Video marketing should be on your To-Do list for 2016. The signs were already here and entrepreneurs saw them a while back and started their own video marketing strategies to increase conversion rates for their content.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late to start.

Just look at how many apps and tools are being developed for video content. You’ll have the advantage of having all these resources at your disposal.

In the past year, bloggers saw the potential of video content and started adapting it to their affiliate blogs. If you’re using video to get more clicks on affiliate products, here are 7 proven tips to increase video conversion.

But first…

Why is video such a big deal?

We actually wrote more on this topic on a previous article called: How Should You Use Video To Increase Conversion Rates but now we’re going to look at video conversion rates through the eyes of affiliate bloggers.

Basically, to get more clicks on your affiliate links, you need to have a lot of targeted traffic on your blog and convince people to buy. Visitors landing on your blog already have the intent to buy so you have to make it clear they should.

Video can help undecided visitors to buy since:

  • It captures their attention.
  • It provides extra information.
  • It shows a clear image of the product and features.

7 Proven tips to increase Video Conversion Rates for affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is growing by day and the number of bloggers who turn to this for an extra income is also getting bigger. If you plan to succeed in this field, you need to come up with new ways for convincing people to click on your affiliate links. Video content is a great tool to do this so let’s see how you can increase Video Conversion Rates.

1. Use good quality videos.

If you’re planning to add videos to your affiliate products page, make sure the quality is high so people have a clear image of the product and what it does. Grainy or pixelated videos will drive people away and lower video conversion rates. If you can’t add a good video for a specific product, it’s safer not to use any.

2. Add your own voice to the video.

With minimal video editing knowledge you can remove the original sound track (or parts of it) and personalize the video to increase its conversion rate. If you don’t have good tools to do this, you can always hire freelancers to record audio tracks. Hearing a human voice is extremely important since it allows people to transform the information they get to content they can easily understand.

Do you make videos for affiliate products?

3. Make the videos available in your own language.

If your blog isn’t targeting English-speaking users, it would be smart to look for videos in your own language to promote affiliate products. If there aren’t any, go ahead and use the above tip and add your own sound track to the video to increase the video conversion rates.

4. Use CTAs to increase video conversion rates.

Like we said before, people who visit your affiliate products landing pages already have the intent to buy so you have to convinge them to make that last step. Adding a Call-To-Action to your affiliate product videos can encourage visitors to press the buy button.

5. Create list videos for several affiliate products.

When promoting affiliate products you shouldn’t focus on specific gadgets or eBooks but most likely on that product category. Some items can go out of sale or their conversion rate can decrease over time. Create quality articles for product categories rather than focusing on specific items. To increase video conversion rates for compilation of products consider creating small reviews for each product and order them by price or your impression.

If you don’t want to create a long video, add smaller ones to a playlist and promote it on your blog and social media accounts.

6. Don’t limit yourself to Youtube or self-hosted videos.

Most people limit themselves to creating affiliate product videos and posting them on Youtube. This isn’t enough if you want to have a successful video content strategy. Increasing the video conversion rates on your blog can also be done by posting that video content on Social networks or providing modified versions to get people interested. For example, you can create an elaborate video on Youtube, embed it on your blog and use snippets from it for Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget about the new apps such as Periscope, Meerkat or Snapchat. Use them to promote your video content and increase conversion rates. Lately, there is a rise of interest towards live video since Facebook also made this feature globally available.

7. Include videos in your affiliate marketing strategy.

Just making videos for affiliate products will get you some click but you’ll want more. Be smart about it and use your e-mail list to promote your videos and raise your click rates. Use one of Scriptly’s affiliate marketing email sequences and start taking advantage of your video content.