Today’s GSDdaily is episode 145 and it is our five-minute guide session, 5MG, the five-minute guide? Yeah. So today we’re going to talk about writing email copy fast. We’ve finished up lead generation week basically, we were talking about lead generation systems and how to market to them. So I figured a nice capstone was to walk through a brand new update that we just dropped into Axis. So we’re going to learn how to create email copy faster than you’ve ever dreamed possible. In five minutes or less going with our skillset, I guess.

Email Copy

So inside Axis, first of all, for those of you who don’t know, we have Axis, which is a marketing automation CRM. is the place where you can go check this out. So I’m just going to drop it over here in the chatbox. And when you get into Axis, then when you log in, you’re going to see, this is just a demo account that we have, but basically, it is a full marketing automation platform.


What I want to show you today though, is one of the marketplace apps that we have called the Email copy out. And basically what it does is it lets you just fill in a couple of form fields and then it outputs the email that you should be sent for that thing. So we’re going to go down here where, and these are all of the email sequences that we’ve already created. So we’re going to add new and then the campaign name is going to be webinar replay. So it’s going to be a webinar replay sequence. And then let’s see, we’re just going to, there we go. So if we want to just look at the webinar copy, then we just do a little search. We go after the pre-webinar emails and then we hit next.

Now here we fill in these form fields, your name, Jason, blah, blah, blah. Webinar name is just going to call it the five mg. A webinar topic is going to be about being awesome. The signup link is Webinar date, we’re just going to put it there. Webinar benefits. We’re just going to do, we’ll just do one, two, three, so you can add as many benefits into the write email copy as you want then we’re going to hit next.

And what it did was, it just outputted our emails for us. So here we have written email copy number one, which is sent two days before the webinar. The subject is don’t miss this and the body is boom, boom, boom, boom. There’s your copy. Email two is right here. Email three is right here. And then email four is right here. So nice. Solid. Works well. Our affiliate sequences here will output sometimes 30 and 45 emails. Our webinar replay sequence will output five emails and you can, of course, download all of them right there. So you can download them into a, I don’t know if you can see this, so we just downloaded it as a text file. Let me see if we can just show this to you.

So, all right, we’ll go over here to stream yard, stop that screen, give access to the next screen. So this is the webinar replay text. So this is an write email copy one. Then we have email two, which starts right there. And then we have written email copy three, which starts right there and writes email copy four which starts right there. And of course, you can configure all of these in the Axis CRM or whatever CRM that you’re running with. So either way works nicely for basically giving you, how we use the software and how we’ve always told people to use the software. This copy is going to get you an 80, 85% of the way there. You still need to go through, look at it, and make sure that it’s doing what you need it to do. It’s working and speaking to your prospect and your end-user the way it needs to.

But it’s going to do all of the hooks and the triggers and the best practices and it’s going to get people to open their email, click the links inside, ultimately move them to the direction that you want to move them to. So that is today’s newest update and today’s five-minute guide. So if you want to write good, solid email copy sequences without spending a whole lot of time doing it, just go to and I will see you next week.

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