Understanding lead tracking and funnel metrics is not an easy road to travel, if you ask us. We know because we’ve listened to feedback from our clients, who live and breathe sales funnels to grow their online revenue.

At DoneForYou.com, we build high-conversion automated sales funnels. But when we’re done creating funnels, our clients need a comprehensive way to analyze and optimize conversions. What they said they needed was:

  • A simple way to track leads from the top of the funnel up to the point where they buy
  • A tool to clearly visualize the complete buyer’s journey, on a single screen
  • A no-frills reporting tool for all the sales funnel metrics that actually matter

Of course, we used a combination of different tools, like Mixpanel and Google Analytics, to provide our customers with various marketing reports. But then, as it usually happens with online businesses, we thought, “Why not create our own unique web analytics tool that has the exact features our clients need without the complicated user interface?” We needed to create a simple yet handy funnel metrics tool.

That’s when we started designing Statly. Statly, which is already installed on hundreds of live websites, is our new advanced analytics and funnel tracking software.

With Statly in your arsenal, you are able to better optimize your online sales process for conversions. Statly allows you to streamline the buyer’s journey, and entice more visitors to convert into paying customers.

Statly enables marketing teams and founders to reach better decisions

Statly is an advanced (yet simple to use) analytics and sales funnel tracking solution that will change the way you use web metrics. It allows you to not only get access to marketing data that is crucial to decision making but it also enables you to actually make sense of this data and use it to make the RIGHT decisions!

See, the way we built Statly is to facilitate better understanding of where your highest-converting leads come from, what pages on your site funnels go to and what influences their decisions…and all that for every visitor that lands on any page or piece of content.

With Statly by your side, all the previously intimidating numbers and funnel metrics will finally make sense.

Views, Visitors, Sessions and Bounce report
Views, Visitors, Sessions and Bounce report

One tool to track and optimize your funnels

Statly comes with a patent-pending algorithm and a number of exciting features. Here’s a taste of what’s included in your free Statly trial (and every pricing plan):

  • Visualize your funnels
    Visualize your funnels

    Website tracking: track every visitor that lands on your website

  • Web visitor tracking: identify users at every stage of your sales funnels
  • Online behavior tracking: track behavior as the leads move into becoming customers
  • Funnel analysis: track important funnel metrics and analyze meaningful data
  • Sales opportunities: identify opportunities for higher conversion rates
  • Funnel optimization: find and fix bottlenecks and problematic funnel elements
  • Conversion rate optimization: improve conversions and optimize the checkout process
  • Web analytics reporting: produce accurate reports
  • Funnel visualization: visualize complete funnels with a single click
  • Real-time analytics: generate real-time web analytics reports
  • Easy setup: easy to install on your website and funnel pages
  • Mobile responsive: Statly’s dashboard is mobile responsive. You can access your funnel metrics on any device.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure: built on a stable, fast and secure infrastructure
  • Support: responsive email support

Plus many more features are coming up as we release frequent updates, fixes and user experience improvements almost every week.

Statly integrates with your favorite tools

It’s very simple to install Statly on your website and start using it right away. If your site is on WordPress, our official Statly WordPress plugin will come in handy. Alternatively, you can easily add the tracking code to your site and sales funnel pages.

But it’s not only WordPress. You can integrate Statly with any CMS (Content Management System) or page builder you’re using, such as:

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • ClickFunnels
  • Kajabi
  • LeadPages
  • GoDaddy
  • Duda

What this means, practically, is that whatever tool you’re using to build your sales funnels and webpages, you’re able to fully integrate with Statly and track web metrics effectively.

Sales funnel metrics and web analytics finally made simple

Basic funnel metrics
Comprehensive funnel metrics

In our time, sales happen online. Your whole sales process has moved from talking to a customer that walks into your brick-and-mortar store to a guided online experience that works on autopilot.

That’s the new state of online sales and marketing, and with Statly, you can track, analyze and make use of all the funnel metrics that matter. After all, better data analytics drive more sales.

Don’t leave business success to luck! Try Statly free for a full month!