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TRANSCRIPT: Today, you're going to discover a way to get better leads and lead quality through surveys and conditional logic.

Hey, what's up? This is Jason Drohn. What I want to talk about today is something that we covered in great, great detail inside our Funnel Formula course, and it was this idea of surveying funnels and generating leads using surveys.

Now, it's super ninja, and I learned it probably four or five years ago. But basically, what you do when you're trying to generate leads in hyper-competitive markets or markets that are a little bit black hat. Like, a lot of ad networks don't like running traffic in them or sometimes people don't like to give away information. So think of working capital lending, private lending, mortgage brokers. Anything that involves sensitive material. Then this kind of short survey, lead generation method is going to work wonders for you.

So we're going to kick over to the video that I actually ripped out of our course, Funnel Formula, and then we're going to come back and put it all together for you. So, here is how to generate leads using surveys.

Facebook and Google, they're really cracking down on the types of ads that you can run. Google has been for years, a decade. They went through Google bans and everything else, a long time ago. They've since relaxed a little bit, but Facebook is kind of going the other way, where Facebook is getting more and more stringent and they have a special category now, that really limits how you can cut up your demographics and how you can serve ads.

Oftentimes, to get around that, what we do is we use a survey. And the survey might be two or three questions. The first question is something so generic. Aside from the targeting on the ad, the first question being generic hides the intent of the survey, and your Facebook approval rep isn't going to click past into step two or step three. So, they're just going to look at the page and say, "Oh, okay. It's good. Pass it. Done".

But truly, the thing you're going after is step two or step three, and sometimes surveys used in lead generation actually increase the lead generation by 10 to 15%, and that's just because you asked two questions before you ask the important one, which was for your email address.

I know in mortgage brokers, mortgage lending, anything financial, this multi-step landing page works even better than just coming out and asking for the information upfront. So, if you ask a question like, step one, how old are you? Or step one, male or female? And then step two is how old are you? And then question three might be, what kind of insurance are you looking for?

Then, based on the person's answer and their email address, which might be step four, it might also be step three, then it kicks off email automation, which is specifically designed for that gender, that age group and then that insurance type. So that is what we mean by these surveys and how they can work from coaching, consulting and service lead generation standpoints. You just have to think creatively about it.

All right. Now, as you heard or saw when you bury that super important detail ... Like, if you're generating fully qualified leads, you might bury the email address and the address and the phone number on question three. Or you bury the credit score that somebody has or what their annual income is, or whatever. You can bury those questions a little bit further back in the survey so that people have a chance to bond with you in question one, question two. Answer some nice simple questions, take some small micro-actions.

This is all psychology of influence kind of stuff. So you ask them some easy questions and get them answering, "Yes". The yes ladder. Get them answering yes and then you pull out the big guns when you want to qualify them for a loan or you want to dig deeper into their personal information.

So this survey sales funnel is wicked in what you can do with it. It can generate leads really quickly. You can segment those leads, based on how they answer questions into different marketing automation. And that is entirely what the survey sales funnel inside Funnel Formula is all about.

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