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We have a lot of clients who use our Done For You Email Marketing service - for both offers, they create and affiliate offers...

Email marketing is different whether you're promoting your products and services...  Or promoting someone else's - as an affiliate.

If you're promoting your stuff, product promo, nurture, and webinar sequences are essential...  You want your prospect to get to know you and your business online.

But, if you're a straight-up affiliate, you want to identify and fill a gap with a product.

Here are some done-for-you Email marketing campaigns we regularly use for our clients.

Done For You Email Marketing Campaigns and Sequences

Email marketing is a cornerstone for fostering business growth and nurturing client relationships in a digitally dominated era. A well-crafted 'done for you email marketing' strategy is central to a successful online marketing strategy encompassing various campaigns and sequences. These strategies aim to entice, educate, and convert prospective customers into loyal patrons. Here, we delve deep into the multifaceted world of email marketing, spotlighting the different types of email campaigns and sequences a digital marketer can employ to promote their product effectively.

Understanding the Essence of 'Done For You Email Marketing

Before we dissect the different types of email campaigns and sequences, it's crucial to understand what 'done for you email marketing' entails. This concept revolves around expertly crafted email campaigns tailored to resonate with your target audience. Leveraging professional services for your email marketing means your campaigns are strategically designed, implemented, and managed to optimize your reach and impact, saving you time and potentially increasing your ROI.

Product Promo Emails: Your Gateway to Higher Conversions

Crafting Irresistible Offers

Product promo emails are at the core of any 'done for you email marketing' strategy. These emails are designed to spotlight your products, offering detailed insights and presenting irresistible offers to your potential customers. A well-structured product promo email sequence may start with a teaser email, followed by a series of emails unveiling the product features and benefits, culminating with a limited-time offer to entice conversions.

Segmentation for Personalized Promotions

Segmentation becomes pivotal to maximizing the impact of your product promo emails. By segmenting your audience based on their behaviors, preferences, or demographics, you can tailor messages that resonate more personally, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Webinar Promo Emails: Building Anticipation and Engagement

Initial Announcement

Promoting webinars is another potent strategy within the 'done for you email marketing' repertoire. The initial announcement email is crucial; it sets the stage, ignites curiosity, and encourages recipients to block their calendars for your event. Ensure that the value attendees derive from the webinar is highlighted, including the speakers' expertise and key takeaways.

Reminder Emails

Follow the announcement with reminder emails, gradually building anticipation as the event date approaches. These reminders keep your webinar at the forefront of the attendees' minds and can help increase attendance rates.

Webinar Replay Emails: Extending the Life of Your Content

Immediate Follow-Up

Once the webinar concludes, the 'done for you email marketing' strategy shifts to nurturing the leads generated. An immediate follow-up email presenting the webinar replay can be a great tool to engage those who could not attend the live session. This email should encapsulate the essence of the webinar, encouraging recipients to watch the replay and engage with your brand further.

Additional Resources

To add more Value, accompany the replay link with supplementary resources such as blog posts, whitepapers, or infographics that further explore the topics discussed during the webinar. This provides an avenue to nurture leads and possibly guide them down the sales funnel.

Getting Started With The Done For You Email Marketing Campaigns...

If you promote your products and services (or work for a company that primarily promotes its stuff), book an Action Plan Call with our team to determine if there's a way to optimize those campaigns and sequences.

Or, if you're working on jumpstarting your passive income through affiliate marketing - your next best step is going through the DWY Affiliate Accelerator.

Either option will help you get your email marketing dialed in FAST!

The Evolution of Done-For-You Email Marketing Campaigns

Introducing Our Latest Software Tool: The Access CRM A few years back, I launched "Scriptly," a software built to ease the email marketing process. Today, it has evolved into "access," a full-fledged CRM that handles everything, from writing email copy to sending messages and managing SMS campaigns.

The Core of Access:

Effortless Email Marketing: The predominant feature of "access" is its unparalleled capability for "done-for-you email marketing." Instead of simple templates or singular emails, it produces entire sequences—three or four for internal arrangements or extensive 30 to 50 email strings for affiliate sequences.

Why Access Was Born:

Addressing A Personal Need Long before acquiring, my team and I crafted sales funnels from scratch. And after composing thousands of emails, patterns began to emerge. These patterns inspired me to create a solution - the "access."

Two Distinct Types of Done-For-You Email Marketing

  • For Your Products and Services: The essence of every email is action. Whether you're narrating a story without an immediate CTA or setting the stage for a significant promotion, it's all about inciting action. With "access," you can effortlessly channel traffic to lead magnets, sales promo videos, and webinar promos.
  • For Affiliate Promotions: These campaigns are lengthier, promoting a range of products on platforms like Clickbank. The primary goal? Driving action and boosting affiliate sales.

Striking A Balance:

Pitch and Value Amidst promoting offers, it's crucial to intersperse high-pitched emails with valuable content. This ensures your subscribers don't feel overwhelmed with sales pitches, maintaining goodwill and engagement.

A Glimpse of What Access Offers Currently, "access" has 20 affiliate sequences and 28 internal promo sequences. It's designed to cater to your unique needs for MLM or promoting external offers.

Custom-Built Solutions:

Our Offer To You We at don't just provide access to our tool but also craft custom email sequences tailored to your needs. If you're keen on harnessing the power of "done for you email marketing," click the button below, book a session, and let's chart out a strategic plan!