Today is another episode of GSDdaily, our 141st episode and we will talk about building a lead generation system in your business. This is lead generation week, so we are going to talk about creating the lead gen system today. It’s something that we do a lot in a lot of different spaces, most notably real estate. We do a lot of real estate stuff, a lot of financial stuff. From building a lead generation system standpoint, we work with a lot of real estate investors, and we also work with a lot of cash for house kinds of folks, cash for house investors, distressed property investors who are looking for leads of people who are trying to sell their home.

Lead Generation

Landing Page

So that was the inspiration behind this video series because every building a lead generation system starts with a landing page. And that’s part of the creative piece when you come up with… When you discover that you need to start generating leads for your business, whether it is phone sales, whether it is digital sales, whether it is email lists, whatever, then putting together the system is really pretty straightforward. You need a landing page, and the landing pages, you can build it on your website. You can use a piece of software like ClickFunnels or Leadpages or whatever.

The landing page itself, the specifics of the landing page are pretty much brain dead simple now. It’s not like it was five, six, seven years ago when this idea of a landing page was a new concept. Now everything is landing pages. You see landing pages all around. If you don’t know what a landing page is, you can literally go to Google, type in the landing page, and there are a million examples. Or just click an ad that shows up inside Google, and then you’re going to land on a landing page. That is what a landing page is for. There are landing pages all around you, and every landing page leads to a confirmation page, which is the thank you page after the landing page.

Lead Magnet

Now, the thing about the landing page is to get somebody to give you their email address, you usually need to incentivize them in some way. And the best incentive is a lead magnet. So a lead magnet is a document, a video, a spreadsheet, something that you give away in exchange for somebody’s email address. And that something should have a lot of value. So it should give a prospect or a customer an aha moment in their life or their business or their whatever. They should have an aha moment. You should give them value for the time that they invested in reading your thing or watching your thing. That’s what a lead magnet is.

Lead Magnet

Now, because we don’t like to leave you hanging too much on these calls on these things, we have a whole guide available here. So the perfect lead magnet. There’s a free blog post on Done For You, you’re going to see it over there in the comments box, but basically, this is… It’s simple formats get big conversions. So really, at the end of the day, every campaign, everything that we build has a lead magnet associated with it. Sometimes that lead magnet, quote-unquote, is an automated webinar. Other times it is a PDF. A lot of times the best performing lead magnets that we create are PDFs, the reports, guides, spreadsheets, something that we give away for free. So let’s see if we just scroll down here a little bit. So the report or the guide is absolutely one of the best lead magnets that we give away. A six to eight-page PDF report that has some sort of material that is going to be of value to your prospect.

They see that they read the features and benefits, they decide that they want to give you their email address in exchange for that report, and now they are on your marketing list and they’re consuming your PDF. A cheat sheet or a process map is another great one. We’ve actually been doing this process map in a multi-video sequence that we’re sending out the email list right now. Software is another really great example. Checklists are awesome. We have a GSD weekly marketing checklist that we give away here and there. So checklists work really nicely for lead magnets.

Any videos, multi-video launch sequences, multi-videos. I would say that for a video to be a really great lead magnet, it has to be highly visual in nature. So some of the videos that we’ve given away as lead magnets that have worked really well are golfing, pets, anything that is outdoor, sports, baseball, really great for video lead generation. But probably not all that awesome in business. If you’re selling a B2B thing, chances are they’re not going to opt-in for a video as quickly as they would opt-in for a report. Typically PDFs get better conversion than just a video. Tutorials are another PDF. Quizzes or surveys are also really great, especially when you’re looking to generate a lead in a regulated market. Something that Facebook doesn’t really like to send traffic to. Health and fitness, financial, anything like that. Facebook or Google. Surveys work really well in those spaces.

So lots of different lead magnets, lead generation ideas here, but every business, every business needs a lead generation system. So it’s something that you’re going to have to look at, and now with browsers doing weird things with cookie tracking and stuff, tracking is going to be even more of an issue than it is already. Tracking a sale all the way to… An ad click or whatever all the way to a sale. So one of the best ways to do that and track is just to get the email lead and have the UTM variable saved in the CRM so you know exactly where that person came from, so you can see down the road where that person came from. You’re going to see lead-generation campaigns be that much more important moving forward.

For Questions and Guide

Now, if there’s anything that we can do, if you would like business help, go to or, they both go to the same place. And if you would like to learn how to do this on your own, set up lead generation systems and a bunch of other funnel types, go to and it’ll give you all the information there, but there are two courses there that we’re putting a lot more emphasis on. One of them is a startup accelerator and another one is a funnel accelerator. You’ll hear a lot more of those coming in the next weeks and months.

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