Business-Intelligence-ToolsI work with a lot of people in a lot of different niches on implementing a done for you affiliate marketing system, and one of the most useful tips I give across the board is to “backend” your autoresponder with an affiliate sequence made up of offers that you get paid a commission on.  Hence, a “hidden” affiliate system.

Here’s what I mean…

Normally, when someone gets added to your list, it’s for some kind of lead magnet.  After they sign up for your lead magnet, you usually take them through a bonding sequence or you try to sell something right away.  That’s what we call the Thank You Page Funnel.

From there though, it gets a little convoluted.

Depending on what you have setup in your system, you might promote lower end products, upper end offers, webinars and other stuff that’s internal to you – your products and services.  This is where list segmentation and automated rules come into play.

For most people, that’s where the process stops for a done for you affiliate marketing system.  You promote what you have for 10 or 20 days and then your prospects may or may not get dumped onto a general list that you mail every so often…

Therein lies the problem.

Most people I know end up mailing pretty haphazardly.  They might send an email or two a week, but that’s about it..  So, your prospects, the people you worked so hard to get on your list, are just sitting there getting mailed to every once in a while!!

That’s where the “Backend Affiliate Sequence” comes in.

Between the time that you finish mailing your products and your folks get moved to a “general list,” there’s a perfect opportunity right in there where you can mail affiliate products.

You see, chances are, the folks who were going to buy your stuff already did…  And the folks who didn’t, probably won’t!  Why not send them to products and offers that you get paid a commission on?

Here’s an example…

Let’s say your building an Internet marketing list with done for you affiliate marketing system and you have a report and a video course that you sell.  After you get done promoting those products, what do you do with your new audience?

You could put them on your list and promote random offers…

Or, you could copy and paste the Biz Opp Affiliate Sequence into your autoresponder and get 89 days of extra promotion!  The same goes with other niches…  The Survival Niche.  Or the Relationship Niches.  Or Investing!

You name it, there are products out there that you can promote to your list for a commission!

Setting Up A Hidden Affiliate Sequence

To set up a Backend Affiliate Sequence, or BAS for short, here’s what you need to do…

Step 1: Know Your List

This is where knowing your audience comes into play…  When you know your audience, you’re able to figure out what their pain points are and what issues or problems they’re trying to solve, and then connect them with the right products.  At its heart, this is what every good affiliate marketer does.

You see a need in the market, and you either find a product that’ll help them solve that need OR you create it yourself.  The blessing of finding someone else’s product is that you get an affiliate commission each time something is sold.  You don’t have to worry about customer support, sales copy or any of that…

Step 2: Find Relevant Affiliate Products

The next thing you’ll want to do is find products out there that have affiliate programs already set up.  For example, any of the tens of thousands of digital products on Clickbank can be promoted as an affiliate.  Other great places to look are Amazon, JVzoo, Commission Junction and Linkshare.

There are also thousands of products that can be promoted in the major CPA networks…  Plus a lot of vendors have private affiliate programs that they payout manually for.

I, personally, like to go through the bigger networks like Commission Junction, Clickbank and Amazon because their payout schedule is set.  Every month or every week, you get a check.  It’s dependable.

Step 3: Collect Your Affiliate Links

Now that you’ve found the products for your done for you affiliate marketing system, it’s time to organize all of those affiliate links that you have.  A good way of doing it is to just keep a spreadsheet open on your computer, or a text file, that has the affiliate links and the products that they correspond to.

You’ll want to keep these handy because the next step is the most grueling part of all…  Writing the emails!

Step 4: Write Your Autoresponder Emails

In some markets, the bigger products have ‘swipe copy’ that the product owner writes for affiliates.  In a lot of markets though, we aren’t so lucky (especially in obscure markets like dog training or diabetes).

There’s really no easy way to do this – you just have to sit down at your computer for hours (or days) and write email after email promoting the merits of each affiliate product.  Usually, I’ll write 2 or 3 emails per product, which will be sent out sequentially.

So, Day 1 through Day 3 promotes one product.  Then, I give the list a break and Day 6 through Day 8 promotes a different product.  This, of course, takes place after you’ve promoted all of your internal products!

Step 5: Set Everything Up

Now, it’s time to set everything up in your autoresponder…  Paste the emails into whichever platform you’re using (Aweber, Getresponse, OntraPort, etc) and set them up to fire sequentially, for however long you have emails written for!

If you’re promoting 5 products, they might drip out for 3 weeks.  If your promoting 15 products, they might go out over the course of 90 days.

What you want is to make sure that your system is working for you, long after the folks who buy your internal products leave!

The Easier Way

Inside Scriptly, there are affiliate sequences that you can just plug your Clickbank ID and name into, and it does all of this work for you…

We’ve gone through and found the affiliate products out there that sell well and assembled then all into autoresponder sequences that work.  We use them in our niche campaigns day in and day out.

You can always find an updated list of affiliate sequences on the Scriptly Autoresponder Engine page – the current ones being the Biz Opp campaign, survival campaign, women’s ex back campaign and men’s ex back campaign.

We’re also running a special bonus on the Biz Opp Campaign right now, where you get a bonus Lead Generation Campaign and Affiliate Training!

… So, if you’re in the Business Opportunity market (Make Money Online, Internet Marketing, Work From Home…) this is for you!