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Video Transcript:

Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn. Welcome to GST Daily Episode 128. We're going to talk about scaling and scaling into continuity clients. So this week we've been talking exclusively about getting what is usually high ticket clients to pay you money, whether it's for your coaching or your consulting, or your paid programs, or your memberships, or whatever. Now, continuity clients, when they sign up with you, basically, the relationship, it hardly ever starts from a cold start, meaning it's rare that somebody is going to click an ad or read a blog post and then immediately move into your subscription offer. It just doesn't happen all that often. I mean, if you look at initial conversions for your subscription, for your continuity, and you're probably looking at half a percent, 0.25%. So something small in terms of overall conversion.

If, however, you step that out over a couple of weeks, then your conversion is going to massively increase. And here's why. People want to know, like, and trust the people they do business with. So to help that along, to put yourself in front of people, we implement a two-step traffic strategy. So the two-step traffic strategy is a cold and warm based traffic strategy. A lot of other people use it. Some of the biggest brands in the world use it. What you want to do is you want to grow the awareness of your brand, grow the awareness of your business, grow the awareness of your teachings, your book, your offer, your expertise, whatever it is. And the best way to do that is just to provide free content. That free content can be a live stream like this. It can be a podcast episode.

If you do a podcast a week, then you can go ahead and promote that podcast through Facebook, the audio and video of that podcast, you can promote it, even if it's $10 a day, $20 a day worth of ad budget, and then just optimize for video views. And what you're telling Facebook to do is show this video to as many, many people as possible and optimize for a through play. And the through play or a three-second view, and then what Facebook is doing is they are trying to show that video to as many people as they possibly can who are interested in the thing that you're talking about, and you can specify that inside of the interests. And Facebook's only goal is to get them to watch and that percentage or that many seconds of a video. It doesn't matter what they do after that, Facebook's algorithm is going to for the objective that you set. Now, that's how you engage in cold traffic people, and its called traffic strategy.

We started doing this like three or four months ago with a lot of our videos, with a lot of the streams that we've put together from these GST Dailies. And we have a video right now that has gotten 50,000 three-second views, 20,000 15-second views, and it's been live for a couple of weeks. But basically, everybody who watches the first 10 seconds of that video then sees our next ad, our warm ad, and that warm ad is for a free PDF. And the free PDF is the Legendary Report, the Automated Webinar Playbook. So they watched a little bit of a video, they know about us, they've seen me, they've seen an intro, they know what I talk about, to a small degree, but they're at least aware of Done For You and what we're into. And then the next thing they see is an ad to download that report. So in downloading that report, it's the second time that they've seen us.

So they click over to the landing page. They were opt-in for the report. They get an email from me. Then they are invited to a webinar. Then they're invited to another program. So there are lots of things that happen after that one step-two step purchase. Now, where a lot of our coaches and consultants, where a lot of folks end up getting caught up, is they don't address that first step. They don't address the awareness phase of their marketing. They think all, "I'm going to do is I'm going to put an ad up and they're going to start paying me money." Truly, it can work. It does work. Sometimes. But there's no relationship with somebody. And then oftentimes they'll come back and say, "Well so and so big guru in the market said all I need is one ad going to one landing page and I'm going to make a couple of million dollars a year."

That big guru has probably been saying the same shit for 10 years and they have a big following and a big brand. So it's important to realize that what works for them is not going to work for you because you're not a known quantity. They have a brand, they have some industry recognition. Even if it's within a small subset of people, they are known within that subset of people. So they can do whatever the fuck they want to do and then they can put an ad up, they can drive traffic to a landing page, and then that is that. Then, what happens is, when they turn around and tell people without a brand that are just new to space, when they say all you need is an ad going to a landing page and you're going to be a millionaire, it never works that way because there's no brand built. There's no brand equity. There's no awareness.

I mean, if we look at the age-old AIDA marketing principle, which is awareness, interest, desire, action. Awareness is the thing, it's what starts off that chain reaction. It's awareness, they have to know about you. Then the interest, they have to be interested in the thing that you are talking about. They have to desire the information or the product or the transformation or whatever that you talk about in your marketing, and then they have to take action on that thing. AIDA. So for you to attract and retain continuity clients, you need to attract them by running some cold traffic ads that just give away free content to bring awareness to your brands. And then you need to re-target them into the thing that you want them to do next, the thing that increases their desire so that they take action with you.

So that is our two-step ad traffic strategy that is going to help with scaling your continuity clients, your brand. And tomorrow we are going to talk about expanding from there, and we're going to talk about books. So I will see you tomorrow. All right. Thanks. Bye.