This week we’re talking about SEO –¬†Search engine optimization. Today we are talking about the software tool called Google Search Console. Now, not many people know of Master Tools’ existence.

Google Search Console

It’s kind of like if you’re a web designer/ developer, chances are you know that Google has this tool around. What it does is it gives you some pretty good insight into how you’re Google rankings organically in the search results and how your site is positioned.

It gives you some clarity around things like page speed, what page you’re Google rankings for specific keyword phrases. There are lots of cool things. What I’m going to do is we’re going to dig through Google Search Console for you. I’m going to show you some of the opportunities that I find in there and just kind of walk through them. Just real quick.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Jason Drohn. I am the creator of Done For We specialize in helping people create offers, building sales funnels, and setting up marketing automation and traffic. The three pillars of what a solid stable online business is. That’s what we do for clients.

All right, we’re going to kick over into Google Search Console. This, it’s called search console, or has recently been named search console. We’re just going to walk around and just dig into how this looks.

Setting Up your account

What’s cool about the Search Console is set up. First, set up your company or your website by adding URL. Next, verify your account. Finally, you have to add a little bit of code. Once that is all done, you’ll have your overview.

We’ve gotten 6,700 web search clicks because we have many pages. These clicks went down when we drop off and deactivated a subdomain. Then we have, some mobile traffics and desktop traffics mobile usability. It gives us the reports for all of this stuff if we want to dig into it.


From an SEO standpoint, where we want to go play, if we go to the performance, then what you see here is in the last three months, there are three classifications. We have total clicks. We’ve got six, 6,700 clicks in total. Our website has shown up 350,000 times in the search results. On average, we have a 1.9% click-through rate. That means just under 2% of people who see our site, they end up clicking through the search results, which gives us a total clicks of 6,700. Then our average position is 44.

Basically what that means is, on average, our Google rankings will be 44th spot. Across all the keyword phrases that were ranked that we show up, for we’re ranked in the 44th spots for that. It’s either good or bad depending on how you look at it. I think it’s pretty damn awesome because we’re ranked on the first page for a lot of really great keyword phrases and we are ranked on pages three, four, five for a lot of other great keyword phrases.

google rankings

Keyword Phrases

I tend to activate all three of these otherwise less, although I care less about the click-through rate. If we scroll down a little bit, then we see all the queries we are ranked four. Now, this tool only lets us see 1,000 keyword phrases. We’re ranked for a lot more than a thousand. I think it’s 8,900 or 9,200 keyword phrases or something like that. This software only gives us the top thousand.

How it’s arranged is it’s your topmost clicked phrase. So the keyword phrase done for you, we’ve got 456 clicks and on average we’re in position, 2.3. It’s the first result of a YouTube Google rankings. Done For You services. We have 174 clicks in position three. Dumping your lead magnets 130 clicks in position … looked like position two. Position one. Then dumping your agency we’re in the top position for 117 clicks.

There is a lot. This gives us all of the keyword phrases we’re ranking for organically. Now, this is important. It’s important. You want to look down through here and you want to celebrate the success of being ranked you like Done For You business, or for Instagram traffic, or VSL creator, which we’re in the sixth spot for. Done For You service, which we’re at 1.8 for. Dumping your funnels, number 3.7. The real opportunity isn’t necessarily in these.


The real opportunity that you’re going to find is if you sort by impressions, you see that all of a sudden marketing automation agency has had 9,300 impressions. It means that DoneForYou has shown up 9,300 times. We are on the fifth page of Google and we’ve got zero clicks because nobody goes to the fifth page of Google.

If we were to check the Google rankings for that keyword phrase, then we start getting clicks. We start cleaning up. The keyword phrase, Facebook ads. We’re actually on the 91st page or the 91st position. On the ninth page, yeah. Ninth page of Google. Click fraud, we’re number 20. Marketing automation workflow, we’re number 34. Increase online sales, we’re number 40. SAS email marketing, 34.

You can see that if I just reverse engineer this a little bit, then I can say, “Okay, lead generation tactics. Consequently, I’m number 69 for this keyword phrase.” What page is number 69? Because there are lots of pages that could be ranked for it. What we do is we click it, lead generation tactics, and we see that we’ve got zero total clicks because we’re on the seventh page of Google, but 1700 impressions. We have our phrase here and now let’s just click over to pages and we’re going to see the page.

Oh, look at that,¬†Advanced lead generation tactics. I’m going to click through here. We’re just going to open this guy in a new tab. It lets us see the keyword phrases like I have a video here. Lots of good content here. What we do is we end up going into a content optimization strategy. We will refresh the article and maybe add a new video. We will record a new podcast and have it transcribed.

Track Keyword Phrase Ranking

There are lots of ways that we can improve this, but the most important thing is we need to throw this guy on a spreadsheet and say, “Just track it.” Make sure that you come back and you’re going to be updating this blog post in the future. That is if we want to reverse engineer this and we want to go through and say, “Okay, what pages am I getting the most traffic for?” we can just click on pages.

Then we reverse it into impressions. Given for Done For You, there have been 23,000 impressions, 10 ad networks to monetize your site. There have been 15,000 impressions. Agencies, marketing automation, benefits, 12,000 impressions. You can go through and say, okay, now if we click on this page, then we’re going to go see where all the keyword phrases that we’re ranked for. Now we’re just looking at this page.

If you click queries, then bam, you see that this page, this 10, whatever it was, the Google rankings of this page is for 314 phrases. Overall, everything from best ad networks for small publishers, ad networks for small publishers, publisher ads, and CPM. Publisher ads we’ve got four impressions, two clicks. Now, each of these keyword phrases has its search results.

Let’s see where we are for this particular keyword phrase, Best ad networks. We are on the average position that is number 70. What you can do is you can end up reverse engineering all of your spots. You can say, “Okay, so for all of our keyword phrases, publisher ads, best ad network, we’re number 12.” We can back all of these locations out. Advertising network, we’re number 291. So that’s not going to matter. If we go up to the best ad networks for blogs, we’re in spot 54.

There are so many different ways that you can mix and match the data. You can also optimize the content once you see that it’s out there. In the first place, you’re using Google, which is the master of all search data. You’re letting Google show you what your blog post is already Google rankings towards so that you can optimize it a little bit better. We’re going to talk about that tomorrow. Optimizing blog posts and how to go through and put use a plugin called the Yoast SEO to optimize your SEO, optimize your content, so you can rank better organically for search results.

I just wanted to kind of dig through a secret little tool that we use all the time but nobody knows about and it’s free. That’s awesome too.

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