Hey! Today, we’re going to talk about video marketing… We’re going to go deeper into buyer psychology and how to jump over that hurdle with video.

All the “know, like, and trust” stuff!

If you’re the sort of person who is afraid of the camera (like I used to be!), exposure therapy is a great thing.

If you’re not afraid of video – then live streams, product sales videos, etc. Is all a great way to improve your marketing.

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Welcome to GSD daily. Today we’re going to talk about why video is so important in marketing. The answer should be somewhat obvious, right? Video is important in marketing so that you know, like, and trust the person or the company that you’re buying for. Even simpler than, more simplistic than that, I should say, I bought a backpack over the weekend. Now, the backpack itself had lots of different product shots, right? So it had the front bookbag shot and it had the back, and it had all the pockets and zippers and all this other stuff, but basically, it was sitting on a table. Now, when I’m looking at the backpack, I’m like, will this work for my use cases? So I go down and I scroll down and I start scrolling through the reviews of the pages, the images that people left with their product reviews.

I was like, I think the backpack works. I mean, I think it’s not overly heavy. I looked at the measurements and it wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t until I watched the video that I bought the backpack. Now, the video itself showed how wide the backpack was, and how light the backpack was. It gave all of the nondescript impressions of the video, or of the product itself, so it gave me a better sense and feel of the backpack before I bought it. Now, the same happens in your marketing, right? The same happens with your prospects. They read your product descriptions, they read about your coaching services, they read about your digital products, but they don’t have a relationship with the page. That’s why webinars work. That’s why product sales videos work. That’s why sales videos in general work and live streams and podcasts. That’s why these creators are building such huge followings off of their YouTube channels because it’s not the person.

It’s the relationship with the person. And if somebody can get 100,000,000 subscribers on YouTube and then launch Beast Burgers and have 10,000 people in a mall for a grand opening, then that’s because of the relationship that somebody has with that creator, with Mr. Beast. It’s not because of the video content that he puts out. It could be. He gives away a lot of money. But it’s the relationship, and that’s what video marketing does. It lets you build a relationship. Now, in video marketing, you can fuck up just as many ways as you can succeed in video marketing, right? So, look at TikTok, and you find people who can’t speak correctly, who are tripping over themselves, but even that, sometimes you scratch your head and you’re like, how does he have 55,000 followers if he can’t speak right?

Ultimately, video lets you be who you truly are, and that’s what I think the video does. That’s why people have a relationship with you. It lets you be who you truly are. And you can, of course, camouflage it and you can be somebody you’re not in front of a video camera and all that other stuff. But video allows people to see a side of you that isn’t just conveyed on a webpage. So that’s why video works in marketing. Now, there are lots of analytical reasons, too. I mean, we can see how much of a video somebody watches and then build a look-alike audience on that. We can put them in a custom audience for retargeting. We can look at a webinar video and see the drop-off and where we said something that a group of people doesn’t resonate with. Lots of analytical things we can do with video because we’re attracting attention. But at the end of the day, that’s what video is.

Video gets your attention, the video gets you engagement, and the video creates a relationship with people on your behalf. That’s why you use video. Now, if you would like more tips and tricks on using video in your marketing, go to GSDdaily.io, fill in the little form, and we’ll send you a marketing newsletter with tips and tools and tactics, and all that stuff. If you would like to talk about your sales funnel and putting together an inbound marketing strategy that works for your business, go to doneforyou.com/start. And if you have any questions at all about using video in your marketing, comment below this video, and we’ll make sure to get them answered. And also, please like, share, and subscribe to this video with your channels, if you got value from it. I’ll talk to you soon, all right? Thanks. Bye.