…investment will bring you traffic forever.

Today, I want to talk about how to write great blog posts in 30 minutes or less. Blog content takes a tremendous amount of time to create. It’s advised that they’re over 1500 words. So 1500 to 2,500 words is ideal for a blog post now. That length basically allows the blog post to stand out from everything else that’s out there. And Google has all kinds of keyword phrases that it can rank inside of that blog post. For instance, we have some 2500 word, 3000, 4000-word blog posts on our Done For You website, and those blog posts are actually ranking for 150 or 200 keyword phrases, just absolute nonsense. So many different keyword phrases and ranked on the first, second, third page of Google, even for all of those keyword phrases.

Writing Blogs

The longer posts, sure it’s going to take six hours to write, or it’s going to cost $200 or $300 to actually pay somebody to write it because it’s longer than a college essay, but the investment will bring you traffic forever and that is the benefit of quality writing. Now I don’t have six hours to write a blog post. You don’t have six hours to write a blog post. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to create that same type of blog post in 30 minutes or less. And I’m going to show you how in this video.

Keyword Research

1. Keyword Research

The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to search for keyword phrases. We go to Google Keyword Planner and we just type in whatever it is we want to talk about. In this particular instance, I knew I wanted to write or record a video about writing faster. The keyword phrase that we’re going to be targeting is how to write a blog post fast. In fact, it gets somewhere between a hundred and a thousand searches every single month. And it has lots of LSI keyword phrases that we can rank within that blog posting itself as well. So it will give us the most bang for the buck and we get to provide some good content. Now that keyword phrase is going to be used in the subject or the headline of our blog post.

That’s going to be the title of the blog post, how to write great blog posts fast and then usually colon in 30 minutes or less or something like that. So we want to use the keyword phrase in the title of the article. We want to use it in the first paragraph of the blog post itself, right underneath where the video is going to go. And then we also want to use it in the sub-headlines and we want to sprinkle it throughout the body copy itself. And then we want to use other related keyword phrases. So write great blog posts, writing an article, different keyword phrases that are similar to the one we’re trying to rank for.

Record a video

2. Record A Video

Then what we want to do is we want to record a video that is somewhere between eight and 10 minutes long. So eight and 10 minutes long is going to give us about 1200, 1500 words. We could go a little longer and get up to 2000 words, but we want to create a video like this, where we’re talking through what it is we’re talking about. Now I have a list of topics that I want to hit. I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into what was going to be in the video before, other than just a list, the steps that I wanted to cover, but by and large, when you’re doing this, you’re going to be talking or writing about something that you know.

Video Transcription

3. Video Transcription

And then once the video is done, we will send it off to a company called the Rev, rev.com, and we will have them transcribe it. We always go with the human transcriptionist and then we go through and edit it and then add some links, add some images, all of that stuff after the fact, sub-headlines.

It’s the best way. If the video is 10 minutes long, you send it away, you get the transcript back. It’ll take another 20 minutes to go through and edit the transcript. And now you have a 1500 word blog post with a video and with a podcast even, that becomes your finished thing. Now you’ve written and you’re life and you’re published and Google picks up organic content. You get ranked in the search engines, you get traffic for the rest of your life.

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