In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to use two different kinds of tools, two different kinds of software to make sure that clients and prospects are moving through the build better funnels the way that they should be, the way that you want them to be. No funnel is ever impervious to weird shit going on. I mean, it might be a button, it might be a link, it might be a page that redirects differently. It could just be a user… Not error, because there isn’t an error, but user misinterpretation.

When you build better funnels and systems, you expect that people are going to be going through them in one way, especially a sales phone. You expect they’re going to go from page to page. You want it to happen, of course. I mean, that’s what you engineer the thing for users and customers will always find some weird side door that you didn’t intend for them to find. They will go down a rant. They’ll hit a navbar which leads to a sidebar link, which leads to an image that still has a link in, whatever. Users will find all the weird shit that’s going wrong with the build better funnels. So the point is, to make sure to track all that stuff so that you can, A, test and roll out fast, but then also make sure that you’re squashing the little bugs as they come up.

Two Software to Build Better Funnels

There are two pieces of software that we look at all the time when we are split-testing funnels when we’re ramping up ad spend and trying to get more sales. We talked about one of them here. Well, we’ve talked about both of them yesterday. We walked through and did an A/B split test yesterday. I showed you some results of how that works to build better funnels. There’s an additional feature that I want to cover with you today on what that looks like inside Visual Website Optimizer.

The other tool that we talked about, we didn’t look at, was Inspectlet. What it does is it records the screen of the person who was moving through your page. And what you can do is, mobile of course, is small and mobile graphics and wide, you have your desktop layout, but what it lets you do is you can find all the little quirky bullshit things that happen when you’re designing for a mobile, tablet, desktop. So, you can see a bunch of different things and how it renders on a screen. You can see how people are interacting with it. You can see what they’re doing, and I’m going to show examples of both of them today.

Visual Website Optimizer

1. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

So, first, we’re going to go into VWO. We talked about the Automated Webinar Playbook and the testing that we’ve been doing for the Automated Webinar Playbook yesterday. So yesterday, we walked through, the split test and how we’re testing different headlines. And then, you also saw that we have a control and a variation that is working out pretty well. So, those are the ones that we’re testing right now. What we didn’t cover were these heatmaps in click maps. If you look in our report, our control and our variation one have received predominantly most of the traffic. You can marry that up with this heat map. We have a control heatmap and a variation of one heatmap to build better funnels.


2. Inspectlet

You can go through and look at those guys, see where people are clicking on a page, but there’s a tool that’ll do you one better. And that is this Inspectlet. So, this piece of software right here also does heat maps and it does screen recordings. And here’s an example of one of the things you get. So right now, it is set to record all DoneForYou software, our website traffic comes. So this is, for instance, a visitor, somebody who hit the DoneForYou page. They spent a total of 33 seconds on the page and this is how they interacted with it.

What they did, you can see there’s a little scroll bar up top. All they did their cursor is right there. So, that was pretty unimpressive. It was pretty unimpressive. I mean, there wasn’t anything too crazy going on there. Let’s find one that is a little bit longer. So this one, we got one that was… It was a blog post, it looks like. So this one, the total session was 44 hours, which meant they actually had it loaded and they had it loaded in up on their screen, but didn’t do anything with it, and right now it’s not loading. I don’t know what that is. So let’s look, we got another one, five minutes, and seven seconds. So let’s look at this one.

What did they do? This is a sales page that they were on. So, I don’t know if maybe the internet is down or what. It can’t be down because I’m talking to you. So this person also had some other sessions too. Maybe it’s just all my examples might not be working right now. Let’s find a different one.

Anyway, basically what the software does is it records the screen. We saw it up top, but it records the screen and how somebody is moving through the page. You can see what they’re reading, you can see where their cursor is. You can see how they’re moving through. But, one of the most useful things is seeing how they’re interacting with it on different screens.

Any of the new page builders, website builders, let you put different campaigns together. They let you put mobile layouts and specify, this is your mobile layout, and then this is the tablet layout, and then this is the desktop layout. And you can have your images show up above features in blocks, or you can switch it. So your features and block are above the image or buttons or whatever.

When it’s desktop if it makes it wide. You can go through and format that stuff, show special images on mobile or just special images on the desktop. It can show different opt-in forms on mobile and desktop. There’s a lot of different things that you can do there. What these screen recordings in Inspectlet lets you do is they let you say, okay, this is how people are interacting with the page. It’s on an iPhone, let’s say. Hopefully, it comes back up. So, let’s see, we got 42 seconds here. Let’s see if it loads. Come on, load. Maybe it won’t load. All right, we’re just going to wait for that for a minute. See if got some heat maps. Maybe we can look at some heat maps here.

Heatmap of Done For You Website

All right, let’s look at this one. Let’s look at a heat map of our homepage. This one might not come up either. It might just be that software’s down, which is odd. This one’s still not loading. I think all my examples are pretty much toasted today. So, we might need to revisit this thing, might need to actually go through and revisit heat maps and click maps a little bit later. But, at the end of the day, what we want to do is we want to optimize the buying experience as we go.

Oftentimes that is just understanding how people are moving through your webpages. It’s understanding how people are interacting with your opt-in forms and your confirmation forms and everything else. And realizing that not everybody’s going to do exactly what you want them to do. And sometimes it’s a device issue. Sometimes it’s somebody who is moving through, they’re moving through the sales process and there’s a device snag that you didn’t think of.

A great example is one time we had a page that looked great on the desktop. It looked great on the tablet. And it was video, and then there was an image with an arrow and it pointed over to it to a sales purchase block. Looks great on desktop, performed great on desktop, performed great on mobile, but it wasn’t until we looked and saw how it looked, the recorded version on mobile and the arrow was pointing out to the side and it was pointing to nowhere because the order form had moved underneath on mobile.

It wasn’t until you saw it, you’re like, “Oh shit, that’s a stupid mistake,” and it’s easily fixed and correctable, but it wasn’t until you saw it in the screen captures, you’re like, “Oh, wow. Yeah, that makes total sense.” Just something to watch out for. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be able to revisit this. I mean, I hope the software comes back up and we’re able to show you some heat maps and some click maps in a way that makes sense because something highly visual like that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when I can’t show it.

For Questions and Guide

If you have any questions at all, go to, and then we’ll jump on a call. We can implement some of this stuff, even though you haven’t been able to see it today, but we’ll show it to you either tomorrow or Friday. So, I’ll talk to you soon, all right. Thanks. Bye.

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