Welcome to GSdaily Episode 143. This is the scale edition and this entire week, we’ve been talking about increasing lead generation systems. One of the biggest questions that I’m going to ask is, how can you generate more leads? If you have this lead generation system up and running, how do you generate more leads? Well, that answer is really pretty simple. You can increase ad spend. So if your system is producing leads and producing sales, you can increase ad spend. And then, of course, you get more leads. That’s the very simple, simplistic answer.

Increase Add Spend

Oftentimes though, we don’t have such a clear-cut answer or we don’t have such a clear-cut problem, really. The problem that we’re posed with is, we have a landing page and we’re increasing lead generation, but we want to generate more leads and we want to make those leads profitable. So it’s an interesting conundrum because if you’re just generating leads, leads, email addresses don’t do anything in terms of revenue or cashflow. You have to promote to the email addresses, and promote to the prospects, and promote to the leads to turn them into clients and customers. So just an email list alone isn’t going to cut it.

Now oftentimes, a client will come and say, “Well, I can just run a contest.” They are opt-in for a PDF. And then I’ll give them three bonus points or whatever if they invite their social networks or they invite their friends. Yes, you can absolutely do that too. Oftentimes, the contest is something of monetary value. It might be a $250 gift certificate to Amazon or whatever. So, there is an outlay there. More often than not, the contest doesn’t work. So what we really, really like to do is what we call confirmation page selling.

Confirmation Page Selling

Now, what confirmation page selling is when you give away a lead magnet and somebody can download the PDF or sign up for the video, or whatever, and then you send that to their email address. So that you send it into their inbox. You generate the lead, so you are increasing lead generation. Somebody comes in, they’re excited. They downloaded a PDF on eight things that they can do with two by fours. And you send the email address or you send the PDF to their inbox.

Then you put them on a confirmation page. Normally, the confirmation page says, “Thank you so much for downloading the report. Here is a button to the PDF.” Well, a confirmation page is the most underused thing in all of the marketing, because your leads are never, ever more engaged than they are that moment they are on the confirmation page. The second after they opt-in for something, they hit the submit button. They are transported to the confirmation page. They are waiting in anticipation of what is on that page.

Confirmation page

Now, sometimes they expect that the PDF is going to be there, that they can download it. Yes, that is awesome. Yes, I understand that that is, from a UI standpoint, it is good to give away the PDF on the confirmation page. However, you don’t confirm the email address when you give them away. They don’t have any incentive to go look at their email address. So if you are promoting an email in the future, they have no incentive to go find the email from you or white list it, or open it, or click it, or whatever. So getting them trained to go get their email address, or to go to the email and get the thing from you, is a great, great idea.

Plus, it also frees up the real estate that is that confirmation page. So you can record a video that says, “Thanks so much for downloading the free report. In the free report, you’re going to learn A, B, C, and D.”

Now, a question that I most often get asked after somebody goes through and reads the report is, “Does it work for so-and-so and this person or not?” And that transition opens you up to the upsell. Now, you can sell them a $5 thing, or a $7 thing, or a $39 thing that answers the question that you just posed. You say, “Thank you for downloading the report,” and then you flip it into the next thing, the next problem that they have or whatever. In that way, what you’re doing is you’re generating a lead. They’re hitting the confirmation page. They are taking advantage of an offer of you, ideally.

And what we find is that oftentimes, those conversion rates might be 3%, 4%, 6%. So what we’re doing is we’re liquidating ad spend. We’re turning that $37 thing, or that $5 thing, or whatever, immediately into more ads, which means more people are moving through increasing lead generation reports. And then ultimately, we’re just, we’re flipping money at that point. So that is called confirmation paid to sell.

I have a couple of different PDFs from resources, not PDFs, but resources you’re going to be able to check out. This is a video that I walked through. Let’s see. This was a DFY Podcast, video number 49. So it was probably published a little while ago. And then also, I got this thing, so this is a little text-based how-to on it. So this is a different resource for you. Confirmation pages how to transition from a lead to a sale. So that’s actually going to walk you through the framework.

For Questions and Guide

And then of course, if there is anything that I can do, if you need any help with your business from a sales point or standpoint, or traffic standpoint, just go to consultingsession.com and we will get you all fixed up.

And also, if you would like to learn how to turn clicks into clients, and you’re more of a DIY, build it, do it your own, go to digitalaccelerator.io. There are two different accelerators there, one of them is for funnels, one of them is for startups. So we’re going to start working through those and talking about those in these quite a bit more.

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