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We have a lot of clients who use our Done For You Email Marketing service - for both offers that they create and affiliate offers...

But, if you're a straight-up affiliate, there was no such thing as a way to instantly create affiliate emails, loaded with your affiliate ID, all in one place...  That you could just plugin...  You had to hunt and peck and piece together stuff on your own....

You know how difficult it can be to find great, converting offers that stay open!  I can't tell you how many times I finally nailed an affiliate campaign that was pulled off the market or switched between different affiliate programs and CPA networks.

The secret in affiliate marketing is knowing your audience, inside and out.  With that understanding, you can sell pretty much anything on autopilot, as long as you're not afraid of writing a LOT of email copy.

Let's say that you get a lead, today.  It's not enough that they get a week or two worth of email copy.  Since you're only paid a fraction of the whole purchase price when you do sell something, it's extremely important that you continue promoting to them for a long time...  Months.

After all, you don't want that lead to go cold, do you?

So, what you need is between 8 to 14 affiliate products, promoted over 40 to 70 days!  That's how you build an affiliate system!

Inside Scriptly, a big part of what we do is do performance testing of offers, including affiliate offers and email copy for you, and then put the best of that into a done for you email marketing system that you can copy and paste into your autoresponder...

We find the best affiliate products online.  We write the copy for them all.  Then, we test them live to make sure that they're working and make the entire campaign available to SCR members!

Here are some of the sequences we have in place right this minute... Meaning, sign up for the free trial and you get access to ALL of them!

Done For You Email Sequences For Affiliates

Business Development Affiliate Sequence

Of all the affiliate sequences that have been requested, the business development one has been the most popular.

In the Business Development Sequence, we combine software tools, training programs, memberships and extensive video courses, all suited for folks building a business online.

Included are website building tools, training on website traffic and physical product sales, popular social channels like Facebook and Pinterest, plus so much more.

Not to mention, all the done for you email marketing copy has been uniquely crafted to maximize open rates, clickthroughs, and sales...

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Dog Training Affiliate Sequence

One of the cheapest markets we've ever gotten into in terms of getting started is dog training.

Using Facebook traffic, you can get leads for about $1.10 each largely because people LOVE dog and cat videos!  The other thing about social media and dogs - folks share great pet content like crazy which means lots MORE cheap leads.

There aren't a TON of great converting affiliate products in the dog training space, but there are 10 solid offers for dog training, dog food and dog treats.

We've written over 40 days worth of email marketing copy to automate your affiliate sales, and it's all available for you inside Scriptly!

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Women's Health Affiliate Sequence

Wildly profitable with all the traffic you could ever want and dream of? That about sums up the Women's Health market.

With everything from weight loss to fitness tips and food and diet recommendations, there are LOTS of products in the women's health space worthy of promotion.

The trouble is, without truly understanding how to speak to a women about health issues, your results are going to be quite dismal when you first start out...

It took us a little while to crack this one.  We spent a lot of money on traffic and leads before the campaign started turning an ROI, but...

We kept working on it and working on it, and now the done for you email marketing sequence and lead generation campaign that you get inside Scriptly and can plug into your email marketing platform to generate some pretty serious return on advertising...

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Men's Fitness Affiliate Sequence

Like Women's Health, Men's Fitness requires a little bit of a special touch.  We're not talking about 'weight control' so much as we are talking about lean muscle mass and muscle building in this affiliate autoresponder series.

With dieting offers, muscle building products and workout training, this sequence is specifically designed for males, with links to the male versions of the video sales letters.

Getting traffic here is quite easy too.  After all, there are some BIG players in the men's fitness space, so it's all about tapping into their already existing channels and delivering cutting edge fitness material and training to them!

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Business Opportunity Sequence

Business Opportunity goes by many names in the Internet marketing world... Biz opp. Make money online. IM (for Internet marketing).  They all basically describe the same thing.

What this Biz Opp Sequence does is showcase a number of ways to make money online, from completing surveys to affiliate marketing to posting stock photos.

There's a fine line between Biz Opp and Business Development too.  Biz Opp is designed to create extra, secondary channels of income.  Business Development is designed to start a business and live off of that income.

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Women's Ex Back Affiliate Sequence

Breakups are exceptionally terrible things to deal with and the women going through it oftentimes need some outside advice...  Don't get me wrong - guys do to - which is why we created a sequence for both males and females.

One of the things we've found especially about the women's sequence is that they tend to convert better for continuity programs (sold as upsells) and stay for a really long time...  Years, in fact.

What that means is you sell something once, and before you know it they're on month 8 of a rebill and you've made a few hundred bucks!

Also, inside the Re-Engagement Sequence, wherever there's the opportunity to link to the Women's VSL - we have.  We want to make sure that as many of your prospects convert into sales as possible!

Click here to get the Women's Ex-Back Sequence >>

Men's Ex-Back Sequence

Pain is a very strong sales motivator, and men going through a breakup or divorce experience just as intensely as women do...  That's why we offer both sides of the "Get Your Ex Back" sequence.

The difference with the men's sequence is that it's written for men, featuring 12 ex-back products, all linked to the male version of the sales letter.

Men, we've discovered, don't buy the continuity upsells nearly as often as women do but they DO spend more money throughout the entire upsell funnels as a whole.  So, your commissions aren't spread out quite so long, but you do get paid more quickly.

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Survival Affiliate Sequence

Otherwise known as the 'Prepper' market, disaster survival is another great market to get into when you're starting out.

Leads are cheap.  There's great, high converting products in the market.  And, this might not necessarily be your thing but, fear is engrained in the market.  Fear of government.  Fear of failure.  Fear of surveillance.

... Preppers buy stuff to be prepared for anything, and that's the sales hook that works for them.

Not to mention, what's better than a group of buyers who's mission is to 'buy and hold' or 'buy and put into storage!'  That's what they do - the stockpile and they want to learn the skills necessary for their survival.

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Getting Started With The Done For You Email Marketing Campaigns For Affiliates...

8 affiliate sequences.  8 different campaigns that you can get started with TODAY (not to mention the new ones we're adding every single month!).

All you have to do is sign up for your free Scriptly account, enter your Clickbank account ID, and start copying the done for you affiliate campaigns into your autoresponder software.

After that, it's just watching your email prospects turning into clicks and sales!

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to today's video where we talk about Done For You email marketing campaigns.

Now, a couple of years ago, I put together a piece of software called script. script. It has since turned into a full-blown CRM called access and access writes your email copy for you, it sends the email, it does all the automated bells and whistles, you can set up campaigns, it does SMS messages.

But at the end of the day, the thing that it did most of was literally Done For You email marketing campaigns, not just one email, not just a template, like it would literally right. I mean, it still literally writes three, four or five emails if you're doing internal sequences, and it writes fully blown, you know, 30 4050 email sequences if you're doing affiliate sequences.

So, that was really the reason I built it was because I needed it.

I mean, So long before we owned done for you.com, we were doing done for you sales funnels, and those done for you sales funnels. We wrote all of our copy from scratch. So after you write a couple of thousand emails, you start seeing commonalities between them.

So what I did was I put together a piece of software, I use it internally. So the way you think about done for you email copy is this.

There are two different kinds.

So if you have your own products, your own services, then how I think about it at least, is you have these mini promos, so you're always looking for your email to do something you don't ever send out an email just cuz just because you feel like it.

Well, you should rarely do I mean, you're always looking to incite some sort of action and even if you're not going to include a call to action like usually that's a pre-emptive thing.

Like you're like I know I'm going to write a story for my list of bonds and not ask them to do anything today. So that I can blow this shit up tomorrow. Like that is that's how we email marketers do it, you know. So if you're running your own internal offers, then you're always looking for them to do something.

And that's how I, I've always classified those campaigns. You know, so your lead magnet promotions series is supposed to send me you know, traffic to a lead magnet, your sales promo sequence, your VSL promo sequence is gonna send traffic to a VSL promo sales video, or your webinar, promo sequence or your webinar replay promo sequence is going to send traffic to a webinar promo.

So that's always been the idea being you know, behind, you know, all of our internal sequences, and those internal sequences, usually four days, five days, six days depending on the sequence and it's all based on like kind of the best email copy that we've written, in testing.

So, webinar, promo email for emails and it sent out day one, day two and then two Three, your webinar replay sequences sent out over five, five days. And there are six emails.

So the last day there are two emails that go out and they go through, you know, to promote the webinar promo, then one promotes the webinar promo and the webinar replay. And then the last three, promote just the offer that was in the webinar. So it was all very, very formulaic, you know, then the affiliate promotions, those are much longer.

Those are longer stretches of activities. So how basically, you know, one affiliate promotion promotes anywhere between eight and 14 products, and those eight to 14 products are all in Clickbank. Some of them are in private affiliate programs that we use in scripting there. But all in all, they are designed to get somebody taking action, you know, and buying affiliate offers.

So with the affiliate products, often what we do Help people and even with the internal promos, you always want to like you know, kind of put you want to book and very very heavy promos, you know, with content that increases your goodwill increases goodwill with your users. So if you're going to mail out, you know, a block of four or five or six, you know, emails that are very pitchy in nature, then you want to kind of put a couple of blog posts or maybe a video on a blog post in between that in the next promo, so that it doesn't feel to your subscriber, like you're pitching them every day.

You know, so whether that's your own internal products or whether it's affiliate products, then you want to, you want to take care of your email list, and the open rates and the feedback and the unsubscribes and you just want to manage them well. So there are lots of different ways, you know that that can happen.

I'm attached to this.

We have a bunch of the affiliate promotions and affiliate sequences that we have business opportunity women's x back, men's x back survival.

All in all, there is 20 affiliate sequences inside accesses email copy app at the moment, there is also 38 No, there are 28 internal promo sequences for when you're selling your own lead magnet your own, you know, webinars and promoting your own stuff your own internal offers.

If you are an MLM, you know, so if you are, you're part of an offer, and you want to rewrite your copy, you don't necessarily or they don't provide a copy, then the best way to do that even though it's kind of an affiliate offer, the best way to do that is to still promote the lead magnets in the sales videos and use the internal sequences as you would if you're promoting your own stuff. You're just promoting somebody else's.

And if you have If you would, I mean we're we send a lot of email marketing, we also custom build access. So all of our clients use access. So if you would like for us to put together custom sequences for you to build out lead generation sales funnels, marketing funnels, you know all of that kind of stuff, click the button below this video and then book you know, fill out the little form and book a call with us and we would be happy to put together an action plan for you whether you're selling your own products, whether you're selling affiliate products doesn't matter, but we will, you know, put something together for you and then you know, go from there.

So I will talk to you soon. Go to consultant session comm if you're watching this video somewhere where there isn't a button, you know, like YouTube or Facebook or whatever, sells in session, calm and if you liked this video, like it, share, and subscribe and I'll talk to you soon.