there, you continue answering the questions in the form while your webinar is built in the background for you!

If you need anything at all, make sure to leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to help!

Regardless of whether you’re selling a high end coaching platform, a mastermind group, or a video course; webinars will work.  The challenge is in writing one that’s both educational and focused on converting your audience, without lots and lots of trial and error and a/b testing.

It’s pretty easy to blow through a good sized ad budget quickly when you’re dialing in your webinar, so it’s best to start with something that’s proven right out of the gate.

Inside Scriptly, there’s a webinar writing tool that we call the “Webinar Wizard.”  The Webinar Wizard walks you through the copywriting process by asking you pointed questions about your offer, content, experience, etc…

To write your sales presentation, simply:

  • Choose whether you want to include a "Fast Action Bonus" or a "PDF Download"
  • Complete the forms through the step-by-step wizard
  • Download your PowerPoint presentation
  • Add a few images and give it a once over so that it connects with your audience
  • and then, get it scheduled and promote it!

(Also inside Scriptly, there are email templates for promoting the webinar and the webinar replay!)

If you need anything or if we can help, schedule a time to talk to us here!