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There’s a trick to getting coaching and consulting clients, especially when you’re offering higher ticket services…  We’re talking $2,500 a month and up.

The trick?  Consistency.  Oftentimes, the person who you pitch isn’t ready to pull the trigger immediately.  They want to know more about what you do, what you stand for, and what you’re an expert in.

This, my friend, is where branding and email marketing come in.

You see, the best way to convert someone to a high ticket service is to be genuine, transparent and open through your communication… And to have them sign up for a strategy session.

So, what I want to cover today are the types of email campaigns you’ll need to use to sell digital products online, which are available inside Scriptly

Client Getting Email Sequences

Lead Magnet Sequences

One of the most effective ways of building your email list is by offering a lead magnet – where you give away something for free in exchange for an email address.  That could be a report, a free video, or a video series.

In all of our testing, we’ve found that normally PDF’s and reports outperform videos when it comes to conversion rates, but video helps bond a new lead to you very quickly!  Video is also a great sales mechanism, so it should be tested.

Inside Scriptly, there are 3 Lead Magnet Sequences that you can use to:

  • Invite your current list to download your lead magnet (a great way of re-engaging them and reconfirming their commitment to your cause!)
  • Use for solo ads on sites like Clickonomy and when you’re buying a mailing from private list brokers
  • To give to your affiliates to mail as swipe copy…

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Product Sales Sequence

This is a given.  The Product Sales Sequence helps you set up the emails needed to sell your product to your list, based on high-open subject lines and highly clickable email body copy.

With it, you can send your list right to sales videos or long form sales letters, as well as advertorial-type landing pages.

You can also use it for multi-video launches, sending folks from one video to the next!

Whenever you want to promote a product, service or coaching program to your list, use this sequence.

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Pre-Webinar Emails

The Pre-Webinar Emails are what you’ll send to your list to promote your webinar…  Meaning, after you decide to do a webinar, you’ll queue this series up in your autoresponder and just let it go.

From a behavioral segmentation standpoint, there isn’t much going on with this ones, unless you’re moving someone off of a sequence that promotes a video, to a sequence that promotes a webinar.  (Some folks would rather buy on a webinar!)

They key to these emails is to really spell out the benefits that someone will receive by attending!

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Post-Webinar Emails

After someone signs up for a webinar, it’s pretty common to mail the replay video out to your new list.

What the Post-Webinar Email Sequence does is add a twist to it…  We push the sale.  Pretty hard.

If someone signed up for your webinar and either attended or didn’t, we want to make sure that they have every opportunity to buy your offer possible.  And after running hundreds of webinars, we’ve perfected the replay sequence many times over.

Typically, whatever sales you got on your webinar – you’ll double that with this sequence going out within 24 hours of the webinar…

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Re-Engagement Sequence

The Re-Engagement Sequence acts like it sounds.  If someone hasn’t done anything for a certain number of days, they should get this email set.

These emails employ some of the best email subject lines and body copy that we’ve ever tested.  Their importance is to get an old subscriber ‘woken up’ and clicking links again.

We also use this sequence to build credibility and some social proof, by showing them around the internet a little bit and tying your brand with other HUGE brands.

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Blog Promotion Sequence

An important part of your sales strategy NEEDS to be content marketing, namely through your blog.  Solid blog posts work wonders for establishing your business as an authority in the marketplace, as well as increasing the ‘know, like and trust’ factor of your brand.

One of the best ways to get the word out there about new content posted on your blog is through emial, and Scriptly has an email template that you can copy and paste into your email software…

What we do with our content is a bit unique… We send out a broadcast to the list when something new is posted.  That keeps current users engaged with us.  Then, we add that piece of content into our autoresponder so that everyone who comes AFTER the initial list sees it to!

You’d be amazed at the conversion we get from our content, even though it isn’t necessarily sales oriented…

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Survey Sequence

Usually, if we find that someone isn’t opening emails or clicking links for more than 8 days, we’ll add them to the Survey Sequence.

The idea is that if they were really interested in what we were talking about, they’d be doing something.  If not, then we need to change course pretty quickly.

Now, I know that people’s lives get hectic and they aren’t just sitting around waiting for an email from us, but if they’re not doing anything we try to figure out what kind of content they will be interested in.

So, we ask questions like, “What’s Your Biggest Challenge,” and have them choose from a dropdown box.

Whatever they pick in the dropdown, they’re automatically moved to a sequence catering specifically to the interests that they choose.

If we have products for that interest, then they naturally go through those first.  If we don’t, we put them in a sequence with affiliate offers.

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Bonding Sequence

The Bonding Sequence again, does like it sounds.

After someone signs up for your list, you have a very small window to make an impression on them and we do this by nurturing or bonding with them.

The bonding sequence typically goes out after your first product promotion, but before the next…  So, in the overall scheme of things, this sequence is the second that they get added to.

What we wan to do here is introduce them to use, what we stand for, who we are, and what we do.  One of the things we do inside Scriptly’s campaign to keep clicks up is link to social profiles, so they can get a good look at who we are!

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Wrapping Up

So, there you have it.  12 types of email marketing campaigns all done for you, ready for your to deploy in your sales processes!

And being that these sequences are specifically put together for digital products, it’ll be easy for you to start converting your email list into paying buyers, whether that’s for video courses, ebooks or memberships.

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