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A few searches will tell you that there are hundreds of ways to monetize a blog...  But very few of them will generate tremendous, life-changing revenue...  In fact, you'll find out that most people recommend using ads in 99% of the cases.

Yes, ads are probably the easiest way to monetize your website but if you do, you're missing out on a tremendous amount of money by utilizing some of these other methods...

There are several reasons why you wouldn't be able to use ads to monetize a blog and you should be prepared to apply alternative tactics if you still want to get income from that website.

Why wouldn't you be able to use ads for blog monetization?

  • Your niche doesn't allow it. This doesn't mean it's illegal but some ad networks don't allow ads on all niches. For example, you can see where Google forbids the display of ads.
  • You're recovering from a mistake. You did something wrong and got banned from an ad network. These things happen, not being able to display an ad doesn't mean you should stop trying to monetize your website.
  • You don't want to use ads. There are several reasons why you'd want this for your website. Many website owners don't use ads because they want to control the content displayed on their projects. Maybe they're working on a website for parents and kids and don't want intrusive ads or maybe you just want to keep the UX to the highest level and have a clean template.

There probably are other reasons as well but we're not here to talk about why people can't use ads on their website but how they can monetize a blog without having the ad option.

5 Trending Ways To Monetize a Blog Without Using Ads

Whatever your reason may be, if you still want to monetize a blog without using ads, you should try one of these trending methods. You've probably read about some of them so why not try them out. Not all alternatives will work for your blog so make sure you're going to apply the right tactic.

1. Make money with your blog by reviewing products.

Product reviews are a trending way to monetize a blog but don't work on all websites. To be successful at making money through product reviews you need to have a big audience. Even more, you'll need to target a specific niche to get the best results for your blog.

It's probably better to mix your product review strategy with affiliate marketing, but we'll talk about this later down the line.

2. Offer certain services on your blog.

This would a great way to work on your skills and monetize your blog. Most people start a blog because they're really good at something and want to share their expertise with others. Why not offers the services you're talking about as a way of monetization?

You'll keep writing for an audience who's interested in your field of work and you'll promote yourself to offer your expertise & time to others.

Would you write an eBook to monetize a blog?

3. Write eBooks or provide other resources.

Are you really passionate about your field of work and want to get more out of it? Writing eBooks and creating digital products is an easy way to get some income from your blog if you're smart about it. You'll need a strong audience and to build a good online presence. Developing your personal brand should be your primary goal while writing on your blog.

After you built a good community around your blog and people see you as an expert in your domain, take some time each day and start writing eBooks you can sell on your website.

You can also choose to provide other paid content for your readers such as podcasts or videos.

4. Give affiliate marketing a try.

If your blog isn't big enough to make money by simply reviewing products, you should try affiliate marketing. There are so many affiliate networks you can choose these days so you're sure you'll find something relevant to your blog's niche. You can use links, banners and other ways to redirect possible customers to the online stores and get a big commission from this.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is to find a good niche with a high number of people interested. Use your skills to bring traffic to your blog and increase conversion rates.

5. Become a consultant.

If you're really good at something, you may try to become a business consultant. Freelancing is something people are turning to way often than you'd think so why not give it a try. But if you're going to be good as a consultant you'll have to invest a lot of time in your personal brand and the services you can offer to others.

Start writing really targeted content for your line of work and mix that content with personal opinion, tutorials, and free resources. This should be a good starting point for you to become a well-known consultant.

What are some ways to monetize a blog that you've tried until now? Did you find them to be what you've looked for? If not, what was wrong? You're not obligated to use ads on your website if you want to monetize it. There are other options out there that will help you monetize a blog but as always, you'll need to work hard since there is no easy way to get income from online businesses.