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If you are in the business of branding or advertising, you have your work cut out for you as an agency.

We won’t get into things like “hustling”, “pitching”, and “Getting your foot in the door” — we presume that you are already into the thick of it all.

But you should know this…

Trying to help create a sustainable brand for your clients using digital media? Good luck with that. It’s not going to happen tomorrow.

Do you help clients with their paid advertising efforts, sales funnels, and lead generation?

It’s tougher to do that now that it ever was.

According to a joint study titled When Trust Falls Down: How Brands Got Here and What They Need to Do About it by Trinity Mirror and Ipsos Connect, about 42% of the respondents claimed that they distrust brands and a whopping 69% distrust advertising in general.

More than 43% of the respondents state that they now trust advertising much less than they used to.

Millennials Distrust Brands

The Edelman Trust Barometer for 2017 reveals that “trust” in brands and advertising took a nosedive in as many as 17 countries.

As such, it’s a bad state of affairs for businesses and agencies that help businesses with Branding, PR, advertising, and digital marketing solutions.

Brands are getting a bad rap, not because Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and all of “content marketing” is bad or that it doesn’t work; it’s only because of both businesses and agencies show no care, compassion, love, and respect for themselves and for their customers.

Problems for advertisers and brands are only exacerbated if you add a few other issues that prevail such as the ever-increasing content avalanche, the paradox of choice for customers, decreasing attention spans, the rise of fake news thrown into the same bucket as ads, and the increasing use of “ad blocking technology” on the part of customers.

As an agency, you are not going to have it easy to convince your potential clients that you are the best team for the job. You owe it yourself to set up your digital marketing agency for success.

What’s a better way than to “show and tell”, to “prove”, and to absolutely make your clients come clawing at your door to sign you up for work?

Here are some fastest ways to quickly prove that you can change the way your clients run their business, generate leads, and make sales happen for your clients:

Use Google Call-only Ads: Make the phone ring

Consider this:

More than 60% of all searches globally originate on mobile devices
At least 79% of smartphone owners use their devices to shop
About 70% of people searching on their smartphones will place a call to a business directly from search results

Google’s call-only ad campaigns are perfect to make your clients’ local potential customers call when they search for relevant keywords on Google.

Make no mistake: Google’s Call-only Ads get phone calls real quick. Every click on the call-only Ad on Google is an incoming phone call.

As long as you can handle the calls, make records of incoming phone calls, track your calls well enough, and keep a tab on all the leads generated, it could be that never-ending reservoir of leads and sales.

If your clients aren’t ready to accept calls or if they keep missing (dropping) or just not picking up the calls, it’s another problem altogether.

Take advantage of Facebook Lead Generation Ads

lead generation ads

While Google has “intent-based” searches as its biggest selling point, Facebook has its “audiences”. Facebook’s lead generation ad campaigns are the low-hanging fruit you can use with the Facebook advertising platform to generate leads quickly and at a much lower cost (when compared to regular campaigns) and show results real fast for your clients.

It won’t cost as much but it’ll get you the results you want for your clients.

Earlier, there was no way to automatically send the leads you collect from your lead generation campaigns to a CRM. You had to do this manually by downloading and uploading a CSV file. Or, you’d have to use a tool like Leadsbridge or Adespresso Data Sync.

Recently, however, Facebook has added native integrations with several CRM systems and email service providers to make it easier.

Be sure to bridge this lead generation activity with a CRM that your clients use.

Note: If the particular CRM you use doesn’t natively integrate with Facebook Lead Ads, you’d still have to use the tools mentioned above or manually download and upload your leads regularly.

Capitalize on LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads

In the rush of all things Google and Facebook, most of us forget LinkedIn’s massive and active database of 500+ million members. LinkedIn also provides you with possibilities for direct lead generation.

You can launch standalone lead generation ads or use Lead generation forms with other campaign types such as promoted content, Sponsored Inmail campaigns, and others.

Do LinkedIn Lead Generation campaigns work? You bet.

Allen Finn of Wordstream reports that 90% of the 50 customers they surveyed beat their cost-per-lead (CPL) goals.

They also saw lower CPLs with Lead Gen Forms compared to their standard Sponsored Content campaigns.

With over half a billion people on LinkedIn, you can’t afford to be there especially if your business has anything to do with B2B.

Retargeting + funnels + email marketing automation

More than 80% of all the traffic that your clients manage to get will only leave without doing anything on their site.

It just hurts.

For all the effort your clients put into content marketing and for all the spend on paid traffic, almost no one takes any action on websites or landing pages.

Most businesses and even agencies ignore retargeting.

Instead of focusing on all those people who came and left, they only continue to spend on trying to get more traffic to websites and landing pages.

Use any of the platforms above such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, or even create audiences using your organic traffic to your web pages and landing pages and deploy retargeting campaigns.

Just by making use of existing traffic coming to your clients’ pages, you can launch retargeting campaigns targeting only specific audiences (all people who’ve already visited your clients’ pages) and get instant results with highly-relevant audiences at a much lower cost.

Get the right marketing stack, tools, & resources

You can’t grow when you can’t measure. You also can’t pull it off without help.

To show your clients quick results, you’d need help.

Get the right tools to build your sales funnels, setup complete marketing automation for clients, landing pages, advanced autoresponders, and other assets you’ll need such as video sales letters and more.

Further, you’ll need a centralized stack of tools — a healthy mix of tools for tracking, analytics, and reporting — to help you report results and show your clients exactly how your efforts are helping them see results.

Secure clients and get comprehensive solutions for agencies to get the competitive edge you need.

Do you want to show clients results with paid traffic and other campaigns?

Would you rather do well with all your sales funnels, landing pages, analytics, and email marketing automation done for you?

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