Ever wondered how come other people are getting more success from affiliate marketing although you’re using similar tactics? There are some things that successful marketers keep to themselves when it comes to affiliate marketing.

It’s not that you’re not working hard enough or that you make mistakes but others may apply some of the following content tips to unlock the full potential of their affiliate marketing strategy.

Sometimes it’s all about making tweaks to your content so you boost your affiliate sales. If you’re planning to amp up your online business through affiliate marketing then make sure to read the following 11 content tips. Marketers won’t share the following piece of information with you, but we will.

1. Provide more than one option for your visitor

When you’re creating the content for promoting affiliate products, you will generally add links to one advertiser. Why should you stop there? When you add affiliate links to the same product from other websites, you will increase your conversion rate. Visitors will have more options to find a better price.

2. Put cheap and expensive products together.

Don’t create content targeted only for one price range. You don’t know the buyer’s budget so only providing expensive affiliate products will lower your chance to get a commission. When creating the page content for an affiliate offer, try to include links to other similar products from a different price range. Remember that you can only capture the buyer’s interest, he’s doing the rest on his own.

3. Don’t optimize the same keywords as the advertisers

Try to create a content strategy that doesn’t use the same keywords as your affiliate advertisers. They will usually focus on general keywords so your safe bet would be to focus on what people will normally search.

For example, don’t optimize your content for keywords like “cheap t-shirt” but write compelling content for those who search for “t-shirt for parties”.

4. Write compelling but easy to understand content

Creating quality content with a lot of data and metrics is a good way to convince your visitors to buy certain products but what’s your strategy for the rest? You need to mix your content so it provides them with valuable insight but it’s easy to understand.

5. Focus on seasonal content

Some of the best buyers an affiliate blogger or marketer can dream for is that person who HAS to BUY something NOW. While some people end up doing this by necessity (home appliance is broken, laptop not working, etc.) the majority of this category is made up of seasonal buyers.

People will look to buy for children outfits for school one or two months before school starts, summer they focus on comfortable clothes and beach items, and so on. It’s up to you to streamline your content so it’s targeted to the seasonal buyers.

6. Don’t focus the content around the product

When you’re writing your blog posts where you add affiliate links, don’t try to make it all about that product. Instead of writing blog posts or web pages for one specific affiliate product, focus on writing content for the category or what persons are looking for (related to that product).

So instead of creating a blog post called “Why you should buy the X laptop model” think of something more need-related such as “Top X laptops with long battery life” or even make it seasonal: “What laptop is the coolest in the hot summer time“.

What’s your email marketing strategy?

7. Make sure that you use email marketing

If you’re a content creator and want to sell more affiliate products, you need to have a solid email list and email marketing strategy. This can easily be achieved by creating an account on Scriptly and accessing some of the best, proven to sell, email sequences for your email list.

Even if you’re not using your email list to promote affiliate products, you need a healthy subscribers list to drive more traffic to your website and consequently sell more affiliate products.

8. Ask advertisers to use native advertising

This may seem an option available only for top bloggers, right? Well, if your traffic numbers are right, you should be able to ask advertisers to try native advertising on your blog. Fitting affiliate products into the content your write will increase your conversion rate. Don’t forget to write compelling content and provide context when you’re using native advertising.

9. Make affiliate deals where there aren’t any

Just because one online store doesn’t have an affiliate program, that doesn’t mean they won’t be open to this. Of course, you will need some numbers to back your proposition (web traffic, email subscribers, etc.) but there isn’t any harm in asking, right?

You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities so if you see a product that would be great for your audience, contact the owner and try to set up an affiliate method to help him sell more and for you to get more money from your affiliate blog.

10. Optimize your content for mobile devices

People are using their mobile devices to buy stuff online at an increased rate. This is a great opportunity to sell more by optimizing your content to fit all displays. There’s a high chance that you use banners to promote affiliate deals so make sure those banners are responsive and can be adequately be displayed on all devices.

11. Look for new, exciting opportunities

2016 is the year when people are looking to buy drones and virtual reality headsets. This should tell you a lot about where is the buying process headed to and will allow you to make any necessary changes. For example, while you have your regular blog where you promote affiliate products, why not try some new and exciting niches? People are buying a lot of new products this year such as drones, VR gadgets, hoverboards, tech bikes and much more.

Want to know more about these new niches? You can start by learning how to start a VR (virtual reality) blog and make money.