There are two types of people in this world.

Producers and consumers.

We, as business people, are both; producers and consumers.

We produce content. Videos. Courses. Products. Ebooks. Manufactured good.

We take an IDEA and turn it into a reality.

And that’s the magical part. We dream something up, put it to paper, and create something out of it. Something that can be sold. Something that will help others.

Every once in a while, a ‘producer’ will create something so rare, so unique, that it’ll be a viral hit. They’re vision will hit the market at the right time and be adopted by the masses.

Think GoPro. iPad. Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram.

More often though, the road to success is quite a bit longer.

Having a Great Product Is Not Enough

It’s not enough that we have a great product or that it serves people and fixes their problems. It’s not enough that our product is offered at a fair and decent price.

Nor is it enough that we think that everyone in the world should buy our product.

You see, a product on it’s own rarely scales.

You might sell one copy. Maybe two. And that’s if your friends and family decide to help you out.

More likely, you won’t sell anything.

You will have put all the hard work into producing or creating something, only to fall short when the rubber meets the road.

When it’s time to actually start selling it.

And that’s where most people stop.

The Key To Success Is Failing Fast

They tried. They hoped that it’d work, but it didn’t. They put months and months into bringing something to market and had no success.

No results.

That’s the unfortunate reality for most producers. Most entrepreneurs. They try and fail – and then give up.

There are a very select few who don’t.

They don’t care how many times they fail.

Or how many ideas fall short.

They are going to ‘win’ come hell or high water.

Those are the folks who succeed – the ones who know that survival in business is based on the idea that it takes multiple efforts.

Multiple products.

Multiple ideas.

Your Product Doesn’t Matter

And really, in the overall scheme of things, the product is what matter least of all!

You can take a shitty product and put great marketing behind it, and make millions. You just need to understand who you’re buyers are and what problem they’re trying to solve!

If you know that, you can sell anything.

And it all starts with a simple process… Engagement.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying traffic or working with free traffic, you need to get engagement from your prospects.

That might be an optin to your list, a video view, or a clickthrough to an affiliate product. Once you get engagement, you can start to split test and scale your product.

It all starts with mini-successes and starting with something that works! It doesn’t have to be a sale, but it does have to be something.

So tell me, what challenges are you having when it comes to selling online?