Instagram Live Video

Live video is all the rage, and why woulnd’t it be?

You already know that video is big by itself.  If your video has a face attached to it, your content becomes all more relatable, personal, and more engaging thanks to live videos.

Now, if it’s a video that you are creating, with your friendly face in it, and it’s happening at the exact same moment that your viewers are watching it, nothing beats that level of engagement.

This isn’t just conjecture; there are facts to prove it.

According to Vimeo LiveSteam, at least 81% of Internet and mobile audiences viewed more live video content in the year 2016 than in the year 2015. Over 80% of web users would rather watch a live video than read a blog. At least, 82% of your audiences would choose to watch a live video than your regular social posts.

Instagram Live Video

Instagram Live Video

It’s no wonder why Facebook is betting big on Facebook Live and now Instagram has a Live Video feature too. No, this isn’t the same as Instagram TV (and that’s something else altogether).

There are over 25 million Instagram business profiles in just about a year and a half ago since “business profiles” were launched on Instagram.

Given that 80% of Individual users follow Instagram business accounts, combined with 800 million active users, 500 million daily active users, and easily another 2 million advertisers, Instagram is quickly becoming too big to ignore.

Just show yourself

Chances are that we’ve all taken to the tendency of hiding behind computers, laptops, and smartphones. We’ve been hiding for way too long, haven’t we?

Truly, there’s nothing more endearing, connecting, and more human-like showing up in person on your followers’ Instagram feeds. There’s that human connection, and there’s that face that puts everything you do into perspective. Plus, videos with “you” in them are usually instant hits giving you a lot of traction.

Thinking aloud? Go live!
Have an opinion? Say it aloud!
Sharing tips? The world wants to know.

Go behind the scenes

In the Vimeo LiveStream audience behavior insights survey (above), more than 87% of surveyed audiences revealed that they’d happily watch “behind the scenes” footage — live or otherwise — compared to anything else on television.

The moment you show “behind the scenes” — and that could be anything from the mess your pet dog left behind on the office floor to how you hustled in your pajamas to find influencers for Interviewing in your next webinar — you let everyone know that you are not afraid to be open, that you want to not just show the end results but also share the journey you took to achieve what you did, and more.

Let’s just make it simple here: The world is a curious place. Open your windows, please?

Use Instagram Live Video for product launches & pre-launches

Instagram is a mobile-first application. More than 34% of the world’s mobile audience is spending all their waking hours on social media (including Instagram).

The opportunity is huge for you to let everyone know what you are coming up with next. What’s the next shiny thing? What are you launching next? What are you working on? Rmember that little tease that went something like “Coming soon”?

Since this is live video, you’ll be showing up at a particular time and a date. Just be sure to inform your followers and announce your live event on Instagram (and other social networks) before the actual event itself.

What’s your story?

Instagram Live Video

How and why did you start your business? What insights did you pick from all these years (or even days or weeks if you are just getting started)? Do your customers have stories to share about how your business, services, or products changed their lives for good?

All these are stories that others can relate to.

The human psyche loves, craves, and dig stories. You don’t have to make this stuff up.

You have stories. Your customers have stories. Your team members have stories to share.

All that you have to do is to get those stories out in video format, in the case of Instagram video.

Go live & make a pitch

Consider webinars: marketers and businesses announce webinars, get attendees to sign up to these webinars, provide value or solve a problem during the webinar, and then make a pitch (usually the deal is sweetened with a deep discount or a special offer) to make some sales.

Webinars are a proven way to not only generate leads but also to make sales instantly, while the webinar is still on (or soon after the webinar ends).

Instagram Live videos work just like Webinars (minus the webinar software). The only difference is that all the action happens on Instagram itself and the only way you’ll be able to have people signup for an offer or visit a landing page is with a link in your bio.

How are you going to use Instagram Live Video? Tell us all about it.

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