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In your sales funnel, you've got lots of confirmation pages...  After your lead magnet optins, your webinar registrations, and even fully qualified lead forms; there are confirmation pages.

Rather than waste those pages with a "Thanks for signing up!" message, why not sell them something!

In today's video, we'll talk about how to transition them from the optin to the sale, and get some super high conversion rates!

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Hey, what's up? This is Jason and one of my favorite things to do in sales funnels is what we call confirmation page selling. So when somebody opts in for your thing, your lead magnet or your report or your quiz or whatever, whenever somebody opts in for anything from you, they are never ever more active than they are on the confirmation page. The second after they give you their email address, they are never, ever more engaged. So what we'd like to do is we like to exploit that opportunity and throw a sales video up and that is what we call a confirmation page selling.

Now that sales video oftentimes is going to get a 4%, 5%, 6% conversion, especially if it's scripted right. So if it's scripted, like, "Hey, thanks so much for opting in for thing." One of the things that people ask us immediately after they download this is if it does X, Y, and Z. And in this case, what you do is you use, you conversationally move them from, yes, you just downloaded this thing, but now we're going to talk about this thing and we're going to pitch something else to you.

So I actually covered this entire thing in a course that we put together called the Funnel formula. You can check it out here. However, we have a small snippet that we're going to drop here for you. So let's switch to that.

Your core pages, you're going to have your lead magnet landing page and your lead magnet confirmation page. Now those two pages, one of them has the opt-in form and then it gets directed to the lead magnet confirmation. Oftentimes on this lead magnet confirmation is where the sales video goes. So that sales video, basically it's a pattern interrupt. Somebody hits that page, you sell them, you sell them your product and the headline says, "Thanks so much for downloading. The report will be in your inbox in 10 minutes," or whatever and it gives them permission to listen to the sales video. That's the idea. Then the add to cart button pops up underneath.

So you're going to need a VSL sales page. Even if your video sales letter is on the confirmation page, you still want a standalone sales page that is publicly assessable, meaning they don't have to opt-in every time to go watch the sales page. If somebody decides they don't want it, then they come back later. You still want them to be able to hit that VSL page. So somebody downloads a lead magnet and then they get kicked over to the sales video as a confirmation page. We also email them to the sales video too. So if they don't purchase then they go through a VSL promotion sequence, which brings them back to the sales video. If they do purchase, then they go through to upsell one. If they don't take that, we send them to an ascension sequence. Then we repeat this as many times as we need to for however many upsells and down-sells you have.

So some of the really common ways, I mean now order bumps are really common on an order form. So you know on the order form rather than create a whole new sales video, then you can have a couple of little order bumps. So if your front end offers $27, you can include maybe the audio transcripts for an additional $20 or the workbook for an additional $30 and it's just a little checkbox. So check the box and then boom, boom, you're able to generate a little more money from that. Then you send them into upsell one and upsell two or down-sell one down-sell to. So you're able to sequence the upsells a little bit differently.

Nowadays, you know, through the shopping cards and whenever somebody doesn't buy, you send an ascension email sequence to them, Whenever they do buy, they go into fulfillment and they get the fulfillment email sequence.
All right. Wasn't that awesome. When you master this confirmation paid selling technique, there are so many things you can do with it and it's kind of like a side door; it's a side door sales strategy, because somebody comes in, they opt-in for your thing and then bam, you were selling them something different related but different. We do it all the time for physical books. We do it for clients, physical products, software. I mean it is a kind of one of those like core sales funnel strategies that we use for folks.

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