Today, we’re going to be talking about fully qualified lead sales funnels. Yesterday we had a couple of weird issues with mikes and keyboards and mice and all kinds of stuff. If you are anywhere, and if you would like to chat on this live stream, go ahead and watch it here. To chat, I’m going to drop this link in. All right, so to chat, go there, and you can, I think if you’re on the profile it doesn’t necessarily work, but you can comment over on YouTube, too.

If you would like to, let’s see, but comment over on YouTube too, and if you would like … so that is the YouTube stream, as I was just watching. Anyway. All right, so today’s presentation, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go through a lead generation sales funnel.

Now the lead generation sales funnel that we’re going to be talking about is something that we have been rolling out and using a lot recently called the fully-qualified-lead video funnel or video sales letter funnel. It is convoluted at best in terms of words and acronyms, but the process is straightforward. To walk through this fully-qualified-lead sales funnel, what I want to do is I want to show you an example of it. For anybody who has been to our site, Done For You, almost every sale funnel that we have on Done For You is this now. Let me just go ahead and share my screen. And okay. We’re going to go to

Now last week we talked a little bit about like chatbot workflows. Here, as you can see we’re on, and this, so if you go to any of the solutions here, sales funnel development, website development and redesign, ad management, these are all fully-qualified-lead video funnel. Basically, sales funnel development, you hit the sales funnel development page. And for those of you who want to follow along or if you would like for us to build a sales funnel for you, then here you go.

All right, so this is the page we’re on. Basically it is a sales video funnel, and the sales video can autoplay or not autoplay. Sometimes we have them autoplay, sometimes we don’t, it doesn’t matter. Because anymore Google Chrome and web browsers don’t necessarily autoplay video funnel the way you want them to. But basically, this is the idea. We have a video funnel here and I’m about 50 pounds heavier in that video. We probably need to redo it. But sales video gets, talks about sales funnels, and then we hit the get started button or we hit the little down arrow and we get booted down to this, which is right below. But it’s a step one. Fill out the form below.

Now when you start to fill out this form, something interesting happens. First name, Jason, last name, Drohn. Phone number 123-12345, email, [email protected] … all right. Now you can see that we have more fields that kicked off. So business or product name, website, Skype, what we need. Tell us about your product or business.

Now there’s a couple of things you can do. This is called this application has what is known as some conditional logic. In the fully qualified lead forms in the fully-qualified-lead sales funnel, you only want to work with the prospects who are the best fit for you. What we could do here, we don’t do it, but what we could do is if we could ask buying questions like how big is your business? How many employees does your business have? How much revenue does your business do? Blah, blah, blah.

And actually, we do have some of these. Leveling up, and now we have yearly revenue, digital ad budget, and email list size. We could have employees, we could have how, there are all kinds of other questions that we could ask. And then we could segment off and say, well if you’re a brand new startup, we don’t work with startups. Then we could just basically have them have a video funnel pop up or have them directed to a page that says, thanks so much but we’re just not a good fit for you.

There are lots of ways that we can direct prospects to and from us, based on what we’re looking for. This form doesn’t do that. I mean, we love helping out anybody. Whether it is a startup or whether it is somebody who’s doing 10 or $15 million a year, it doesn’t matter to us, because the sales funnel is a sales funnel. The only difference is the prospect who is coming through. So it’s regardless of size. But we’ve set up a lot of these fully qualified lead, these lead generation sales funnels that segment based on mortgage size or segment based on mortgage preapproval or segment based on working capital loan size or credit score or there are lots of different kinds of services that we set these things up for that they do branch off.

A credit score is a great one. Let’s say we have a company that was doing working capital lending. If the credit score is like 680 or above, then they go into working capital, like a lending arm. If it’s 680 or below, they go into a credit repair arm. This form ends up being kind of the crux, like the pivot point between the two sides. This also means you can automate email marketing. You can automate the video funnel they see. There are so many different things that you can do with this form at this point. Currently, you fill out this form. Then you get kicked over into a call-scheduling page. That’s how it’s currently set up.

From an outside standpoint, we have a video funnel and we have a form. We’re going to walk through the different pieces to set up this kind of campaign.

Now let’s kick over into the iPad so that we can, I’m going to unlock my iPad. All right, now let’s share the iPad’s screen. Okay. All right, so got screen mirroring, Mac Pro. Boom. All right, cool. Let me drag this out of the way. All right. Okay. Drag this out of the way. I’m going to share my full screen. Share screen. All right, now there we go.

Fully qualified VSL funnel. Everybody should be able to see this pretty well. Okay. Basically in the fully-qualified-lead funnel, the goal is to generate a click and move them off into a sales call as quickly as possible. Ultimately that’s the idea. We want them to move quickly from cold traffic over into actually doing something. They start here, then they move through this process quickly. It is best used for anything like sales call-related.

Whether it is a strategy session or an action plan or any kind of a, basically anything that is sales call related. If you’re going to get on the phone with a prospect, then this works well. It also works well for any complex offer. Anything that needs to be customized for your prospect, your buyer, your end-user. That’s ultimately what this kind of sales funnel is, it is built for.

Coaching. Consulting. All are awesome for this because coaching and consulting, to sell coaching and consulting, you need to relate it to your prospect, relate it to your customer. At the end of the day, you can’t just throw a coaching offer out there and have everybody jump on top of it. What you need to do is you need to relate it to your end-user. The only way to do that is by asking questions and getting them to answer those questions.

Basically, flipping them and saying, okay, you’re having a problem. You’re going to work every day because you hate your boss. Well, this is what, here are some questions, here’s what my coaching would be able to do for you. That’s how coaching would be sold. It’s very rare that you’re going to be able to sell one-on-one coaching packages through an order form without talking to somebody first. Coaching and consulting, really huge for this kind.

Any kind of complex service. Complex service meaning they need to be customized. It might be simple to understand, but they need to be customized to your end-user, like a working capital loan. Well, you might, you have all the specifics. Credit score, how much they need, what are they going to use it for, all of that stuff. But what you probably don’t have is the background of the business. How long have they been in business? How much revenue do they do? Blah, blah, blah. You can ask for documents, but sometimes the documents don’t give you the context of the thing. A sales, a call would. Like the call interview kind of thing.

Real estate. We do a lot of real estates. Real estate things like this, like cash for houses, distressed properties, that kind of thing. It is paid traffic into a sales video funnel or sales page that then converts to a fully qualified buyer. And then that fully qualified lead gets on the phone with somebody, schedules a walkthrough of the property. And then folks, our clients will end up going, doing a site visit, and then hopefully extending an offer for that property. This kind of sales funnels works well for that.

Business funding we kind of talked about. Credit scores. What is the business going to use it for? And then business development is another one. Like what we do. Internet marketing services, sales funnels, content marketing, ad management. Any kind of expensive SaaS offer, software offer, is going to be sold from a sales call. Probably something like this. It’s going to be demo based though. Somebody signs up for a demo and then goes through. Now.

The paid traffic is where everything starts. Then usually it goes into a landing page or a lead magnet of some sort. And the lead magnet is kind of like what we talked about yesterday with the webinar sales funnel. The lead magnet is really to convey that you know what you’re talking about. Somebody can spend time and book a call with you, and they’re going to get value from it. The lead magnet is that immediate gratification that somebody is going to download and see that you know what the hell you’re talking about.

Then from here, we send them to fully qualified VSL funnel. This is also a great cold traffic offer, whereas this is a great warm traffic offer. Facebook might go immediately into a lead magnet and then bounce into the fully qualified lead sales video funnel as a retargeted campaign. And you can see that right here, retargeting right there. We might retarget the landing page depending on how it works.

But fully qualified lead then sends over. So after the sales video funnel, then there is a form that pops up underneath, that conditional logic form, and then the conditional logic form sends somebody to the scheduling page. So the scheduling page is the booking page, the calendar booking page. Calendly is a good one. Acuity Scheduling is a good one. We have one called, that used to be called Time Slots, but it’s Inside Access now. And then that kicks into a reminder system, which is, Hey, your call was tomorrow at 3:00, and then maybe it sends an email 24 hours before, 12 hours before, an hour before, whatever.

Then in terms of the automation, we have our emails, so down here below we’re just kind of going to go through this. There are only two pieces of sales copy that we need to pull this off. They’re pretty easy to build from a copy standpoint, but they’re more difficult to build from an automation standpoint. We need a sales copy and we need a lead magnet.

Your lead magnet is going to be here, your sales copy is going to be here. But where it gets tricky is some of the automation. You need an email copy for your lead magnet, your lead magnet here. You need an email copy to promote the VSL. When somebody goes over, they opt-in for the lead magnet, they get this lead magnet fulfillment copy. Then they get this VSL promo copy, which is here, and then sends them into the sales video page. And then … let’s see, I just lost my feed here. Let me just kick on. There we go.

Then from the email, they go into the sales video funnel, which would be akin to this kind of a page, so that the sales, the Done For You sales page that we already went through. Then from here, they go into the scheduling page. And then if they don’t schedule, we want to send them this section of email copy, which will be right here. That is right there. And then if they don’t schedule, we can send them additional offers. The pages that you’re going to use to set this thing up, you’re going to need a lead magnet landing page and then a lead magnet confirmation page, which is going to be right here. There’s their lander, and then it’s going to bounce up into a confirmation page and then bounced back down into the VSL.

And then from the VSL, it’s probably going to go to an application, and then down into a scheduling page. We have a long-form application page there. Furthermore, we have the application confirmation page, which is probably something that’s already built into the scheduling software. We have the strategy session scheduling page, which is after the application. And let’s see what else we got. That is, from a page standpoint and a copy and an automation standpoint, that’s really how the whole thing is set up.

Now there are lots of different kinds of really cool triggers that we can kick-off. Let’s see if I can find a graphic here that I can play with a little bit. All right, I’m just erasing this stuff. What we like to do is when somebody, they come into Facebook and then they hit that landing page. And then they opt-in for us, let me make this bigger.

They opt-in for our lead magnet, then they go over to the sales video funnel. There’s a couple of things that we’d like to do. The first is we have a Slack notification that fires and says this person, this person who just opted in here, is now on your sales page. We call it an on-deck notification. Basically, all day long through on our sales pages we see on deck, on deck, and it’s tight. If we know the name and if we know the email address and the phone number, then it shows us who is there.

Now we’re a marketing automation company. There have been times where I have been watching like I’ve just kind of opened up Slack and saw that somebody had been on a sales page a couple of days in a row. And then I pick up the phone and say, “Hey, what’s up? I saw you were on the page in the last couple of days. Anything we can do to help out?” And after it catches them off guard, they’re like, “Oh wow, that’s pretty cool.” But at the end of the day, sometimes it helps us see what’s going on, on the sales page.

And then when somebody applies, when somebody goes through and they apply here, what we do is we pop also in Slack. We have a notification that is an FQL lead, a get ready. Get ready, the get ready lead basically is somebody just filled out the application, they are off to the scheduling page here. Here’s the link and how they fill out the application and go get ready for the call. These two little components, I can’t tell you how valuable they have been by basically just triggering these notifications out of this little interaction. Because here, because of the application, you have everything you need, usually, to go and get ready for the phone call. To get ready for the sales call. And even be able to close them on that call or quickly afterward, depending on the questions you’re asking.

The notification helps you see that what you’re doing is working. It helps you see that the Facebook and email lists and the retargeting campaigns are moving people through this system the way they should be. You can see a bunch of opportunities based on that. In fact, one of the opportunities that we kind of just put into place is when somebody is on this Slack notification and they haven’t done anything.

What we trigger is an abandonment email series that says, “Here is a Done For You group, which is probably the group that you’re watching this video in.” If they hit a sales page and don’t do anything, they don’t apply within 30 minutes. How it works is we have 30 minutes one day, and then two days afterward we send them an email and say, “Hey, we noticed you didn’t apply, which is cool. If you have questions on funnels or you want, you’re just trying to build it yourself or whatever, go over to the Done For You funnel group or the Done For You traffic group.”

We’re going to be starting another group next week for startups because it’s been lately getting a lot of traffic and questions about it. We’re going to do another startup group and we’re going to do a creative campaign. But all in all, what that ends up doing is it’s letting us engage with folks who are engaging with us. And it lets us answer questions and make sure that we are ready and willing, we’re there to help them do what they need to do to progress their business, to help them build sales funnels, to help them automate their marketing and campaigns, and get online and all of that other great stuff. That’s the idea behind this sequence.

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You can see that it’s not just a fully qualified lead funnel. What we’re doing is we’re automating the prospect journey from beginning to end, if that makes sense. All in all, thank you so much for joining me today. I think we’re kind of running up on 10:30 here, so I’m going to go ahead and sign off, but I appreciate you. Let me know if you have any questions at all. If you want to book an action plan call with us, go to, and we will see you tomorrow. Tomorrow I, what are we going to talk about tomorrow? Tomorrow I think we’re going to talk about multi-video launch sequences and we’re going to go through and kind of pick apart one of those and see how they do.

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