Email Marketing Tactics To Boost Audience Engagement

‘There is no formula for the perfect email. Authentic and honest messaging works.’

Though this one line sums up the entire email marketing game, it requires a lot of effort to become a pro at writing an authentic and honest message.

If you are looking to stretch your email marketing game beyond the ordinary, to become a pro at it… then we are here with some proven email marketing tactics that will help you boost audience engagement and achieve desirable results.

So, without wasting any time let us get it right away!

It all begins with a good subject

Subject line email

What was the subject of the last email that you sent to your audience? Was it enticing enough that could compel them to open the email without hesitation?

If you can’t remember it, then don’t expect it to work.

Writing a compelling subject line is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. After all, just like with every form of content you only get a limited window to make an impact on the reader.

You must know how to make the most out of this limited time window. This is exactly what a compelling subject-line can do for you.

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It should tell a story

Write better email copy - storytelling

Storytelling is the heart and soul of writing. No matter what form of content you are writing, it is important for the audience to know why you are writing it.

Your content should tell a story even if it is in the form of an email. How can you do that?

Well, it’s simple – build a structure for the email, and fit the pieces of your story’s puzzle in that structure. By the time you finish fitting all the pieces in you will have a clearly defined, and well-written, story that could rope the reader’s attention with ease.

Compel them to take action

compelling call to action

The most powerful element of an email is ‘Call to Action’.

Whether you use buttons or plain text to highlight call to action in the email, it must be placed in such a way that people cannot resist taking the action.

The best way to achieve success with your call to actions is to A-B test as much as possible. You never know which version users might click. So, eliminate the risk and A/B test different content, color, as well as style for your call to action buttons and see which one achieves the best results.

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Personalize it

Personalized Email content

Personalized content creates a better impact than the generic.

The entire world knows about it, but still, businesses don’t pay heed to creating personalized content. The ones that do end up achieving their goals!

Remember, email is an opportunity where you are in a person’s most personal space – their inbox with their consent.

You cannot afford to miss out on this by sending a sleazy email that looks like it’s written by a robot.

So, invest time in understanding what you can do to personalize the email and see how it works.

A great way to do is to segment the lists and then create separate email marketing campaigns for separate lists.


Leverage the power of technology

Leverage the power of technology

Technology has supplemented marketers with superpowers that they didn’t even know existed a few years before the tech came around.

One such power is automation. Thanks to the latest technology it has now become possible to send an automated email in response to a user’s action. This is known as a trigger email!

Based on users’ interaction with your business, you can set a trigger email campaign that will keep sending the user a constant reminder about your product/service.

This will serve as familiarizing them to your business and at the same time keep the users hooked up with the new changes that you are bringing to the market.


Mobile friendly Emails

With the number of smartphone users climbing sky-high, it has become necessary to test your email campaigns for mobile devices as well.

No matter if it is a product update, an email newsletter, or any other form of email content that you intend to send to your users, you cannot afford to miss out on testing for mobile.

In fact, it is not just about mobile. It is always a smart idea to test the email campaigns across various platforms i.e. Windows, iOS, Outlook and more.

After all, you would not want to put your reputation at stake by sending a non-optimized email to your users… Would you?

Polish it thoroughly

Most important of all, don’t forget to review the email more than once for errors.

This will help not just reduce the volume of content that you have poured in the email, but will also make the email more impactful.

As they say, the more you read the better you write. Take ample amount of time to review and refine the content so that only the final polished product reaches your customers.

Don’t forget to include social media

Social Media Marketing

There’s nothing quite like social media to connect with your audience and build a community to boost user engagement.

If you want to boost audience engagement for your business using email marketing, then how can you forget about incorporating social media into the campaign?

Give people a direct channel to connect with you over social media.

Add social media handles and buttons in the email so that the interested email readers can directly approach you and connect with your channels. By including them in the email, you are saving subscribers the trouble of searching you out.


There you have it – some of the simple, tried and tested tactics to make email marketing work for you. if you are looking to make it big in terms of audience engagement using email marketing, then it is time give them a try and see how effective they turn out to be!

So, what are you waiting for?