Survey segmentation is one of those underground hacks that automate marketing funnels and increase conversions, but not many marketers do them because they’re thought to be “complicated.”

When you funnel a few thousand people in at the top of it and get an immediate sales bump on the bottom, plus better qualified prospects AND data to use in your marketing; what could be better?

And, considering that the Askly Survey gets a 82% completion, 8 out of 10 people who hit the first question finish!

When To Use Survey Segmentation

There are three different times we’ll use surveys, quizzes and segmentation in our marketing; immediately after an optin, immediately after a purchase and as a paid traffic landing page.

Optin/Lead Confirmation

A prospect is never more engaged with you than right after they optin for something like a free report of free video.  That means that they’re ripe for answering a few questions about their situation because they know it’ll help you market to them better.

After all, if you just downloaded a free workout PDF from a health and fitness guru, wouldn’t you take the time to answer a few questions about the goals you had in mind for yourself?  The unique challenge that brought you to dowloading the report and putting it in action in your life?  Of course you would!

Not to mention, there is the Law of Reciprocity at work…  They just gave you a free report so you’re more than likely to complete a short survey for them!

Immediately After Purchase

Similar to the Optin/Lead Confirmation, a person is never more engaged with you than after the buy something.  The one caveat here is that they did, actually, buy something!  You’ve pushed them past the threshhold and converted a buyer so they’re uniquely invested in making sure that you know how to help them.

They know that by filling out a survey or taking a short quiz, you’ll be able to help them more effectively.  They expect you to take action on their answers in some way – even if it’s just making sure that they receive marketing or content related to their specific challenges.

For you, this buyer data is a goldmine though.  You know exactly what your buyers want more of, what challenges they are facing, and what you need to do to help them most effectively!

Paid Traffic Lead Generation Quizzes

One of the chief benefits of quizzes and surveys is that they disarm a prospect.  When someone clicks and ad and needs to answer a few questions about their situation (or the situation that brought them to you!), their more likely to optin.

For over a decade, we’ve been dropping people from an ad right to a landing page asking for an email address.  It still works.  In the last few years, two-step optin forms (where you hit the button and then the optin form pops up) have taken the cake for conversions.  In the coming years, you’ll see marketers use more surveys to ease a prospect into the signup.

In fact, most big media buyers in competitive and targeted niches use surveys exclusively!  Think dating sites, mortgages, insurance, etc.  Most of their campaigns go to some form or survey or quiz before they ask for an email address.

We use surveys in some niches to qualify a prospect BEFORE they ever get asked to enter an email address for a signup!

The Benefits Of Survey Segmentation

At the end of the day, when you survey or quiz your prospects and customers, you get data.  What you do with the data is what determines how successful you’ll be.

If you create a survey or a quiz and never send traffic or never check the results; it’s not much good to you.  However, in using the data, there are so many things you can do to create a seemless sales funnel.

You can:

  • Use your CRM or email marketing software to automate campaigns, autoresponder sequences or workflows based on survey data.
  • Mine the data as a whole to figure out what product or service needs to be launched next, ensuring a solid group of buyers already on your list...
  • Sell more effectively on sales calls and in meetings because you know what challenges are plaguing your prospect...
  • Qualify your leads more accurately, making sure they receive the right marketing material at the right time...
  • Create sales and marketing material that speaks to your perfect customer avatar, increasing conversions both now and into the future...
  • Plus a LOT more!

How To Use Your Prospects Data

There are countless ways to use the data, some we have explored…

For Services

For our services, we’ll fire off emails automatically when prospects answer certain questions more favorably than others.  For instance, if someone tells us that they have an email list of 10,000 or more people, they receive a scheduling request right away.  If they answer that they’re just starting out with email marketing, their email sequence will be more educationally based.

For Products

If someone tells us that the thing they want their website visitors to do is “book a call,” they’ll go into an email sequence for Timeslots, our call scheduling software.  If they answer that they need help with their webinar copy, they’ll go into Scriptly’s Webinar Creator sequence.

For Coaching & Consutling

Some of our clients are coaches and consultants and we’ll set up surveys to segment their prospects into buckets for them. This way coaches and consultants are able to communicate and promote products to people who are actually interested. Usually survey segmentation for them deals with a “Challenge Measurement,” like “On a scale of 1 to 10, how urgently are you trying to find a solution for ____________.”  The higher the urgency, the sooner they’ll get on the phone with one of our clients.

Getting Started With Surveys

Surveys and quizzes have become a vital part of our business and are growing in popularity with our clients because they give immediate feedback and data on prospects and leads…  Not to mention the marketing automation that you can run them through is astounding!

To get started with your very own survey, segmenting each and ever lead the flows into your business, click here to set up a free Askly account!