If lead generation template is essential to your marketing model, you just can’t neglect landing pages. No matter how much time and cash you spend on improving the conversion funnel, if the landing page doesn’t relate to the readers, they will bounce off quickly, and never to return. The objective of a landing page is to hold the lead curious enough to keep reading, and hopefully, fill out an email form and become a lead. Keep in mind that the typical attention span on the web is 7 to 9 seconds and, in fact, it may be declining further. Yes, that’s how much of a chance you’ve got to persuade the visitor to believe you enough to give up their private information.

Luckily, creating a landing page created for a lead generation does not surely have to be complicated and time-consuming. So in this post, we will be looking at three lead generation template examples which you can instantly use to design high-converting landing pages that increase lead generation and improve your website’s assurance factor and authority.

Lead Generation Template 1



Lead Generation Template 2

The three lead generation templates presented earlier include important factors that should be a part of every dynamic lead generation landing page. Now let’s take a glance at each of these components in turn and how they impact landing page performance.

An Irresistible Headline

The headline is one of the first webpage components that any guest notices once he/she lands on a landing page. As such, having a proper, engaging headline as well as a compelling sub-headline is necessary if you require your prospects to read on. You can find some exceptional suggestions to write high-converting headlines in this post.

Centered and Brief Copy

The more connected the copy is to the prospect, the more attracted he/she will be. As such, it is necessary to produce copy which is concentrated towards your target audience. An excellent way to do this is to form user personas based on data whom you can then keep in mind when you produce the copy.

Make certain that the text is short and to the point. Try to use bullet points. Bullet points are an excellent way to smooth in on the most important aspects of your offer and make knowledge simpler for users to understand. As we discussed previously as well, the attention span on the web is just too less to bother with content that doesn’t get to the point in the first few seconds.

Simple Form

The limited knowledge that is asked in a way, the greater the chances of candidates filling it. Try to keep entries to a minimum by only asking information that is related and relevant to your company.

Social Proof

Social proof is used in many ways on a landing page. They may take the form of testimonials or even an infographic displaying names of businesses who already use the product. It is significant to note here that the testimonial must be associated with your user persona.

Image & Video

The right kind of pictures and videos go a long distance in building trust with the client. As with testimonials, it is essential that your clients correlate with the pictures.

And Finally, Continue Testing Things Out

The greatest way to increase lead generation template performance is to keep experimenting out new concepts and ideas with A/B testing and keep optimizing your landing pages. That’s it! Give your insights on lead generation templates in the comment section below.

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