How To Grow And Profit From Your Agency Clients

Without Selling, Managing, or Fulfilling Anything (Unless You Want To!)


Make More From Your Clients WITHOUT The Work!

We'll sell, fulfill, manage, and execute for your clients...  And send you a check!

Sounds too good to be true?  It's not.

We're built to provide sell, manage, and provide services to your client...  Services that you may not offer (or may offer but want to offload!).

Plus, if you're particularly good at something like Linkedin or social media management, we might be able to send you a bunch of the work you love to do!

  • Facebook Ads

    We’ll set up and manage your clients Facebook Ads, getting them leads and sales.

  • Google Ads

    We’ll research keywords, do some competitive research, and create Google Ads for your clients, managing them the whole way.

  • Email Management

    With full blown marketing automation and email/sms marketing capability, we’ll put together a marketing calendar and outbound campaigns for your clients – no problem!

  • ROI-Based Sales Copy

    We’ll write (or rewrite) your client’s sales copy so that it converts a higher number of prospects to sales, automatically…

  • Sales Webinars

    We write, record and edit sales webinars for your client, automating them so they play 24/7!

  • Split Testing

    Have a client that needs some lead optimization?  We’ll enable A/B tests to lift conversion quickly.

  • Website Build & Redesign

    We’ll build your client’s website from scratch or give it a facelift and make sure that it’s conversion ready.

  • Marketing Automation

    Your client’s marketing should be ‘systems-based’ meaning that it works, even when they aren’t.  We can set everything up so that their prospects are being marketed to any time of day or night!

  • Ad Retargeting

    The people who have been on your client’s website or clicked their links online are 52X more likely to do business with them, even if they didn’t do anything the first time.  We’ll get your client’s in front of them again!

You Name It - We Do It!

Any niche, any offer, any demographic...  We've probably got experience in it already.

In the 5 years that we've been working with clients, we've build over 400 sales funnels and deployed many, many more digital ad campaigns.  We've worked with every type of offer you can think of!

  • Physical Products

    Physical products are still the most widely purchased items online.  We can help your clients sell more, whether that’s through Amazon, Shopify or their own e-commerce site!

  • Services

    From coaching to local services, we can get your clients fully-qualified sales leads every day (or however often they want them!)

  • Ebooks & Reports

    Lower ticket offers like ebooks, reports and guides are great for getting your client’s message out there and still getting paid for it… And, they’re great self-liquidating offers!

  • Video Courses

    At mid-tier pricing, video courses serve as your client’s major profit drivers, educating while providing maximum return on investment… And paving the way to higher priced upsells!

  • Membership Sites

    If your client is selling a membership site, we’ve got the experience to maximize both annual and monthly subscriptions, plus support the website itself!

  • Coaching/Consulting

    If your clients are coaches and consultants, you know what it takes to get a sale…  A webinar, sales call, sustained traffic, and a lot more. We do it all for them.

What We Do

As a part of the DFY Agency Network, you get paid for sending work our way.  We sell, manage, fulfill, strategize, support, and amaze your clients for you!  If there's something that you like to do - like video editing or Google Ads - we can even send some of our work to you!

  • We'll Sell For You

    You get access to ALL of the DFY offers, and we’ll even those offers to your clients for you! We’ll manage and collect the payments, sending you a percentage every month!

  • We'll Manage Your Clients

    Each of our clients will be assigned an account manager, who will be the person who interacts with them most often.  Questions, emails, calls…  They’ll be with the Account Manager – not you!

  • We'll Deliver For You

    All of the services that your clients purchase – we’ll fulfill for you!  That includes ad management, copywriting, funnels, implementation.  We’ll take care of all the hard work.

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Getting Started with the DFY Agency Network

  • 1

    Fill Out The Quick Agency Application

    Please start by filling out the Agency Application. Since there is NO COST to joining the program and our involvement in working together is so high, we want to make sure that we're a good fit for you and your clients before moving forward!

  • 2

    Schedule A Phone Call With Our Team

    After you fill out the Agency Application, you'll be taken to a scheduling page to book a call with our team. On the call we'll talk about your clients, your specialties, and we'll put together an Agency Action Plan that we'll execute for you.

  • 3

    We Implement The Agency Action Plan For You

    We'll implement the Agency Action Plan on your behalf (writing copy, sending email, running ads, selling your clients, fulfilling services)

  • 4

    We Sell, Manage, and Fulfill Your Clients

    We take care of all the heavy lifting. We are your back office sales, support, implementation, strategy and management... And, the best part...

  • 5

    We Send You A Check!

    You get paid for each and every client that you send, every month! The money we collect - you make a percentage of!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

No catch!  We are a services-based business.  We've fulfilled thousands of digital marketing and web design services and our processes are down pat.  Rather than selling directly to clients, we're adopting an Agency-First mentality where agencies can tap into our processes, sales, and fulfillment rather than competing head to head with said agencies!

What about my existing clients?

Your existing clients can stay with you, that's no problem.  If your speciality is Facebook Ads and you want to keep working with your Facebook clients - that's awesome!  We can help you sell OTHER types of services to your prospects that'll make you more money.

... And, we can send you more Facebook clients if that's something you want more of!

How much do I get paid on my clients?

There are 3 different tiers of Agency Network access.  The Tier you choose (which can be free) determines how much support we provide and also what percentage of revenue you get paid when your clients buy.

Your cut is recurring - so if we sell Ad Management to your client and they stay on for 18 months - you get paid for 18 months!

Aside from working with my clients, can you help grow my agency?

Yep, we can help you build your 'platform' with content, run paid lead generation ads, and provide 1-on-1 agency coaching to help you grow.  We can also do Client Review calls to fix a stalled client and give you Slack Channel access for instant communication.

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