Today, we are going to cover how to get fully qualified leads for your business, people who are, raise their hand and say, “Yes, I want more from you.” And they also give you their phone number, their address, they’re whatever. Whatever you need to do your job, or to sell to this person, or to pass the fully qualified leads off to a sales guy, a sales team, a phone team, whenever.

Way back in the day, it used to be a lot harder to get somebody to give up their phone number. Well, I shouldn’t say that. On one hand, it used to be a lot harder to get somebody to give up their phone number because they were largely protective of it and they still are. But one of the things now is that people are used to SMS marketing. They understand that sometimes if they give up their phone number, they’re going to get a discount code. They’re going to get text message reminders. They’re going to get these other things. And of course, you can use that from a sales standpoint.

Before that, you need to make it extremely, extremely easy in your fully qualified leads process to fill out complete forms. Because we as human beings, we’re going to enter the fields that are put in front of us. But we need to make sure that the form isn’t so damn long that it’s off-putting. So it isn’t this wall of having input options that then somebody has to slog their way through. I mean, think about the last time you were sent a survey from a retailer, and you looked at it and you’re like, wow, four questions. Yeah, I can answer four questions. That $25 gift certificate or whatever sounds enticing. So then you hit the next page button, and then it goes to the next page. Then you look up and you’re like, oh shit, there are 20 pages of this thing. That doesn’t even make sense.

When people are looking to do business with you, they have that same thing. So it’s important to, first of all, only ask for the material, the stuff that you need, and not ask for any of the fluff. But it also makes a lot of sense to not be off-putting in terms of how the application or the form field shows up. So I want to show you a couple of different examples of some things, some ways that you can put this into your marketing pages.

One of the things that we do, we do these all the time for fully qualified leads sales funnels. We’re going to flip over to the page here. And if you look at this page, it’s not this page. So if we go into any of our solutions, if we go into sales funnel development here, let me just make sure that my volume is down. So if we go into sales funnel development, we have our sales page, our sales video here, and then they can click to schedule through chat, which is just kind of a fun option that a lot of more and more people are using.

But they have this form down here. So if they go to the form, notice how simplistic this form looks right now. This form is super, super easy. First name, last name, phone number, email. And those are the only four questions that it starts with. Now watch this. When you go and enter your email address, then some additional options show up. This is what is known as conditional logic. And conditional logic, how this form is set up, is when there is something in this email input box, then the remaining options show. So if there’s nothing in that email box, then the options go away. So we’re going to go ahead and put our email address in here.

Now we have some additional questions. Now, this is important stuff. Basically what we’re trying to do is to get somebody to start the form, and then continue the form all the way through. And we have tested many, many, many different versions of these forms. And this is the winner in terms of completeness. Somebody starts the form, they’re like, oh, couple more questions. And we do it twice. There is a total of three sections on this form.

The next set of questions are the business and product name, the website, how long have they been in business? And then what do you sell primarily? Once they fill in this next option, then a customized set of questions pops up. And the customized set of questions is based on this select box. So what it does is it puts them in a different bucket, so that we know what kind of prospect they are, and we know we can fo follow up with them in a certain way, because they’re a coach. Certainly, because they’re an e-com vendor.

So tell us a little bit about your products and services. We’ve got a couple of dropdowns, and then the select box, yearly revenue, so on and so forth. This form is not difficult, because most of the stuff is all dropdowns. So we just need to get them to tell us about their business so that we know where to put them in the spectrum of what we do. And then at the bottom next step, click to schedule a call. So then they go immediately to the call scheduler.

Automation Tools

It used to be that we had this long-form show up on the page, and people will look at the form and they’re like, wow, that looks like a lot of work. Even though it isn’t, it looks like a lot of work. So they wouldn’t apply, they would call in. Or they would bypass, or they’d send an email, or they go up to the contact box and then contact us.

What it does is when that happens, it escapes our automation flow. Meaning if somebody signs up, fills out this form, then they get emails, they get callbacks, they go directly to a call scheduling box. So they can set up a call with us. That’s how we want them to because it’s self serve. They come in, they schedule a call, we jump on the call, we do the thing, and that’s the idea here. If they approach us differently, then it could fall through the cracks. Support might not catch it and forward it over, there are lots of gray area things that happen. So they must fill out this form to engage with us.

DFY Fully Qualified Leads - Drift

1. Drift

Now there are some other ways to do it. So I mentioned the chatbot. We use Drift for chatbots, and you can see here we have a chatbot that functions as a form. It asks all the same questions of this form and puts people into boxes. And we’ve been testing this chatbot quite a bit because eventually, we want the chatbots to replace the form, just because engagement is a lot better.

DFY Fully Qualified Leads - Jotform

2. Jotform

There are a couple of other things, a couple of other ways that you can get this fully qualified leads without it feeling hard. Another one is a tool called JotForm. If you go to JotForm, JotForm is a form builder, but the prob, it’s not a problem, but the thing about JotForm is it goes sideways. Basically rather than a form, like question one, question two, question three, question four, it goes question one, next page. Question two, next page. Question three, next page. It’s just a different modality, but you can ask the same questions.

Jotform Templates

Class Registration Form

Check this out, check some of these form templates out. If we just scroll through here, there’s course registration forms and some other things. Let’s see, where do we want to go? We want to do card-based forms. So check this out. Class registration form. So we’re going to preview this guy. And a course in mind, select it here with our template. So this is just an example of something you can do. You can put it up on your website, you can embed this sideways kind of select form, which gives somebody a dialogue with your website, and then they can answer the questions that you put in front of them.

Student Registration Form

We’re going to start this guy. Student registration, next. What is your student’s name? The student’s name is me. And then we got a birthday. There we go. So there’s a little bit of a… Does this work? There we go. Gender is going to be male. So we’re giving it all kinds of interesting information here. So one, two, three. Street, blah, blah, blah, PA. Looks great. The student email is going to email. Mobile number.

But you see how this works? We’re filling out your form field. If you were to implement something like this on your website, we could go through it, and this is the data that you’re collecting. We’re asking for a phone number and work number and all kinds of crazy stuff on this one. But so anyway, you get the idea. We’re at spot nine, the courses are going to be windows eight, and then add comments is testing the form out.

If you were to embed this on your website underneath the sales video, you’ve just collected their address, their phone number, what they want from you, and then your sales guy can call them back. The other side of this is you can also trigger marketing automation rules. So you can have this, you can send this fully qualified leads now to your CRM for follow-up. So your CRM is emailing them consistently. You can send it to your sales guy through email, you can send it to Slack so your entire team sees that a new lead just came in and to call them back, or to do research on the prospect, the call before you get on.

There are lots of other ways that you can tie in this fully qualified leads process with other automation tools, which is super, super cool. And the nice thing is it’s not a heavy form. It doesn’t feel like they just took this 17-page long survey, because it was very chat-like, very sideways based.

DFY Fully Qualified Leads - Typeform

3. Typeform

Another option is Typeform, and Typeform was kind of the first form company that I saw that did this well. Here we have just a different kind of different onboarding. So here we go. We’re going to preview this guy. So this is an example. Hello, welcome to the team. So we’re going to, let’s go. All right. How long have you been with us? Two to four weeks. Great. Now, to begin with, we’d like to ask you how you found a recruitment process. Then the answer some questions. So this is an up and down, but it’s still one question per thing, and you can run some email automation from it.

There are lots of different ways to get to the data you’re looking for, and engaging with your prospects on your website a little bit different. Other than putting a form together, putting something that this long application, maybe even send as a PDF or whatever. There’s a lot of other ways to get to the data that makes it more fun, more light, more engaging, and encourages them to give you the data you need to follow back up.

So with that, we close out optimization week, all the little tricks, little tips that are going to help you optimize your website a little bit better so that you can generate more revenue, so that you can generate fully qualified leads, more sales. The more people are flowing through your pages, you’re getting more deal flow out of your website.

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