For an avid, long-term, weather-beaten traveler, there’ll be a time when every city or town in the world will begin to look the same. Over time, even the most die-hard fans of traveling will turn weary.

That applies to the audiences exposed to your campaigns, sales, and landing pages too.

Just like banner blindness is a reality, your landing pages could begin to look old, outdated, and maybe just lose a little shine.

As a part of ongoing work you’d have to do to keep your sales funnels going, landing page makeover is one of those things you just have to do.

Periodically, your landing pages and sales funnels will call for a makeover, a redesign, or an overhaul.

Landing Page Makeover Tips

Note: None of these are mandatory if your landing pages and sales funnels are already pushing you into the profit zone. These landing page makeover tips are for those pages and funnels that really need a makeover.

Also, it isn’t proven if landing pages or sales funnels with good looks actually convert any better than ugly ones.

With that out of the way, here are a few tips to add some spice to your landing pages when the time comes for a makeover:

Don’t mess with what works

When you are this stage of a makeover for your landing pages, chances are that your landing page has already been used for your existing campaigns.

Maybe your landing pages worked, and there could also be other variants of the same page competing in your regular A/B tests.

Don’t mess too much with your landing page makeover if they are already working great. The point of the makeover isn’t to throw a monkey wrench into the lead generation machine that you’ve worked so hard to build.

If everything is working great and your continuous A/B testing is helping you improve your overall conversions sure and gradually, you should actually stop reading at this point.

Experiment with backgrounds

The simplest and the most effective background in the world is: solid color backgrounds. You just can’t go wrong with a background using simple and solid colors such as white or blue.

But if you were feeling adventurous, your landing page has some sort of a background which isn’t just white or blue.

Try to tweak the page so that it has a solid color. You can also experiment with a pattern, or a beautiful gradient.

Play with colors

Colors go a long way to not only enhance user experience on your landing pages but also help in the ultimate act of persuasion (which is exactly what your landing pages are built out to do).

Your choice of colors will directly affect your ability to trigger actions on the part of your visitors. Colors are so powerful that they can also induce physiological reactions such as increase blood pressure, metabolism, or “good” (or negative) feelings.

Guido Jansen writes that your potential customers — knowingly or unknowingly — interact with colors. Red is festive and bold. Blue is cool, trustworthy, and friendly. Yellow is all about positivity. Grey is understated elegance. Green is a symbol of wealth.

See how colors affect our moods? Build out your color palette and use them on your landing page.

No animations? Add them

Animations on your landing page add a special layer of interactivity (and maybe even fun) taking the user experience to another level altogether.

All this without actually changing, editing, removing, or adding any element that’s already working on your landing page.

For instance, your background, headlines, sub headings, copy, images — they all remain in place. Except that you could animate and change the way your elements display depending on user interactions (such as hover, scroll, or click).

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Your landing page makeover exercise gives you a chance to simplify your pages.

Look out the usual mistakes most businesses do when they build landing pages such as adding extra clickable links on the page, adding too much information that’s not required, adding social media buttons (with links), adding a navigation bar, or using extra images or graphics that don’t need to be there on the page.

Remove clutter. Seek opportunities to simplify. Keep your landing pages minimalistic and still effective.

Are you working on a landing page makeover or are you planning to? If you need help with landing pages and sales funnels, get on a scheduled call with us. We’ll help you up your game and help you generate more leads (and hence more revenue).