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TRANSCRIPT:  Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn and today I want to drop the hammer on something that it needs to happen. In your business in order for you to sell more in order for you to get traffic and for that traffic to know, like and trust you and pull out their credit card and buy something then there is something that needs to happen and this is it. People expect you to have a blog. They expect you to have your static pages, and your homepage, and your landing pages, and your lead magnets, and your webinars and your videos, people expect that. They expect you to have a YouTube channel setup or and a Facebook page set up. They expect that and if you don't have that then you get burned. I mean they just go to the next person who does that they actually can feel comfortable with and when you don't have content there's not enough to consume.

Outside of selling your one offer you have nothing to link to which is boring. I mean if all you have is a webinar and you pitch on the webinar and you have five days worth of email and that's it what else are you going to talk about? Are you going to send them an email about nothing? The latest YouTube cat videos? You need to have content so you can continue building a relationship with that customer.

All right. So people expect that you have blog posts, and lead magnets, and reports, and videos and things that they can use, and read, and look at that, even people to talk, to even conversational chat widgets on your website, people expect that stuff. People expect that you're going to make that stuff available for them in order for them to buy, they expect it. There are no two ways about it and you need to have content. You need to have these things called content-based assets that we talk about in the rest of this site, we talk about in form and formula and they are things like webinars, and reports that you can give away for free, and videos, and YouTube channels, and Facebook pages, and all of the things that are just literally a pain in the ass to create. They are what will determine how successful you are in your business this year, next year, next five or 10 years.

I get that it takes a lot of time. I get that it takes a lot of money to have somebody create that stuff but if you're serious about being in business then it's something that you need to literally wrap your head around. I mean you got to get into it there are no two ways about it. You need to write for your target market. You need to write for your prospect. You need to get in and give them stuff that they are going to be interested in that they are going to attribute to you as the expert. You want to give them tools and strategies and thoughts. You want to be a thought leader really in the marketplace for them in the silo that you in this prospect sit in you want to be their leader that's all there is to it.

So create content. If there is one thing that you just absolutely have to do in the future of your business is creating blog posts, creating content, getting into it. And whether it's you recording videos, or you writing blog posts, or you paying an outsourcer to write blocks of 10 articles at a time, it doesn't matter what it is you just need to get it done. So if you have any questions at all then, by all means, contact my team. If you'd like us to put together an action plan on the things, the content, the sales funnel, all that stuff that you need to implement in your business, click here to set up a free strategy session with my team and I!