Do you want to make a lot of money online?  Selling your own products and services? Amidst all of the shiny objects and wiz-bang product launches? 

Or takeaways and ideas you learned about at the last conference? 

Or a sudden bout of inspiration that got you all fired up when you were chatting with a friend?

The answer to focusing on one thing, your thing…  Is by constantly putting everything around you, every opportunity, through the frame of “Quickest Path To Cash.”

You need to ask yourself, “Where is my Quickest Path to Cash?”

One of my college professors taught this way of thinking to me and I use it every day in my business.

We as entrepreneurs have LOTS of ideas.

And since the Internet makes it so easy to start a new project or go off on a different tangent, we spend our lives not making ANY money from the PREVIOUS idea.

Always think: “What Can I Do Right Now That Will Get Me Paid Fastest?”

Sometimes, the answer isn’t necessarily fun or fast.

  • It’s that book that’s 80% done.
  • It’s that widget that has everything created except the box labels.
  • It’s that product that’s already done and just needs an order form added to it.

This isn’t sexy. It’s not push-button riches. That’s not how you make money as a business owner and sustain  it.

You generate revenue by offering something for sale, whether it’s a product or service that you own or something that you sell and can be paid a commission.

Not the idea that came flooding in at 2 AM.

Or the strategy that you learned at the latest meetup.

Or even the thing your friend pitched you on because they thought it was a good idea!

Your QPC is that thing you’ve got that’s already mostly done and ready for you to invest one more ounce of time on so that it can have its day in the sun…

Plain and simple.

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to today's lesson today is bordering on self-help.

I don't really get into teaching coaching a whole lot of like, self-help stuff.

But sometimes you just need to. And what we're going to talk about today is a strategy that I like to call the quickest path to cash or QPC for short.

The quickest path to cash has been something that ever since I was in college, I had a teacher, a professor who taught this to me, basically, you know, you everybody has ideas for business models, products, services.

You know, oftentimes, entrepreneurs get a very serious case of a add. I mean, we get one thing rockin and then we decide we need to go in a different path and this other thing is a great idea and then that doesn't pan out. So we kind of come back to the middle and then we get this other thing going and whatever. So the quickest path to cash is kind of just an idea.

It's a check a mental check that you do with yourself, often, three, four times a day, you know, and what it is, is it basically writes you, it always centers you, depending on where you're doing much working on, you know, in that in basically, as simple as it is, it is asking yourself, is what I'm doing right now going to produce cash the quickest?

Is it my quickest path to cash isn't my quickest path to revenue?

And if the answer is no, too many times in a row, then that means you need to analyze your priorities and readjust and do something different. And, you know, get your head out of your ass, you know, because if you continue down that path for too long, then your revenue dries up.

You know, so I mean Every single one of myself and every one of my friends and every single, every single business owner, I know, this has happened to, you know, so after a while, I mean, you sometimes something turns out to be a great idea, and it's great, and it's a windfall and that's awesome.

And but other times and more often than not, you know, just by asking yourself if this is this my quickest path to cash, it is a way of making sure that you are always you know, moving towards the mountain, moving towards your goals, your big, audacious, you know, 10 x goals, you're moving towards them, and you're always consistent in the actions that you're taking.

Because if you're always moving in the direction of your QPC, you know, then you are in mine, and you're doing the things you need to do. Now, your TPC oftentimes is not sexy.

It's not fun. It's not all of the things that we love to do, it is not those things. Oftentimes your UPC is finishing the book that you have 80% done. It's ordering labels for the bottle, you know, the physical product that you have ordering labels for the bottle, or ordering the boxes or, or finishing the artwork for the box or whatever, you know, lining up fulfillment, the not sexy, not creative, not you know not fun things that engage the part of your brain that you're used to engaging when you're following these other things.

Another example is releasing or growing, you know, sales on a product that has already done or you know, rather than go off and create a new product that is sticking with the one you already have.

And then in turning that into a six-figure product or a six-figure program or seven-figure product or program.

You know, those are the things Those your quickest path to cash. Those are the things that are already done. They're already in your wheelhouse. They're already almost there. You just have to push them over the edge or they are already over the edge.

They just haven't caught fire yet. You know, and you just need to just push them out into the market a little bit more. So, those PPC strategies, just do those checks two or three times a day, is what I'm doing.

Producing cash is what I'm doing the quickest way for me to produce cash. If the answer is yes, then keep fucking doing it. And if the answer's no, then do something different.