December and the early parts of the year are awesome for Internet marketers like us for one reason – traffic.  There’s more traffic online in the colder months, because a good portion of the world is trapped in doors, thanks to the freezing temperatures outside!

What that means?  More leads and more sales.

Oh, and cheaper traffic when you’re on the media buying side of the coin…

So, there’s no a better time to start ramping up your landing pages and dialing in your autoresponder, preparing for the new business that’s about to come your way!

Today, we’re going to talk about some new lead generation and closing strategies that’ll help dial in your campaigns… Plus, clue you in on some lead generation template ideas.

1: How To Use Quizzes To Ramp Up Your Leads

Because so much of our lives as marketers depend on the amount of fresh leads coming in, it’s important to have a variety of tactics for reaching people. Those fun quizzes that pop up on your social media feed from time to time are actually great lead generation tools. Quizzes are a powerful tool when harnessed correctly and used to drive real leads that turn into actual revenue.

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2: Growing Your Business with Email Marketing Templates

Which templates generate the best engagement? What kind of ‘asks’ will get you closer to your goals? Email marketing is a great way of getting your prospects to take action, after they sign up onto your list…

That’s why we created Scriptly – to help you write bulletproof email sequences that’ll engage your prospects and help you sell more stuff!

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3: Case Study: Deconstructing the Sales Funnels of 3 SAAS Companies

Create a winning sales funnel by deconstructing the sales funnels of those that are doing it right and learning from them.

I know many businesses and marketers who get themselves all tied up when it comes to and while it is no easy feat, you shouldn’t be getting tied up about it.

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4: 5 Strategies to Personalize Your Upsells and Cross-Sells

Would you like fries with that? Research shows that upsells and cross-sells count for more than 30% of eCommerce revenue. As shoppers, we are accustomed to the standard sales tactics like sales videos… Our VSL Creator makes them easy to create. Companies have more products. And they want us to buy more. The problem arises when brands force us to buy services we don’t want…

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5: How to Close Leads That Come in Through Cold Email Pitches and Advertising

Leads from outbound marketing (email prospecting and paid ads) are flowing, CPAs are dropping, lead quality is improving, but deals aren’t closing. Time to freak out? No. Time to turn off advertising? Probably not. Time to go back into stealth mode and stop selling? NO!

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6: 6 Strategies to Immunize Yourself from the Sales “Rejection-Flu”

As the weather gets colder, the days get shorter—one other sure sign of the changing season is the flu. Offices are awash with red noses and kleenex tissues, and sales teams are catching the “rejection-flu” as they wrap up the sales year. If you’re a salesperson, this is the time for you to brush up on your preventative measures and keep your immune system healthy, happy, and fighting back. Build up your rejection-flu immunity with these six suggestions.

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7: 7 Ways to Gain Lifelong Customers after Making a Sale

What’s the most important part of a thriving business? For most, it’s sales. If you have enough customers, even poorly run companies can still profit. Of course, making sales isn’t always easy. In fact, it can take several touch points with a prospect before they are ready to buy from you. For almost all businesses, it’s much easier to close a deal with someone who has already done business with you…

Now, if you’re at a place where you need to start converting more of your traffic into sales, watch this VSL Creator video!

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