How To Scale Your Business Using Landing Page Software

When done right, landing pages could put your business success and conversions right on top. But the irony is that more than 75% of businesses encounter difficulties in optimizing their landing page copy. –

How To Scale Your Business Using Landing Page Software

The rise of landing page software

So, to help solve this challenge tech enthusiast from all over the world came up with the concept of landing page software – a tool that can streamline, simplify and fasten the process of landing page creation, and design.

Such types of software are easy to use and empower businesses to change the shape of their growth with minimum fuss. This has been the reason why they have managed to grow in stature over the past few years.

The crème de la crème of landing page software

To give an example, Scriptly’s Landing Page Module helps create complete landing pages in 5 minutes or less. With the use of:

  • High-converting templates for different types of landing pages,
  • Pre-made landing page sections and building blocks,
  • Seamless drag-and-drop functionality,
  • Customizable content,
  • The ability to auto-populate sales copy and marketing data,
  • Scriptly’s innovative wizard, and
  • SEO settings, and
  • The ability to export your page…

You can create beautiful landing pages that practically write themselves.

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landing page software

Although technology has made it possible to create landing pages quickly and easily with the use of landing page software, the challenge is helping businesses understand how they can use such software for their success.

That’s precisely what we are going to discuss here in this post. So, without further ado let us straight away get to know how you can scale up your business using landing page software.

Landing page creation made easy!

Landing page software eases off the pressure marketing teams and businesses have to face while designing landing pages. Here’s how:

  • Quick conceptualization

Time is money in the business world.

Anything that saves your time is worth investing your money in.

And, landing page software can help you save quite a lot of time which initially spent on conceptualization and designing of landing pages.

Right from putting together your core offer with your email system to setting up the payment processor and building out the member’s area.

Everything can be done in a matter of seconds with the help of landing page software.

So, you can see how easy and quick the entire conceptualization process becomes.

  • Efficient split testing

Before telling you how effortless it is to perform the split test with the help of landing page software, let us share a few numbers with you.

A slight change in design during the split test led to a 166% rise in the number of leads for a small scale organization.

That’s how important split testing can prove to be.

Now the problem with split testing is that it requires dedicated resources spending a big chunk of their time.

However, landing page software can help businesses solve this challenge by doing in automatically.

You can put together various elements of an efficient landing page design using the software.

You can try out various combinations to see what works and what does not.

There are options in the software that can help you with the analytics part as well. So, you can keep an eye on how your landing page designs are performing and analyze the results of your A/B split tests as well.

  • Rapid implementation

Rapid implementation

One of the biggest challenges that are faced by businesses is that there is a lag between conceptualization and implementation.

I.e. by the time the concept reaches in the implementation stage, the trends have changed.

Now, this drawback can cost businesses quite a lot, as both financial as well as physical efforts are wasted.

This is where using the power of technology can save the day.

With the help of landing page software, you can quickly give shape to the ideas and concepts you have regarding the design of the page.

In case you don’t get the desired results from the page, you can easily make changes to it. You can go for A/B testing and see how things move on from there.

Give wings to your business growth

Now those were the ways in which software can make the process of landing pages quick, easy and hassle-free.

Moving further, let us take a look at the benefits a business can reap by using landing page software –

  • Grow your customers email list

An ever-growing list of email subscribers is one of the earliest signs of growth for a business.

With the help of super-powerful landing page design, you can entice the customers to enter your sales funnel and take the necessary action you desire them to take.

One of those actions could be subscribing to your email list.

  • Grow your conversion rate

The more number of landing pages, the better the chances of conversions. Also, there are statistics to support this claim.

Here’s a graphic image from Hubspot that reflects the same.

The image clearly shows that with an increase in the number of landing pages a business can eventually see an instant rise in their conversion rate.

Furthermore, with the help of landing page software, you can eventually design and create multiple, powerful landing pages without breaking a sweat. And, hence grow your business!

  • Grow your profits

More conversions directly mean more profit!

The power of landing pages in increasing conversions is quite evident from all that has been mentioned above.

As the conversion rate starts to increase, you are automatically going to see a simultaneous rise in your profits as well. And, that’s the ultimate motive of a business, isn’t it?

  • Reduce the stress

Most important of all, it eliminates the overall financial as well as professional stress your sales team and your business have to face.

Processes are more streamlined, things become fast and chances of success with your landing page strategies are automatically increased!

And, this is the ultimate goal of a business. Isn’t it?

Build better processes

As Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of United States of America used to say – “Growth is a process of trial and error experimentation.”

This trial and error experimentation is what consumes the most time when it comes to implementing landing page designs and testing them.

With the help of landing page software, all these processes are automated; hence you can leave all the worries behind about conceptualizing, testing and implementing them in the real market scenario.


On a concluding note, all we have to say is that landing page software can come as a blessing in disguise for businesses.

They not just simplify the entire process of creating and conceptualizing landing pages, but at the same time help you track the progress of your campaigns as well. And, this is where the beauty of landing page software lies.

All you need to do is make a onetime investment and reap benefits in the longer run.

If you want to speed up your business processes, leveraging the latest technology, then investing in landing page software for your business could prove to be the smartest idea.

We are sure that after going through all the points mentioned above you would have a clear idea how landing page software works and the benefits it can bring to your business.

So, go ahead and try using the software once for your business.

This investment is truly going to be worth it!