Drip email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most trusted online strategies used by businesses to connect with customers and take their marketing game to the next level.

In a recent survey , it was found that more than 82% of companies are using email marketing and are able to monetize it.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that 72% of people prefer to receive promotional messages through email than other channels.

Today, there’s a plethora of companies using email marketing. With this level of competition, it has become difficult to reach your customer’s inbox and to make your brand stand out. However, smart marketers always find a way to help their brand engage with its target audience in an effective way.

Drip email campaigns come across as a perfect solution to send personalized and targeted emails to subscribers without making your messages too salesy. Drip email campaigns have emerged as a top choice for businesses to generate sales and build customer loyalty on auto pilot.

What is drip email marketing?

Drip email marketing is a digital marketing tactic. It involves sending automated sequences of emails to prospects (or subscribers) on a predetermined schedule. With drip campaigns, you can set a specific delivery time frame or just tie messages to a trigger. A trigger could be anything from an email subscription to page visit on your website.

Drip email marketing is also known by different names in the digital marketing world such as automated email campaign, autoresponder sequence, lifecycle emails, email marketing automation etc.

Just like a farmer sows a seed which then grows to a sapling, marketers are developing a relationship with users by nurturing them with the relevant information.

How to use a drip email campaign?

Your drip email marketing will be successful if it is executed the right way.

Here are a few ways companies use drip email marketing to achieve more conversions and sales:

  • nurturing leads,
  • welcoming new subscribers,
  • onboarding new customers,
  • recovering abandoned carts,
  • getting recommendations,
  • subscription renewals,
  • driving engagement,
  • getting confirmations,
  • delivering courses,
  • and bringing unsubscribed users back.

Important things to take care of in drip email marketing

marketing automation segmentation

Timing and scheduling

Smart marketers always know when and how to make the most of email marketing. They are fully aware of the fact that successful email marketing is all about sending pre-written or automated emails to customers on a fixed schedule.

You can’t just bombard your list with emails about your product. You have to understand and figure out the schedule for it as the timing is what is going to make all the difference.

The good news is that there is no fixed way to do it.

As a business, you should take the pain to understand the right balance between making a connection and not annoying your following.


Quality content can have a great impact on your customers. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the content of your drip campaign could actually be the deal-maker or deal-breaker.

Whether you are nurturing leads, welcoming a new customer, or sending a new feature update, make sure it is valuable, engaging, and well-presented.

The key is to provide fresh and error-free content that is providing useful information to customers along with some compelling images. Every detail might push your customers to make a purchase.

Subject line and layout

The first thing that catches the attention of a customer whenever they receive an email is the subject line. After that comes the layout. And mind you, first impressions always last long.

Talking about the subject line, it better be unique and on point, because no matter how great or useful the content is, if you’ve got a dry subject line, your chances are already small.

Your layout is as important as the content and the subject-line, so make sure it is simple, effective, and actionable. Review your graphics and colors. Be mindful of the fact that most the subscribers are using their smartphones to check their emails. Make sure your content is optimized for mobile to give your audience a nice experience.


At the end of the day, the success of your email campaigns is all about numbers and results.

It is essential to keep a tab on the numbers and analytics to gauge how well your drip email marketing is doing in reality.

Keep a keen eye on factors such as the number of emails being clicked and opened, actual conversions through email campaigns, the total time spent by customers. These valuable insights will be helpful to determine what is working and what should be improved.

For instance, if analytics indicate that prospects are opening up the email but you aren’t getting any results, it could be an indication to look into the content or design or whether you are bombarding customers with too many emails or not.

Over to you

One can only make way for successful drip email marketing with the right approach and tools. Only then, drip marketing can provide your sales team with a continuous supply of warm leads.

With successful drip email marketing, you can make way for a powerful communication to reach your prospects on auto pilot. Plus, businesses are opting for drip email marketing to build credibility and nurture relationships without human involvement.

It’s time you started gauging the effectiveness of your drip campaign to up your game and to increase your revenue.

That’s how you create a successful drip email marketing campaign.

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