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Today we are going to talk about SMS text message marketing and using texts to close more deals...

Now, SMS marketing and text message marketing hit big-time like two or three years ago.  I remember thinking, "Wow, it's so terribly unfortunate that we marketers are going to be abusing this platform that is very near and dear to a lot of people's hearts." We're just going to ruin it (ie. like Pinterest, Twitter, etc...)

So, I had a lot of trepidation about SMS marketing and text message marketing just because it just seems like such an invasion of someone's privacy.  When I get a text message, I assume it's from a friend or a family member... And that it is much more urgent than an email but not quite as urgent as like a phone call.

So, it was just my expectation around text message marketing that needed to be changed - not the technology or the platform itself.

Now, the reason I bring it up now is that people are using SMS marketing and text message marketing a lot more frequently, in a lot of good ways. It actually has served to boost conversions in a lot of marketing automation workflows that we've rolled out too, when used right.

When To Use SMS Marketing

Text messages engage prospects in a different way than just email or just phone calls.

So much so, that we actually built it directly into Axis, our business growth platform, because from a marketing automation standpoint hitting people with one touch is great...  Hitting people with two different touches at about the same time is even better.

Where Text Message Marketing Works

So, here's an example.

Let's say you own a window company. You have a crew that goes out and puts windows in houses. Somebody visits your website, does a bit of research on the brand of windows you recommend, and then they fill out a form for more information. They want you to call them back at some point to schedule an estimate...

Now. put yourself in their shoes.  They've just filled out a form on their website.  Immediately they should get an email afterward, saying, "Hey, thanks so much. We will get back to you ASAP." That's normal, right?

Now, the problem is that person probably isn't checking their email at that moment. So, you may tell them that there is an email coming to their inbox, but they probably aren't going to go log in to their email at that very second.

I can't tell you how many things I've signed up for and I haven't gone and checked my email when a web page told me to. I think to myself, " The next time I'm in my email I'll just see it."

Then, I forget.

How SMS Marketing Engages More Prospects

Well, imagine taking that little customer-getting campaign one step further and sending an email AND THEN a text message right afterward!  So, somebody signs up for a sales appointment and not only do they get an email (that they may or may not check!) but they also receive a text message immediately! Their phone is probably in a pocket or it's sitting somewhere around the keyboard that they are filling in that form with.

That is the power of SMS marketing and text message marketing when it's done right.

How about appointment reminders? Or discount codes? Think about all of the little marketing things that are time sensitive and the only way that we really have to get in front of somebody is email or phone...

SMS Marketing Automation

Right now, you probably are not calling each of your customers every time you run a promotion.  You probably don't have a call center who's doing cold calling or leaving voice mails.  What you're probably doing is sending an email and that's it...  Not multiple emails - just one.  That's a shame too.

Imagine being able to send an email and a text message at the same time, reminding them that this promotion is going on right now!  Take it a step further - adding them to a marketing automation workflow that sends them an email and an SMS message once a day for the next 5 days while the promotion is on!

So, inside Axis, we took all of the headaches out of sending SMS messages and text messages to your contact list.

You can send a text message right from your customer's contact record itself...

Send An SMS Message Your Entire Contact List?

Or right from the contact dashboard, sending an SMS message to your whole list even!

Basically, you log in, select which contacts you want to receive the text message, write the text message, and hit send.  That's it.  It's out the door.  Your prospects will get it seconds after you hit send inside Axis. And not only can you send broadcast text messages, but you can also add these text messages into your marketing automation campaigns!

Combining Email Marketing And SMS Into A Single Marketing Automation Campaign

After that text message is set up inside an Axis campaign, whenever someone fills out a form on your website, gets tagged inside of Axis, or triggers a campaign... In other words, they move into a marketing automation campaign... They get email #1 and SMS message #1.  Then a day goes by and they get email #2 and SMS message #2.  A few more days go by, they get the third email and text...  And on it goes!

So, the key here is using SMS marketing or text message marketing in a way that deepens a relationship with your prospect and engages your customers on a whole different level. That is why we built it into Axis.

... And SMS Is Painless To Set Up

And the beauty is, you don't have to set up some stupid middleware plugin to make text messaging work in your marketing automation (or to send a text message for that matter).  You don't have to go set up the text message service or pay out of pocket for some plugin plus each and every text message you send.

Literally, you log in, you upload your contacts, choose who you want to text, and hit the "Send Text" button.

To make a long story short, there are lots of different ways you can use SMS marketing and text message marketing to engage your customers more deeply. Some of the things it's perfect for are appointment reminders, discount codes, and any other kind of a notification that is more urgent than just an email.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to book a strategy session with my team and I. Go to and we can look at SMS messages, your marketing automation campaigns, and figure out what you can be doing better to generate more revenue from the leads that are coming in.