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TRANSCRIPT:  Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn. Welcome to today's video. Now, I realized not too long ago that I have, we talk about sales and sales funnels a lot, but I didn't actually have a video or any kind of like a really detailed explanation about what a video sales letter is or a VSL, for short. We use VSLs all the time in almost everything on almost every funnel.

You have seen a million VSLs from me. Basically, what a VSL is, is it is a video that works through a very specific sales psychology and it is presented as a video as opposed to long-form sales copy. Now, years ago this guy by the name of John Benson, he's the godfather of video sales letters. He took long-form sales copy and turned it into this video format and it worked so well back in the day because it forced a visitor to listen to the entire pitch before they got to the actual offer.

And then the offer dropped in minute 12 or minute 15 or minute, if John Benson, was like 46, he had really super long video sales letters, but the offer would drop, there would be an appearing button, people would take action on that offer and then ultimately, it had an incredible conversion rate as compared to long-form sales copy. So, in this snippet, you are going to learn about video sales letters and I pulled this out of our Funnel Formula course. So, let's go take a listen to this and then we're going to come back and summarize everything.

So, the first is a video sales letter or a VSL page. Now, a video sales letter is a video that is basically a presentation and every screen has one line of text and the person reading it goes through and they read slide by slide by slide by slide. We're going to show you some, but the video sales letter is the best converting sales format. Years ago it used to be long-form sales letters worked really well, then video sales letters and now these hybrid video sales letters that have some full motion graphics tend to convert even better still. So, they still let a prospect focus on the content that is on the screen, but the content is broken up on occasion with some B roll or some action shots or some full-motion video. So, there's a lot of that stuff.

So your VSL page, that's the video sales letter page and it is a sales page that has one VSL on it, one sales video and it has some very characteristic elements to it. It has a very strong headline. So, the headline is usually one of the things that we test vigorously in our sales funnels. The video sales letter itself is a scripted sales copy that is turned into a PowerPoint presentation. How we create them as we go through and we write a long sales form, a long sales script and then we turn that into a PowerPoint presentation where every new line in the sales script is a new PowerPoint slide.

Then that video is recorded as a voiceover. Very similar to what we're doing actually recording these. So, we use ScreenFlow or Camtasia. We've already talked about those. We use one of those two pieces of software and we record the screen as we are verbally reciting this sales video. Then we edit it and export it and it becomes our video sales letter. If we're going to add B roll shots on top of it, then we basically add it in after the fact.

And then the video is embedded on a page. Usually, that video is embedded with a private video service like or Vimeo Pro, so that way the sales video doesn't end up, I mean it's not on YouTube, but more importantly, Vimeo Pro and Wistia have some really great stats. So, you can actually see how much of the video somebody watches and find out where it's trailing off or if at minute 13 a lot of people are leaving, then there's probably something that needs to be fixed in the video.

Then underneath that video isn't appearing add to cart button. So, once the pitch is made, then the add to cart button shows up underneath. Now, on some pages, we just make the add to cart button show up the whole time. And other times, we make it appear. Years ago it was like every add to cart button appeared. That's just kind of standard. That's just how it worked. But now, videos oftentimes aren't auto-playing like they used to because of the browser. Some browsers will autoplay the video, but not start the audio or some browsers just won't autoplay the video at all. So, we've had to kind of make some adjustments there.

So, oftentimes the add to cart button does show up underneath the video as soon as the video loads. But if we can force the button to appear, then we do that too. And how it usually works is a sales video might be eight minutes or six minutes or 12 minutes long and the call to action, like let's say on a 12-minute video, the call to action might hit about minute eight. So, when somebody watches enough of the video for the call to action to hit, click the button below to buy your copy. Then the add to cart button shows up underneath the video and a prospect clicks it, goes to the order form and buys. But until they actually see the call to action, there's no pitch. They don't know what they're there to buy anything. They're there to just watch a video.

Sometimes these video sales letters are supported with copy. Sometimes there's copy down the page or there's copy somewhere else on the page and sometimes they're not. So, we always test them both. We'll test a video sales letter without copy and we'll test a video sales letter with copy on occasion, to see which one wins. Typically, the video sales letter without copy wins, but every once in a while, something with copy will beat the one without.

All right. So, video sales letters, we use them for selling digital products, we use them for selling memberships, for selling free plus shipping offers, for selling anything really, courses, some physical products, fully qualified leads, fully qualified lead sales funnels where we're trying to get somebody to give us their name, email address, phone number, all that stuff for a sales call. We use them all the time. Now, as you heard in the video, there is purely text-based VSLs and then there are VSLs that have full motion graphic, full-motion video in them. Oftentimes, as B roll, sometimes it is videos like this, like talking head videos.

So, there are lots of ways that you can split test video sales letters. But the premise is the same. You start with a sales script, then you create the PowerPoint video and then you overlay shots on top of that. So, if you would like to learn how to incorporate these video sales letters in your sales funnel and build a sales funnel from scratch, click here to learn about our Funnel Formula program.

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