Whenever you ask your prospect to do anything – to take any action – you are giving them the ability to accept or reject you.

Every time they accept – they continue building the relationship with you and your company… Deepening the bond.

This includes things like:

  • Clicking a video play button is someone accepting an ‘offer.’
  • Filling out an opt-in form is someone accepting an offer.
  • Purchasing something is someone accepting an offer.

At first, this is clicking an ad or visiting a web page… As the relationship progresses, it’s falling out forms, providing their phone number, entering their credit card into an order form. Do not take any of these things lightly!

Here’s where things get tricky…

For an automated sales funnel to work, there are lots of Actions that must be accepted by your prospect in order to get to the fun part – revenue generation… Or them buying something!

  • First, they need to click an advertisement or a result in Google…
  • Then the read a web page like a blog post…
  • They click a banner in the sidebar or a text link…
  • Which takes them to an optin page that they read…
  • Then they fill in an optin form for a PDF report…
  • The open that report in their email…
  • At the end of their report is a link to a free automated webinar… They click.
  • Then, they register for the webinar…
  • Watching the presentation…
  • Taking action on the ‘offer’ made at the end of a free Strategy Session.
  • They visit the Strategy Session Sign Up Page
  • Fill out the application
  • Book a time in the calendar
  • Show up for the call…
  • And THEN they buy!

WOOO, right? And this was supposed to be simple?

It is simple when you know the steps, but you also need to make damn well sure that you’re laying out the process as clean and succinctly as possible, and architecting it the whole way through with the right language and copy to get them all the way to the end.

There is a lot more psychology that goes into it than just ‘putting something for sale online…

You need to convey how your product solves a problem… What features and benefits a customer receives in buying from you… How it’ll make their life easier…



Welcome to today’s session, really. And what we’re going to talk about is this thing called micro actions or actions.

So many times when we build a sales funnel, and we roll it out, I mean, it isn’t necessarily just the thing, you know, it’s not, it’s not just somebody clicking an ad and then ultimately going and booking a sales call or going and purchasing.

There are so many little, little, little tiny micro-actions that have to be accepted by your prospect in order for them to actually buy something in order for them to engage with your business in with your offer. And it’s very important to realize that, so I went through and just made a list but basically, like these micro-actions, every time you make them, you’re asking somebody to do something. Now it isn’t necessarily even just opting in.

I mean, that’s, that’s kind of a big commitment to create.

I mean, you know, it’s not like getting married or anything.

But oftentimes what we see is, you know, every time you ask somebody to do something, you’re asking them to watch a video, you’re asking them to click an ad, you’re asking them to read a landing page, you’re asking them to opt in to get their credit card and fill in an order form.

Every single time you ask somebody to do something, they have the ability to either accept or reject, you know, they have the ability to say, Yes, I’m going to do that thing, or no, I’m not gonna do that thing and then leave. And the thing is, is like, when they say, No, they’re not going to do something.

They literally leave the landing page, they leave the website, and they don’t ever have to come back. I mean, and that’s, that’s why email marketing and retargeting and all those things exist because somebody rejected an offer at some point. And this technology this ad Tech has given us Way to reach back out to them and say, Hey, you know, maybe you were, you know, maybe reconsider maybe change your mind.

So that is what all that technology is about. But so every time you make you offer you to make a little micro action offer you ask for somebody to take action, then you want them to say yes, this is the yes ladder, it starts the sales psychology piece of it. I mean, that’s, I mean, copywriters, and, you know, it gets into a whole, wholly different, like a realm of, of, you know, education.

But at the end of the day, we want them to say yes, we want them to say yes to everything. We want them to say yes when they click an ad, then they say yes when we put them on a landing page, and we want them to read the landing page or read the blog post and then click the text link inside the blog post to go to the opt-in page.

Then read the opt-in page give us their email address. They’re saying yes to All of this, opening up their email to receive the PDF that we sent them.

Then they open the PDF, they read the eight pages, they go to the very end, little call to action link at the very end saying hey, come sign up for the webinar, they sign up for the webinar, they attend the webinar, then they take action on the CTA on the webinar, so they click the link.

They then go to the scheduling page, fill out the application book a call with us. And then they attend said call and then they accept the offer. So I actually wrote all these steps down there are 15 micro-actions there before they before we get paid before we generate revenue from this client.

Some sales funnels are shorter, free plus shipping offers. I mean it literally is clicked the ad read the blog post. Hit the order form pull out your credit card is $7 offer it’s like four or five cents. That’s one of the reasons why those those those sales funnels shorten the buying curve, but you’re only making $7 or $27 $9, or what free, you know, a free plus shipping offer.

So you’re making nothing plus $4 and 95 cents. You know, that’s why they shorten the buying curve, you want a high ticket offer, you’re looking at 15 steps, you know, in between the, you know, when somebody learns about you, and ultimately what they’re doing.

So, it really just depends like when you’re putting together the sales funnels, you need to know what your offer is, you need to know how complex it is. So we have a lot of training that is going to be coming out a lot of videos and stuff that are going to be coming out about that, you know, free reports and checklists and that kind of thing.

But I’m really I just really, really, really wanted to put together a video about these micro-actions and just stress urgently, how much you need to understand that when somebody is going through each phase of your sales funnel each phase of the buyer cycle, then there is something that we are asking for them to do.