Video ad networks

What used to be only available to only the media giants in the past is now available to the public. Literally anyone can now advertise their businesses on the internet on any platform. It is has become easier than ever to expand your businesses through advertisement.

One of the most effective ways to advertise is to create exciting videos to share. Ways to distribute these videos are possible through video ad networks!

How do big video ad networks work?

Video ad networks

Video ad networks, much like any other advertisement company, purchase ad space. They then connect people who want to advertise with people who wish to put up advertisements. As simple as that. Video ad networks primarily purchase advertisements on video platforms.

These video ad networks then go on to connect the advertiser with the allotted space. These exchanges cost people phenomenally less money and time than conventional advertisement means. No headache inducing paperwork, no nothing.

Choosing the best video ad network

Once you start searching for the biggest video ad networks, and the one video ad network that best suits your needs, you will realize there are a lot of options. How do you go about picking a network that is best suited to your needs?

Search Engine

You need to decide whether you want to advertise on (or with) Yahoo, Google, Bing or any of the other many popular platforms.

The most popular choice is Google. However, you should not blindly select it. This choice should be dependent on what your target audience visits most. Find out through surveys what service and tools your audience use. Then use those results to choose a video ad network.

Mobile Phone Ads

Mobile phones are now widespread. They are cheap and allow for fast internet. A recent study showed that 50% of people in the world use mobile phones to view web pages.

So it would be in anyone’s best interests to select a video ad network that also advertises on mobile video platforms.

What to look for in the biggest video ad networks

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Looking for a good video ad network is no easy task. Some video ad networks are better than others. These are some key features you should look for when selecting a network:

1. Demographic Targeting

You should always gear your video advertisements (or any advertisements) towards your target demographic and audience. You will be saving a lot of money if you do so.

It should go without saying, but many video ad networks do not inform you if they target your audience. You should thus, select a video ad network that allows you to target a specific audience of you choosing. This choice is based on age, sex, nationality etc.

2. Advertises on all platforms

As mentioned before, your selected video ad network should be able to advertise on all platforms. This includes mobile, tablet and other devices. People spend more time on mobile devices than they do on other devices. Therefor it is of utmost importance that a video ad network is selected that advertises on all platforms.

Video formats are extremely important. Not every video platform supports the same format, not even the same length. So video ad networks that let you choose formats and length are a huge bonus.

3. Shows statistics

Your selected platform should give you detailed statistics of how your advertisements performed. This helps you to plan our future advertisements based on the information you receive.

The best video ad networks

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Audience Network

Previously known as Liverail, Audience Network is a Facebook owned video ad network. This network uses the vast connections Facebook has with advertisers and passes them onto you. They offer a variety of services like audience based marketing and connection to Facebook’s own advertisers.

This video ad network allows you to select multiple video formats and even real time optimization capabilities. It uses Facebook users’ analytical advertisement data to provide you the best experience possible.

They even allow you to run adverts inside mobile games.


DoubleClick is a Google based video ad network. This network uses Google’s analytical and proprietary data. Using this data, it gives you access to many advertisements platforms on Google.

This should be your go to video ad network if you are looking to advertise on Google’s search engine. DoubleClick supports all major platforms and gives detailed analysis on how your ad performs.

They also offer a variety of audio advertisements should you choose to go for them.


BrightRoll is DoubleClick’s Yahoo counterpart. It uses Digital Signal Processing to offer you Yahoo’s vast user data. You can then use this data when you are advertising on their platforms.

This should be your go to video network if your users are primarily using Yahoo as their search engine.

BrightRoll offers advertisements some of the biggest companies in the world. Ikea, L’Oreal and Kellog’s just to name a few. They offer advertisements on most devices while also giving demographic targeting and much more. Their real-time tracking systems allow you to view how your ad campaigns are performing once you have put them up.


This is one of the less expensive video ad networks. But this does not mean that they are any less than their counterparts. Their main clients include The Economist, The Telegraph and Business Insider. Most news platforms use IndexExchange because of the transparency they offer. You can see what you are exactly getting when you purchase ads. IndexExchange is also a global advertiser so you if you want you can put your ads all over the globe.

One by AOL

One is a platform owned by America Online that uses mobile carrier Verizon’s analytical data. Their main focus is simplicity and power. This makes for a more insightful experience and helps you to get your advertisements to where you need them.

One of the main features of One is its integration in countless mobile apps. This gives it a slight edge over its competition. One is most focused on delivering you ad to every possible platform.


YuMe is a data heavy video ad network that is spread across all platforms. It is available across TV, mobile and desktop platforms.

YuMe is also one of the first video ad networks to implement ads on 360 videos. This is a sure fire way to enable more engagement. They also distribute their advertisements according to highly detailed research papers.

So, that was it. A list of the biggest video ad networks.

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