Welcome to today’s episode of GSDdaily episode 137. We’re going to talk about how to trigger your prospects into different automated marketing sequences or trigger email marketing. So, it’s one of my favorite things to do, and before we get to those two things. First of all, our GSDdaily is moving to later in the day Thursday. We’re going to start doing them at 1:00 PM Eastern, as opposed to 10:00 and 10:30, and that kind of time slot. We’re going to start doing them at 1:00 PM Eastern every day. So, that is a piece of news number one.

Piece of news number two. If there’s anything I can do to help your business, whether you’re starting a business or whether you are optimizing a business, growing a business, whatever, go to consultantsession.com and that includes kind of what we’re going to talk about.

One of my favorite things to do in working with prospects and working in systems is automating and trigger email marketing based on how somebody is doing or what their reactions to a thing are. Here’s what I mean. If somebody comes to your website and fills out a survey and the survey is let’s say, “What do you sell online?” Well, there are four answers. I sell coaching. I sell consulting, I sell services, and I sell physical products.” Well, each of those four things needs to be marketed differently.

Trigger Email Marketing

If they fill out the survey that says, “I do physical products, I do e-comm stuff,” then what you’re going to want to send them is specific to e-com stuff. It’s specific to physical products, specific to fulfillment. Google product ads, it’s specific to Amazon product ads, it’s specific to Shopify. You’re not necessarily talking about action plan sequences or sales calls or whatever, you’re talking about e-com to that person.

Using Technology To Sequence Prospects

The nice thing is using technology, this is super, super easy to pull off now, because basically what you can do is you can have somebody fill out a form, a Wufoo form … There’s Wufoo, TypeForm, I mean, you name a form tool and you use Zapier or use Zapier usually to trigger the automation and it’s called conditional logic. This conditional logic phrase is if they fill in the form and if they say that they are an e-com physical product business, then add them to this specific sequence. If they are a coach, you add them to this other specific sequence. If they are consultants, you add them to this specific sequence. What you’re doing is you’re preemptively creating your marketing material for those individual avatars.

Now, where this has worked really, really, really well for us is when A. we have a customer or client who, they just want to build one front end, but they have like 35 SKUs or they have a lot of different types of products or offers. Well, so what we’ll do is we’ll funnel them all into a survey, and then based on how they answer that survey, we will then streamline them and pop them out on an email sequence that is very specific to the solutions they are trying to solve. So that might be, let’s say … We’ve done a couple of these. Commercial capital or like a mortgage … Yeah, commercial capital, working loan, working capital kind of things.

Working Capital Sequence

Basically, they come in and they say, “I need working capital,” and the working capital is going to be for a remodel. The working capital is going to be for inventory. The working capital is going to be for debt reduction, whatever. Then based on how they answer that particular question, then they get kind of forced fed specific marketing material about that specific thing and how their services can … But they make an impact for that prospect and will trigger email marketing.

Just some really quick ways of setting up automation from a marketing standpoint that is going to make a difference.

Now, what you need to pull these off. You need a form tool, something that you can create a form in. As I said, you have Wufoo, there’s SurveyMonkey, there’s TypeForm. You need a CRM that then combines with that through a Zapier integration. A CRM could be Ontraport, it could be Infusionsoft, it could be Active Campaign, all of them have a Zapier integration, and then you just connect the two up. When the form is filled out, you trigger this email sequence, and then based on which selections somebody makes, that is what determines that email sequence gets fired off.

For Questions and Guide

If you have any questions at all, any questions at all, go to consultingsession.com. If you need any business help or any startup help, we will get you taken care of.

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